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  1. Journalist

    A day in TV license court

    No commercials. They have the license fee for a reason. Besides, their clout can literally choke the private sector to death if commericals were allowed, even on a exclusive platform like BBC One. They have commericals on the television and online platforms, a few on Radio 2, none on Radio 1 and Premiere. Taxpayers pay less than a dollar for the service, however, they do not have the same "TV tax" system as the United Kingdom.
  2. Journalist

    Emergency Alert System and AlertReady

    from Pelmorex: "On November 28th at 1:55 PM local time (2:55 PM local time in Quebec), a test of the Alert Ready system will be conducted. The test will be distributed on TV, radio and compatible wireless devices"
  3. Woohoo! We're back on Invision! Question though: Will a dark theme be also addressed?
  4. Journalist

    CKFM drops its entire on-air staff.

    Another oddball layoff notice brought to you by Bell Media.
  5. Journalist

    Midterms Coverage

    Most of the broadcast networks will be live streaming (and most likely archiving) their primetime coverage online, making the bygone practice of uploading entire broadcasts Weatherlover1192-style obsolete.
  6. Journalist

    New WUSA ”Get Up DC” Graphics

    ...except that the graphics remain the same and it's just a new intro for their morning show?
  7. Journalist

    Emergency Alert System and AlertReady

    Canada's first wireless alert test did not achieve full success, according to the CRTC. Another wireless test is now planned for November, presumedly with Ontario and Quebec getting a 2 day head start from the rest of the country. A similar test for the traditional broadcast medium will commence in December.
  8. Journalist

    Tokyo 2020 logo released

    I don't like it. They could've done a lot better with the scripting and the "2020" typeface looks very unbalanced altogether with the logo. A lot of improvements could have been made here and as a result it appears inferior to NBC Olympics' past logos.
  9. Journalist

    2018-19 NHL (and NBA) season

    Scott Moore, responsible for spearheading Sportsnet's launch into NHL Hockey, has left the company. CBC reports:
  10. Journalist

    CBS opening new television facility...

    If I recall correctly, CBS News has an affiliation with CBC News. I believe I mentioned this back in the shoutbox last year, but Peter Mansbridge made some appearances on the Evening News as a CBS "Canadian Correspondent". Oh... Oh wait...
  11. Journalist

    CBS opening new television facility...

    Don't worry fams, it's all part of their secret plan...
  12. Journalist

    ABC Foul?

    God forbid Disney owning a ABC station in... Los Angeles. I mean, this is nothing but a slippery slope here. What next? Weekend sports? Think of the children!
  13. Journalist

    Emergency Alert System and AlertReady

    A series of tornadoes has struck the National Capital Region of Canada this past Friday. A number of neighbourhoods were destroyed, but thankfully there were no fatal injuries. Today on CTV Toronto's noon newscast, meteorologist Anwar Knight and anchor Michelle Dubé noted the quick measures taken by the Ottawa residents, and alluded to the fact that the Canada's AlertReady system, which was promptly activated to send a tornado warning to phones and broadcast stations on that day, has helped saved lives. "When you have your phone and the alarm goes off: watch it, see what is says, assess the situation, and react to it because it could literally save your life."
  14. Journalist

    International Out and About

    CTV's major brand refresh in almost 20 years has launched today.

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