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  1. 4 hours ago, J1975am said:

    More than likely the latter; that almost looks like a CBS test pattern to me (I've seen this happen on occasion in the seconds leading up to the start of the "CBS Evening News").....


    It is a CBS test pattern. WCIA (which streams most of the CBS' special reports on its YouTube channel) had a stream of CBS' coverage of Trump's second impeachment trial and after the coverage ended, they kept the stream going for a few more minutes, and it displayed the same test pattern.



    In this case, KXJB probably accidentally switched to the network feed when they intended to air Jeopardy.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Yankees4life said:

    It's not just about the ION station. They own too many stations in the area in general. I don't see the FCC giving them a thumbs up unless BH wants to act like a sidecar for WPLG like Gray has for WFLX


    SW Florida and West Palm Beach are separate markets, so that wouldn't cause any issues with the FCC. The only thing they would have to do is sell the ION station in Miami and possibly another one elsewhere to comply with the national ownership cap.

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  3. On 9/30/2020 at 3:24 AM, Mastaclocksetta said:

    Dish is involved in seven different carriage disputes at this time. That number could grow to eight if a new deal between the satellite TV provider and the Cox Media Group, which owns 18 stations in 10 markets, isn’t reached by 7 PM ET on October 1.




    Dish and Cox have agreed on a one-week extension to avoid a blackout until October 8th.



  4. 32 minutes ago, TheRolyPoly said:

    So it looks like KGBT CBS moves to KVEO 23.2 and KGBT 04.1 becomes Esrella TV at 6AM, according to KGBT's schedule.


    Does Sinclair still have control of KGBT CBS or does it now relinquish that part and KGBT's news department over to Nexstar?

    KGBT's non-license assets (including the programming and news operation) are being relinquished completely to Nexstar. Sinclair will continue to own the KGBT license with Estrella TV and various diginets.


    Also, with Nexstar getting KGBT's news operation, KVEO 23.1 may finally get actual local news, since KVEO currently has news produced by KTSM in El Paso with only a few local reporters in the Valley.

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  5. 3 hours ago, TheRolyPoly said:

    As part of a settlement agreement worth $60m, Sinclair is selling WDKY Danville - Lexington to Nexstar and selling "non-license assets" of KGBT Harlingen - Brownsville - McAllen to an unknown buyer (but probably will be to a shell company of Sinclair).



    KGBT's programming will move to KVEO 23.2 tonight/tomorrow morning at 12:01.



  6. 14 minutes ago, GoldenShine9 said:


    Does BH own any stake in Graham Media, or vice versa? 


    Berkshire Hathaway and Graham did own stakes in each other, but as part of the WPLG deal Graham bought back most of Berkshire's shares in Graham and Berkshire bought back Graham's shares in Berkshire.

  7. 25 minutes ago, mountainave said:

    During the Nixon era, PBS re-broadcasted the impeachment hearings during primetime, and attracted wild viewership.  There have been calls for PBS to do the same now, but so far they've indicated no plans to do so.




    There are a few stations, like WETA in Washington, that are rebroadcasting the hearings in primetime, even though PBS itself is not. The WORLD channel (which airs on the subchannels of many PBS stations) is doing the same.

  8. 52 minutes ago, TheRob said:


    No, but given that they've put someone in charge of WGN-A and Antenna TV, I'm sure they have some ideas for the future.


    A Chicago Tribune article says that Nexstar intends to "operate the heck out of" WGN America and they plan to use their stations to promote WGN America programming, but if they got an offer they couldn't refuse, they could consider selling it. I haven't seen anything about Antenna TV, but things probably will stay the same there.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, CLETVFan said:

    Will Fox still try and pursue some stations or will Nexstar hold onto their newly acquired properities?  (I'm sure it's been asked before, but now that it's official, I'm waiting to see the other shoe being dropped)  


    If not, could Fox try and buy stations in markets that Nexstar would not sell to them?


    With Nexstar reaching a new affiliation deal with Fox that also covers the Tribune stations, a sale of any stations to Fox probably won't happen unless Nexstar wants to clear up cap space to exercise its option to buy WPIX back or buy other stations.

  10. 47 minutes ago, CircleSeven said:


    Remember that WTTV 4.2 was suppose to been The CW subchannel (after the main channel's acquisition of CBS from WISH), until WISH's former owner Media General (after they acquired LIN) bought the affiliation from them, and moved it there. Most of WTTV's programming from the main channel prior to CBS, was move to the 4.2 sub. 


    Are they still branded as "Indiana's 4.2" or have they done away with that brand?



    According to Wikipedia, WTTV 4.2 is still using the "Indiana's 4.2" branding.

  11. 1 hour ago, DENDude said:

     When I took a look at the KREX/KGJT website nothing is mentioned about being blacked out by AT&T/DirecTV and even the DirecTV promise website dosn't mention KREX/KGJT.  However the KXRM-FOX21 website has the banner at the top talking about getting blacked out.   Weird. 


    That's because DirecTV doesn't carry local channels at all in Grand Junction (one of the few markets where that is the case).

  12. 14 minutes ago, CircleSeven said:


    My question is how would the OTA viewers in Presque Isle proper can see the new signal, which is in the extreme northern tip of Aroostook County. Unless they carry the NBC stream on WAGM 8.4. I'm kind of shocked that they haven't start a new LP on the same stick as WAGM's.



    It looks like Gray is "hopping" WWPI into Presque Isle to get around the minor modification rules. That RabbitEars map shows the facilities Gray is applying for right now to move WWPI further east from its previous location in Fort Kent. Once those facilities are approved and constructed, they'll probably apply for a move to the WAGM tower.

  13. 55 minutes ago, oknewsguy said:

    Nope, Nexstar would keep WAVY, sell WTKR (and only WTKR) to Scripps and sell WVBT and WGNT together to another unrelated third party (i.e. Graham, Meredith)


    Nexstar wouldn't break up an existing duopoly without creating a new one. WVBT didn't have to be sold in any event due to Nexstar being the surviving company and therefore the WAVY/WVBT duopoly didn't have to be reevaluated by the FCC.

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  14. 17 minutes ago, TheRob said:


    No, NPG is not in the radio business. Eagle Communications owns the St. Joseph radio market, essentially.


    NPG does own KRDO-AM/FM in Colorado Springs, as well as KESQ-AM and KUNA-FM in Colorado Springs.

  15. 2 hours ago, TVIntheDesert said:

    If Apollo does buy Cox, what happens to the national TV sales representation division? They've lost the Raycom stations when Gray decided to do everything in-house, and they're about to lose the Tribune stations when Nexstar takes over. 


    They'll probably keep it so they can have an in-house national sales division (and probably also use it for the Northwest stations, which Apollo are also reportedly acquiring).

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