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  1. The press release from Gray announcing FCC and DOJ approval of the merger says they intend to close the deal January 1 (tommorow).
  2. They also have KTLE-LP, which is being kept by Gray and was just granted a CP to go digital.
  3. Also, Gray will be retaining the Telemundo affiliations for KWES and KXXV and the CW affiliations for KWES and WSWG.
  4. The DOJ has approved the Gray/Raycom merger, conditioned on the divestitures. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-requires-divestitures-resolve-antitrust-concerns-gray-s-merger-raycom
  5. One problem though. A move of "Fox 29" to WHDT would run afoul of the rule the FCC put in place a few years ago that makes such moves subject to the top four rule.
  6. The list on the TVNewsCheck article lists the markets where they overlap. They have to divest a station in at least 13 of those 15 markets, but Washington-Hagerstown might be one of the two where they won't have to make a divestiture.
  7. The American Cable Association wants the FCC to force Sinclair to file license renewal applications for WJLA, WBFF, WSET and WTVZ early in order to address Sinclair's qualifications to remain an FCC licensee. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/225996/aca-fcc-make-sinclair-renew-licenses-early/
  8. Yeah, they eventually reached a consent decree with the FCC and had to pay $110K to the US Treasury. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-13-2036A1.pdf
  9. According to Wikipedia, "WPME" has been replaced by Escape on 51.3, with MNTV moving to secondary status on 51.2.
  10. I think maybe the DOJ found out about the deal and didn't like the fact that Gray would have controlled all big 4 affiliates in the Casper and Cheyenne markets (and for that matter, all big 4 affiliates that primarily serve Wyoming).
  11. KCWH-LD has officially launched as a CW affiliate. https://journalstar.com/entertainment/tv-radio/cw-affiliates-coming-to-lincoln-central-nebraska/article_1467bad3-a311-5d63-ad5e-8998a167adb1.html
  12. They still had the 6:30 newscast when they originally consolidated with WTOL. Not sure if they cancelled it at some point or if they just moved the newscast to 7.
  13. Hearst has completed the WPXT purchase.
  14. According to Wikipedia, the WSYM newscast will move to 6:30.
  15. It looks like KNCT is one of the very few PBS stations whose frequency is not reserved for noncommercial use, thus allowing it to be sold to a commercial broadcaster. This pre-transition DTV Table of allotments shows channel 38 in Belton, which was used by KNCT as not being reserved.
  16. Maybe they'll acquire KFVE outright and move KHNL to a KGMB subchannel.
  17. Here's the press release from Gray. https://gray.tv/uploads/documents/pressreleases/Press%20Release%20re%20Divesitures%208.20.18.pdf
  18. Not to mention, WSWG also has MNTV and The CW on its subchannels, which would give Gray everything except FOX. I doubt we'll see a COL change for WSWG since Nielsen considers it part of the Albany market even though Valdosta is in the Tallahassee market.
  19. Osage Beach is actually split between the Springfield and Columbia/Jefferson City DMAs. Most of Osage Beach is in Camden County, which is in the Springfield DMA, but a small portion of it is in Miller County, which is in the Columbia/Jefferson City DMA.
  20. That's probably what they should do (or they could also go the KCCI route and do a dual MNTV/H&I). Just take a look at the "WPME" (51.3) schedule. The schedule has a lot of stuff that already airs on WPXT or their Me-TV subchannel. For instance, at 9AM "WPME" airs The Doctors, which is also seen at 2PM on WPXT. And they simulcast Me-TV from 11AM-3PM, then at 3PM they air The People's Court, which is already seen at noon on WPXT (although it appears to be a different episode that airs on "WPME", but still). Then at 7PM, leading into MNTV, they have M*A*S*H, which is also simulcast with
  21. There probably won't be any sale in Flint, because there's nothing that would make the agreement "attributable" under FCC rules.
  22. They also want to switch KWAB from being a satellite of KWES to a satellite of KOSA. Exhibit A of the Comprehensive Exhibit also mentions that Raycom/Gray will acquire KYOU outright from American Spirit.
  23. It would probably continue. Since ESPN owns and operates it, they probably wouldn't have any problem finding a new sponsor.
  24. WUTB is channel-sharing with WBFF, according to Rabbitears, but apparently it no longer airs MyNetworkTV. According to WUTB's Q1 Children's TV Report, it currently airs TBD. Section 73.1201(b) of the FCC rules, which deals with station identification, has this part about the content of station IDs: So "WBFF 45.2 Baltimore" would be a compliant ID, but "WBFF.2 Baltimore" is not.
  25. There are a few LPTVs in Valdosta, but it might be better for Gray to acquire an LPTV in Albany (of which there are several), because Valdosta is technically in the Tallahassee market (even though WSWG serves as the CBS affiliate for Albany), and it already gets a strong signal from WCTV.

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