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  1. Local News Live seems to have changed to a "hybrid" of the Honeycomb and the old Meredith graphics. I suspect the larger market stations will get future graphics similar to the existing Meredith set.
  2. It certainly helps to have that backup option (even though Hearst still owns it which makes no sense), since their closest sister station is in Jacksonville and that may itself be in a flood zone. Next closest option would be Atlanta. The SW Florida stations, except for WFTX which would likely be supported by WPTV, have a real challenge too. I know WSVN and WBBH have separate studios though, but WINK is literally on its own unless a deal can be made.
  3. So far I haven't heard of any Florida stations do anything drastic. Which ones are in evacuation zones?
  4. WMBB has gone full circle though, reuniting with most of its old siblings.
  5. As smaller stations, I could see all, or almost all, the ex-Quincy stations getting the "honeycomb" package, which seems to be the smaller market package.
  6. Have they also hired a Spanish-language news team for the Telemundo expansion?
  7. Excellent choice by KWCH. They needed to get rid of the Media General-era logo, which made them look like a Nexstar station.
  8. Fayetteville is an odd one, since there are no Gray stations in NW Arkansas, and the prospects aren't great of acquiring one - the most likely scenario I can see is that Tegna and Standard collapse, then acquires Hearst, leaving Gray with the leftovers.
  9. If this turns out successful, I wonder if this experiment will transfer to other Gray markets?
  10. Of course, we also don't know what future owners of WSB and WXIA will do to their stations. WAGA has the stability advantage more than anything, even if it isn't a legacy station.
  11. They would have likely either done a dual-screen, or moved the game to USA Network.
  12. When it comes to CBS affiliates beyond the 14 O&O markets, the number of markets (excluding same-market satellites) owned or controlled by company: Gray - 55 Nexstar - 43 Sinclair - 23 Tegna - 15 Scripps - 11 Allen - 5 NP&G - 5 Morgan Murphy - 4 Others - 35 (none with more than three each) Can they really blackmail them that much?
  13. It's market 204 I believe, so we can't hold them to the same standard. Any old Gray set could find its way up there to be reused.
  14. Atlanta isn't the only market Gray is greatly expanding in. WHNS Greenville (SC) is getting a 35% expansion in its local coverage and adding at least 10% to its workforce.
  15. WSB has already seemed to falter with Apollo, only standing on their laurels as a legacy station with pseudo-local ownership. WAGA is catching up in ratings? I agree WXIA is the big loser.
  16. Truth be told, if much of its range is in Alabama, they should shoehorn WBRC onto there too to enhance its coverage in the far eastern part of that market.
  17. Does that also get translated for WKTB? I know they are building up a Telemundo operation.
  18. If any network may want to be willing to go for a prime time newscast, I think it would be CBS since they are usually a distant third in ratings in the early evenings - maybe a 10 pm (or 9 pm CT) national news there (with the 6:30/5:30 pm timeslot yielded to an hour-long local newscast) would be able to break from the shadow of NBC Nightly News and World News Tonight.
  19. Maybe she can get a US visa (which is relatively easy for a journalist with "TN" or Treaty NAFTA status) and move across the border, perhaps a high-market local station or US network could use her.
  20. The honeycomb seems to be the small-market Gray package.
  21. In the case of Grand Junction, VHF is probably better due to the mountainous territory and numerous communities between the ridges. Twin Falls would be better on UHF, since the Snake River valley is all they serve.
  22. I wonder if some of them will also appear on nearby Gray stations when they are short-staffed?
  23. Here was the line, on page 22 of one of the responses to deny the deal: As TNG-CWA has pointed out in letters to President Biden, involvement of large hedge funds headquartered in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, thus necessitating a waiver of the Commission’s foreign ownership limits, are flashing red lights that cry out for further inquiry. Standard General and its financiers have failed to produce the documents detailing whose money they invest and whether they agreed to cut costs at the expense of hardworking Americans in order to pay the interest on.
  24. Reading some of the petitions to deny and other details, it appears the deal may be illegal on foreign ownership rules, as the hedge funds are largely based in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands.
  25. Who is highest rated in the market?
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