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  1. Huh. The video appears as if it was edited in post.
  2. Many of the new set pieces, including that Fox News-esque LED chandelier, was installed just for that election.
  3. Canada Election 2K19 is upon us! Canada's federal election is tonight, Monday the 21st of October, and it appears to be the tightest in decades. Due to late-re surging popularity of the Bloc and the NDP from the leader's debate a few weeks ago, all polls are determining a minority government between the Liberals and the Conservatives. It's being speculated that that the winner of the plurality could be decided by mere percentage points, so the election might go as long as 3 am eastern the next day. In the meantime: election coverage! On television: CBC/SRC and CTV is planning election coverage beginning at 7 PM ET. Global's going live at 10 ET and Citytv will provide election break-ins throughout the evening, presumably to cash in those sweet sweet American simsub bucks. Global: CBC: SRC: CTV: Citytv:
  4. Indeed. The talent sequence didn't make the cut due to its angularity, which the current pack does not possess. It's not uncommon for a creative department to play with a few ideas prior to the deadline. ABC played with a few concepts for their now-former Special Report intro which inevitably led to their final cut.
  5. Even though the now-previous logotype was Futura, the magnum opus of geometric sans serifs?
  6. Well, uhh, wow, that's is a major departure from the ticket. It's all up to the execution of their visual identity to convince the masses that this look is worthwhile. By judging their Twitter header, I'll give 'em a bit of hope.
  7. Probably to incentive people to subscribe to pay-TV with the sole purpose of watching CP24. Bell's whole "artificially inflating its value by moving key programs to pay television" schick is still alive and well; after all, it took them around six years to simulcast the MMVAs on CTV before it got the axe, and the CFL is still exclusive to TSN despite being on free to air television for 65 years.
  8. 2 hours and 30 minutes of national news in addition to their 3 hours and 30 minutes of local news? A "flagship" in a "flagship market" could only dream of those numbers.
  9. Journalist

    The "3" Thread

    It's almost as if WKYC's visual identity didn't revolve around.... a logo. Big if true.
  10. It has been 296 days since we've last seen a dark theme on TVNT. Any update on implementing one, @Weeters?
  11. Move over, | | | | | | | | | s, > > > > > > > > > is the new trendy thing in town.
  12. Almost, actually! The ascender in Compasse is slightly different.
  13. Woah, is it really Hurley Sans? The spec sheet looks kinda different from the typeface being used here. (And if that's not the case...then why would they go for a typeface that has one sans serif weight?)
  14. Man, I'll miss those 2013 era graphics and all of its delicious Akko goodness. They were pretty good at cleaning up the visual nightmare that was TWC of the past, and the 2013 era design language still looks aesthetically pleasing up to now. I'm surprised they were able to keep up the consistency for this long, but alas. The new ones are...serviceable. They could've chose a better font than Roboto; but hey, it works. At least it ain't DIN. The horror.
  15. OCR A the typeface.
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