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  1. It isn't necessarily of "national significance", but it is a story that directly targets the emotional appeal of what you'll typically see in local news... now in a national package like NewsNation. Remember, Nexstar's NewsNation is developed to be a national newscast with local interests and these local stories directly play into that idea given the context and the audience of the program. NewsNation isn't going to be the place to find hard news and analysis about America's debt for 3 hours straight, but you will see softer stories that highlight the unique regional fabric of the United States without the whole "doom & gloom" fare and could be of interest to a national audience, despite not being immediately relevant to your area. Let me copy-paste my post from the Discord server that explained my point that, besides journalistic directions, NewsNation shouldn't be compared 1-to-1 to Smith's program, which focuses on general national subjects like politics and the economy. I also delved into "day one" reactions from some members as well:
  2. TEGNA, after deploying two successful design languages that TVNT still rags about: The fact that after 8 years, some of you seemingly can't let go of TEGNA using a lick of today's design language in favour of yet Another Generic Graphics Package™ in the era of the smartphone is quite laughable. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad package, especially compared to some on the market. But as we all saw, it's woefully incomplete, stylistically out-of-date, hilariously out-of-touch, and adds nothing substantive to the previous packages some of the stations already had.
  3. The NewsNation package resembles more of the aesthetic seen in Linear Drift's works, rather than Troika's. But, I can see your point. The / / / / / / / / / / was a giveaway, though we're fortunate that Nexstar didn't command something weird, like [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] !
  4. I have noticed that as well... isn't the CBS eye added way earlier in the production workflow compared to the likes of NBC and ABC? Like, I have a hard time believing that the eye was added by a single master control point when its situated in slightly different locations in almost every program.
  5. ??? What comeback? It was never dropped! KCPQ was always known as "Q13 Fox" for the longest time, so this name change is hardly going to be noticed by anyone.
  6. I was comparing our reactions. They're the same.
  7. Oh joy, this is just like WTOL all over again.
  8. Huh? Wasn't TM folded under what we know today as Westwood One though?
  9. Quite funny that you said that this package was "solely overpriced production music" when it was unveiled, and now you're using the same argument to make yet another sweeping conclusion over something 5 people on TVNT doesn't like. Point being, C Clarity works as intended, and production music is definitely not an indicator that its the "end all" when we know that TEGNA stations uses production music from time to time. Using that logic, TiH should've been dead at arrival when KARE and KUSA used stock music for stings. Personally, I would love for the Spirit signature to return, or at least stayed when they converted to G3. The fact that they dropped such an iconic legacy brand while WNEP elected to stay with their interpretation of MCTYW left a sour taste. All in all, this probably speaks to the branding decisions elected at WFAA... maybe they wanted to move away from their legacy brand to start something new and fresh for the next generation of viewers? I can understand that.
  10. Well yeah. It was professionally designed. It has a purpose. It wasn't trying to appeal to the lower common denominator. I mean, you can't convince me you don't want this umbrella. It wasn't trying to one-up their competitors with another flashy Hothaus pack, or whatever Linear Drift is doing with the | | | | | | | 's and > > > > > > > 's. This works. This is what TV stations should be striving for if they want to have a cohesive brand, not only on television but online. Armin nailed it at the end with the following: ...and it's true. Local TV stations generally have awful branding led with some people with zero understanding about the visual arts medium, yet this community is still adamant with sticking with the status quo. And yet people (not specifically you @channel2) wonder why he doesn't talk about local television, while WTSP has proven they are capable of producing gems like this one.
  11. Believe it or not, C Clarity actually has serious cuts. It's no wonder why stations like KGW, WGRZ and (more importantly) WUSA were able to survive with the current audio package. They have demonstrated that the serious cuts can carry the exact same prominence and are more than applicable for their needs, just as many as This is Home.
  12. No. You can still be creative while expressing today's design languages. Having 3D elements doesn't make it a guarantee that it'll be "creative" if one doesn't understand how its supposed to work with the design.
  13. Highly disagree with this take. All levels of government are stressing people to social distance and to stay home, and the fact the Prime Minister begged on national television about this, and we are seeing anchors reporting from their bedrooms or balconies (like Friesen) only stresses the seriousness of this notion. I mean, just look at these people in Vancouver yesterday. Totally shook. Anyways, CBC The National's Adrienne Arsenault is now reporting at home. Andrew Chang is at studio:
  14. Nick Dixon, CTV Toronto and CP24 co-anchor. Yesterday... Today...
  15. In what appears to be the magnum opus of social distancing: Global News' Dawna Friesen opted out of the Burnaby studios (aka home of Global BC) and hosted the Friday edition of the flagship Global National more than 20 kilometres away... outside a balcony close to her residence in North Vancouver.
  16. Here's how social distancing is looking like at Canada's top media market, Toronto. CTV Toronto, the only station with a regular duo-anchor lineup. Here's before and after. Nationally, all the networks solo-anchor... except CBC's The National. Unlike many stations in North America, they had to update their entire desk to accommodate the change. And that's all. Global, who usually anchors with duos, switched to solos after Farah Nasser, the 6pm co-anchor, went into self-isolation. Meanwhile, Citytv and CBC does not have a traditional duo-anchor format.
  17. *taps pinned message* The execution was off-key in terms of its pacing (to illustrate: "...and the world"), but otherwise it's stylistically in line with the prevalent "friendlier" tone seen on many local newscast domestic and abroad. I mentioned this on Discord, but Josh Goodman's voice work for WBNS in 2016 is a good example of this idea.
  18. You got to feel for Global. This is now their third attempt at launching a national news network. After failing to ride the wave of BC1 despite convincing the City of Mississauga, they reorganized and tried to go OTT with the launch of their national "News Feed", with the hope that they can leverage their award-winning centralization efforts. That didn't fare out either. Maybe third time's the charm?
  19. What... wow. What do I even say? There's no doubt that this package was a downgrade. But I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. Like, poor man's NBC bad. Literally nothing in this new package makes sense. The italics, the angularity, the gradients - everything - there's no depth or consistency. The animations are so out-right comical, it always make you question, why? We shouldn't have ended up here with all of that accumulation from the previous two packs. It's like they stepped two decades back in sports presentation. At this rate I'm honestly worried if NBC and Fox brought back the stereotypical design trends of the early 2000's that they've fought for so long to ditch. This... this is bad news.
  20. Personally, I cannot wait for Antenna's comeback. You thought it was gone after 28-3....
  21. NBC NewsChannel 10. We've come full circle.
  22. Pretty much. KABC's lower third can line wrap accordingly, so human error was most likely the culprit.
  23. Made it better. My point: the package is fine. One could argue it's a bit rough around the edges (why the speech bubble?), but otherwise it's fairly inoffensive. If this forum expanded their horizons beyond domestic borders (pop quiz, we don't and here's why), they could've known the core elements of this package are essentially in line with general design trends around the world.
  24. Calling news music packages "production music" and saying television design "peaked" because we don't like it is exactly the level headed analysis I would expect from TVNT.
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