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  1. I have noticed that News 12 in New Jersey is more local oriented, but the Long Island version is mostly National News. I live on Long Island. It bothers me because there's a lot of crime and fire stories that are not getting reported at all on News12 Long Island.
  2. Remember that old commercial for Cablevision about News12? https://youtu.be/OL3tr2UqnNg Now it seems as if we have all lost News12 as they no longer report on any local news anymore. Its all about National Politics and the Pandemic. They missed several stories that were actually covered on WABC and WCBS that took place on Long Island recently such as the vandalism spree in Selden. Altice has cut that place to the bone. I think the end is coming soon. They're now pushing the News12 New York virtual network. They will probably all be merged into that soon. Such a shame what was once
  3. I can see News12 New York replacing all the local news12s. They barely cover any local news any more. Many stories that are local news arent being reported on News12 that are getting coverage on NYC broadcast stations.
  4. From what I've seen News 12 New Jersey is the last News 12 network that still has a local focus, for now. I speak mainly of my experience with the Long Island network. Perhaps New Jersey has stricter rules requiring local content. I also notice they do not have the "Nightside" program on News 12 New Jersey, which here on Long Island, starts at 7pm and is almost exclusively national news. From what I've seen the Long Island version of News 12 is now gearing to a more urban, upscale demographic (finance professionals/wall st) while New Jersey still has more of neighborhood feel. But don't count
  5. News 12 continues to evolve away from local news into a New York centric version of CNN. The changes in anchors and content reflect this change to gear to CNN type viewers. On Monday, they didn't even lead with the passing of former Nassau County Executive, Tom Gulotta. 8 minutes on the shootings in other states which isn't even local news. The Nightside teaser they put on their Facebook was even worse. They really need to drop the "as local as local news gets" moniker because thats clearly a lie. This is going to come back & bite Altice since alot of Optimum subscribers have kept it becau
  6. Noticing yet more emphasis on National & World news on News 12. A number of others are now tagging News 12 on twitter for their lack of local news coverage. Yes they plug i24 for a minute every hour. Local stories often not lead stories anymore, lots of coverage of Trump & pushing a political agenda. First block of news at the 5pm has been about 5 minutes on National/world, 2 minutes on local, and 1 on weather. Huge mistake, but I see the writing on the wall, News 12 Long Island along with the others will be merged into Altice USA News with very little local news content. Since this is
  7. Well here's a photo of their latest News 12 promo, "Bringing the National News Home"
  8. They have really been cutting back on local news content on News 12. Most of the reporters seem to be gone as well. It's mostly National News headlines. The new promo they have even says "bringing the National News home to your town". Honestly don't blame Drew Scott from retiring and there will probably be more retirements coming. Altice ruined what was once a really decent news operation. And it's quite short-sighted, as News 12 was a major selling point of Optimum. Fios 1 News is doing alot better lately.
  9. Had to turn it off after 15 minutes, they've completely gotten rid of any news coverage outside of NYC. And Tamsen was by herself tonight at 10, and their lead story was the mice in a "cronut" shop. What a joke. FCC should really yank their license.

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