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  1. Move over, | | | | | | | | | s, > > > > > > > > > is the new trendy thing in town.
  2. Almost, actually! The ascender in Compasse is slightly different.
  3. Woah, is it really Hurley Sans? The spec sheet looks kinda different from the typeface being used here. (And if that's not the case...then why would they go for a typeface that has one sans serif weight?)
  4. Man, I'll miss those 2013 era graphics and all of its delicious Akko goodness. They were pretty good at cleaning up the visual nightmare that was TWC of the past, and the 2013 era design language still looks aesthetically pleasing up to now. I'm surprised they were able to keep up the consistency for this long, but alas. The new ones are...serviceable. They could've chose a better font than Roboto; but hey, it works. At least it ain't DIN. The horror.
  5. OCR A the typeface.
  6. It's a cave. The studio has a straight up cave.
  7. It would be otherwise blocked by the mobile UI.
  8. I've documented the changes on the TVNT Discord server - it appears they are just updating the logos for the most part. Some graphical elements, such as CFTO's Community Calendar, now CTV Our Community, and the aforementioned promo graphics (chryons and all), were completely redone with new graphics. Their news app was also overhauled too. Also noted in the TVNT Discord server: "The roll out is...quite slow. The new CBC standardized logos were quietly introduced in the middle of the Fall 2017 season... and it was only used for internal documents concerning the CBC TV network. Fast forward a year later, the TV network began using it in promos, and the Sports division formally opted in afterwards. Either way, a new look for the CBC is looong over due. The corp was using the same logo structure for almost two decades now." Looking at the visual motifs, it appears The National's chyrons are a part of the current CBCNN/local refreshed graphics, so there will not be a refresh anytime soon. Home of the Champions.
  9. Oh my god. Please. For the love of god, that cannot be their new logo.
  10. All it needs now are the | | | | | | | | | s.
  11. Lol that open was hilariously bad. Sure, one could argue it does the job "just fine" (which itself is a dodgy line of reasoning but w/e), but honestly speaking from a basic graphic design standpoint... it's a big yikes. Like, no wonder the intro already looks comically dated. WSB cliches aside, there's essentially zero or lacking in ambient lighting, contrast and narrative. You know, something you would find in a modern-day, or tolerable CGI intro... Unfortunately, and evidently, it is stuff like this that validates @WWUpdate's sentiments on American news presentation. It's boring and derivative as hell.
  12. Typical TSN... skipping over an entire generation of BottomLine.
  13. I actually love Eurosport's ambitious design strategies based around unique cultural niches, like manga in 2020 and K-pop in 2018. This is going to be so good - cannot wait!!
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