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  1. Highly disagree with this take. All levels of government are stressing people to social distance and to stay home, and the fact the Prime Minister begged on national television about this, and we are seeing anchors reporting from their bedrooms or balconies (like Friesen) only stresses the seriousness of this notion. I mean, just look at these people in Vancouver yesterday. Totally shook. Anyways, CBC The National's Adrienne Arsenault is now reporting at home. Andrew Chang is at studio:
  2. "Segment" i.e. production control and output by CBCNN instead of CBC directly. So... exactly what they were doing now, only a bit longer?
  3. Nick Dixon, CTV Toronto and CP24 co-anchor. Yesterday... Today...
  4. In what appears to be the magnum opus of social distancing: Global News' Dawna Friesen opted out of the Burnaby studios (aka home of Global BC) and hosted the Friday edition of the flagship Global National more than 20 kilometres away... outside a balcony close to her residence in North Vancouver.
  5. Here's how social distancing is looking like at Canada's top media market, Toronto. CTV Toronto, the only station with a regular duo-anchor lineup. Here's before and after. Nationally, all the networks solo-anchor... except CBC's The National. Unlike many stations in North America, they had to update their entire desk to accommodate the change. And that's all. Global, who usually anchors with duos, switched to solos after Farah Nasser, the 6pm co-anchor, went into self-isolation. Meanwhile, Citytv and CBC does not have a traditional duo-anchor format.
  6. *taps pinned message* The execution was off-key in terms of its pacing (to illustrate: "...and the world"), but otherwise it's stylistically in line with the prevalent "friendlier" tone seen on many local newscast domestic and abroad. I mentioned this on Discord, but Josh Goodman's voice work for WBNS in 2016 is a good example of this idea.
  7. You got to feel for Global. This is now their third attempt at launching a national news network. After failing to ride the wave of BC1 despite convincing the City of Mississauga, they reorganized and tried to go OTT with the launch of their national "News Feed", with the hope that they can leverage their award-winning centralization efforts. That didn't fare out either. Maybe third time's the charm?
  8. What... wow. What do I even say? There's no doubt that this package was a downgrade. But I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. Like, poor man's NBC bad. Literally nothing in this new package makes sense. The italics, the angularity, the gradients - everything - there's no depth or consistency. The animations are so out-right comical, it always make you question, why? We shouldn't have ended up here with all of that accumulation from the previous two packs. It's like they stepped two decades back in sports presentation. At this rate I'm honestly worried if NBC and Fox brought back the stereotypical design trends of the early 2000's that they've fought for so long to ditch. This... this is bad news.
  9. Personally, I cannot wait for Antenna's comeback. You thought it was gone after 28-3....
  10. You're right - it's a better logo in regards to its concept and evolution. Don't know what's up with the irregular overlapping of the call letters, though. What's the deal with the over-under-over-under-under?
  11. Ah, the "traditional American newscast" argument. Nothing says traditional like 11 straight VOs, forced fluff segments, unnatural social media integration, unrelatable happy talk, and stretched out formats. You know, the stuff we're apparently 'afraid of' from retooled newscasts. But it is getting late after all, I'll go check what Channel 11 have New at 11 on Eleven at 11 - 11 minutes of nonstop local news and weather before 11:11. You know, traditional. Jokes aside, I believe it all depends on execution. Contrary to popular opinion, younger viewers aren't stupid. If they see a station is being pretentious with their format, they will rightfully tune out. There was a good reason why Kyle Clark's Next worked, his persona in addition to its powerful storytelling, added with the genuine social media presence in the back, was able to click. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, with that said. It is important for KGW and Tegna to carefully consider how they can deliver with today's approaches while having a distinctive flare that can resonate with their audiences. I mean, just ask "The Now" and watch how that turned out.
  12. NBC NewsChannel 10. We've come full circle.
  13. Pretty much. KABC's lower third can line wrap accordingly, so human error was most likely the culprit.
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