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  1. According to Wikipedia, WTTV 4.2 is still using the "Indiana's 4.2" branding.
  2. Here is the purchase agreement from Sinclair's SEC filing. The licensing agreement was redacted from the filing.
  3. Looks pretty good, especially with the L-bar gone. Also, the SD Intellistars are using a larger LDL similar to what they had before: https://youtu.be/36s7peooSG8
  4. And the new company will be called "ViacomCBS".
  5. That's because DirecTV doesn't carry local channels at all in Grand Junction (one of the few markets where that is the case).
  6. It looks like Gray is "hopping" WWPI into Presque Isle to get around the minor modification rules. That RabbitEars map shows the facilities Gray is applying for right now to move WWPI further east from its previous location in Fort Kent. Once those facilities are approved and constructed, they'll probably apply for a move to the WAGM tower.
  7. The largest fine the FCC has imposed was back in 2015, when it fined AT&T $100 million for violating the FCC'S "Transparency Rule". http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2015/db0617/FCC-15-63A1.pdf
  8. Under Disney's agreement with the DOJ, the DOJ has to approve any buyer. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/walt-disney-company-required-divest-twenty-two-regional-sports-networks-order-complete
  9. With the incentive auction now having been complete for two years, the FCC has released the list of of unsuccessful bidders in the incentive auction. Here's the complete list, along with the (previously announced) successful bidders.
  10. Nexstar wouldn't break up an existing duopoly without creating a new one. WVBT didn't have to be sold in any event due to Nexstar being the surviving company and therefore the WAVY/WVBT duopoly didn't have to be reevaluated by the FCC.
  11. Maybe CNBC, which is airing Shark Tank right now. EDIT: The game will start on the NBC Sports App.
  12. NPG does own KRDO-AM/FM in Colorado Springs, as well as KESQ-AM and KUNA-FM in Colorado Springs.
  13. Tribune's shareholders have approved the merger. http://investors.tribunemedia.com/2019-03-12-Tribune-Media-Company-Stockholders-Approve-Nexstar-Merger
  14. The FCC's Administrative Law Judge has cancelled the hearing over the Sinclair/Tribune deal. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/fcc-alj-drops-sinclair-hearing
  15. The Court of Appeals has upheld the District Court's ruling in favor of the merger. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/court-upholds-at-t-time-warner-merger
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