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  1. GoldenShine9

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    I don't think WSLS has made it out of 3rd place yet in ratings though, although it's trying hard. It had a long way to come from the doldrums during the Park and Media General eras.
  2. GoldenShine9

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Could WVTM in Birmingham be a case of driving itself out of last place the last few years?
  3. GoldenShine9

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    I wonder if they will still be called Cox Media Group? Also I do fear it will just set themselves up for a fire sale later, like with Four Points, Newport and Local TV...
  4. GoldenShine9

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Hedge funds buying stations are never a good thing. Expect them to be resold within a year or two. Especially when they have zero interest or experience in running journalism.
  5. NPR stations and college/university stations would still fill that area though?
  6. GoldenShine9

    Out & About

    Do any of the local stations have room for him?
  7. GoldenShine9

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    I think this is, short of Sinclair buying, the worst possible result. It opens the door to a quick sale later when you have hedge funds involved, and they don't care about journalism at all.
  8. GoldenShine9

    Gray Television - General Thread

    If they did that, then they would get their first west coast stations. They would also only be missing Greenville (WABG) in Mississippi, and that is an easy purchase or trade. KNIN for the Delta stations and maybe another low-market Brady station?
  9. GoldenShine9

    KVEO: Goodbye NewsCenter 23, Hello Local 23 News

    I think they are beating KGBT in ratings now too? (Although still a long way from KRGV, or the Telemundo station there)
  10. GoldenShine9

    Scripps to acquire Cordillera

    Since there are no conflicts in their part of the deal, this is an easy one. Let's see if the FCC will greenlight before February 15.
  11. GoldenShine9

    Out & About

    Yeah, I think Tegna and CBS would be screaming at them if they blacked it out.
  12. GoldenShine9

    Out & About

    Makes me wonder what would have happened if WWL decided to protest and black out the game...
  13. GoldenShine9

    Out & About

    I wonder how they felt at WWL being forced to air the Super Bowl which their home team was robbed in? I do think the Saints will be seen as the "real" winners in the end.
  14. GoldenShine9

    Out & About

    It was also the right thing to cancel the newscast. They were probably in no mood to do them at that time, and in the morning they may have not even had information and they likely had the shock still fresh on them.
  15. GoldenShine9

    New WDIO Set & Logo

    Don't like it at all. Definitely prefer the classic 10/13 logo.

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