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  1. Could some CW affiliates decide to skip the network coverage as a result?
  2. If they weren't seduced and accepted the Byron Allen offer, I guarantee you the deal would have been completed by now.
  3. WFLA will be very angry, as they literally run themselves on streaming coverage and online specials, especially during hurricane season.
  4. It has kind of a Gray feel to the package in some ways.
  5. They'd get eaten alive by the competition in that situation.
  6. Could be a combination of that as well as the fact that odd-numbered years are very lean for stations without the political ads. (A few exceptions do exist, as KY, LA and MS have state races, but otherwise it's quiet.) Also, the Super Bowl is on Fox, which Gray is a little leaner with (they have far more CBS and NBC affiliates).
  7. They have also done nothing to solve any of the issues, particularly how it will essentially be one company. The clock is likely to run out on this one.
  8. KXLY is the market leader in ratings, correct?
  9. "De facto" doesn't matter. It's not part of the official Columbus market.
  10. All the other major TV companies are in the same position. Ironically, they had Tegna in the best shape, despite the proxy wars and attempted sale.
  11. Not their problem. It's a different market.
  12. There's always InfoWars for her.
  13. That hour might end up with station owner-produced programming as well, instead of newscasts, on some stations, according to what executives are thinking.
  14. The blackmailing by Soo Kim has been ridiculous. IMO, if they went with the Allen deal, it would be done by now. I can think of a few other paths once the outside date comes: 1) Stay with the status quo, but that may be impossible with lawsuit threats. 2) Find another option and merge with them, create a new company (presumably as Tegna) with a mix of people and block out Soo Kim. One possibility is acquiring the Hearst stations, have some Hearst people involved in the new company and shove Soo Kim and Standard General (and Apollo) to the curb. Can it be done without hedge funds of any kind though? 3) Accept the Allen offer, but they didn't the first time...
  15. They were much more straightforward though. The former involved stations that largely fit each other cleanly and the latter was involving low-rated stations and creating duopolies that were legal. There are many complications here - hedge funds involved, no clarity on overlapping markets and foreign ownership laws.
  16. It could be heading for rejection. Tegna's best play right now might be to walk away.
  17. It seems the foreign money may be what kills the deal thanks to the ownership being hedge funds based in the BVI and Caymans.
  18. In most cases, that would be good to have a 3 hour delayed Nightly News at 10:00. If there is really big news, they could have a special live one produced at 10:00 PT (1:00 ET). If local news started at 10:30 pm (9:30 pm CT) or 10:35 pm (9:35 pm CT), they could have an hour-long late news or some other special if the 11:00 pm (10:00 pm CT) half hour stayed with affiliates. Otherwise, late night shows starting at 11:05 pm (10:05 pm CT)? (My preference would be 1 hour with affiliates, from 10:35 to 11:35, for hour-long late newscasts or news/sports shows or the like).
  19. OAN is poison outside of the MAGA base now that we know who they are and that they always push conspiracies. No legitimate journalism entity would touch them with a 10-foot pole. They make Fox News look like the AP.
  20. It's in a tiny market, but Gray has fired KNOP's News Director, Melanie Standiford, for actively promoting pro-life (or anti-abortion) causes. It's become quite controversial (and understandably so, in an extremely conservative area).
  21. I can see this becoming the large-market Gray package for the bigger stations, say up to DMA 50 to 60. However, I think the honeycomb package will be the default small-market package (i.e., below 100). The mid-market stations could go either way. Stations like WBTV, WBRC, WOIO and WVUE I could see getting something like this.
  22. Are there any old big box retail areas or unoccupied office areas in the parts of Fort Myers that were unaffected by the flooding, say near I-75? An old retail complex could be quickly converted to a temporary studio and might be a short-term solution. Long term, I think the McBride's will have to sell, and I posted that in a bumped Speculatron thread.
  23. WUPA would be an excellent piece to sell. Maybe WSB could make CBS they can't refuse and tie it to them. Nexstar would probably love WUPA as an O&O but they are capped out.
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