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  1. Just uploaded a montage of WCVB's graphics and music
  2. You think they would back everything up to the cloud these days including the old archived tapes
  3. Watched a little bit this morning, still branded the same. The only difference is the name on the program guide. Do you think they will launch the rebrand during their evening newscasts?
  4. That would be true, in northern Essex county, I can't even get WNEU over the air when WMFP goes off the air I will have no NBC affiliate over the air. I think it would also be a good idea for NBC Boston to buy WBPX. However, could NBC Boston buy the WWDP signal then move it to the FM-128 tower?
  5. Really NBC Boston..... Who ever is running their new station is drunk
  6. Why doesn't NBC Boston broadcast most of their newscasts and commercials in 2 channel stereo? Don't most NBC O&O's broadcast their news in 5.1 sound. At least that's what I think WTVJ does.
  7. Really thinking about getting a long range antenna because I am disliking how the Boston stations are being run. Specifically NBC Boston and Fox 25
  8. Yes, why do they think we need another NBC bug when there is already one on the screen...smh...
  9. They should really take that "NBC Boston" bug off of the screen.
  10. Weird how NBC Boston is airing the same commercials over and over again on their First Night show. I swear I have heard the "Fly Like an Eagle" Verizon commercial more than 3 times.
  11. Hopefully NBC Boston will broadcast in 5.1 sound for all network programming. Currently the countdown channel is only in 2.0 sound.
  12. If anything, WFXT needs to fix their audio signal, I can hear the announcers in the left and right on my 5.1 system and it is not supposed to be like that. WFXT has been going in the shit hole for a few years now.
  13. Here is a montage of WBZ News with the new CBS graphics
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