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  1. With all that has happened, I think Gray has a much better case now if they wanted to make a second attempt.
  2. As far as the site changes go, they have since done it to KFYR and its satellites, KVLY, KWCH, WILX, WJRT and WOWT.
  3. They could always air it on a secondary channel, like a DT2 or a duopoly partner.
  4. Nexstar should also reach out to other stations in non-Nexstar markets - particularly those who are owned by companies either friendly to them or with little overlap - to get them extra coverage as well. I could see other owners like Gray following up with their own national operations if this turns out successful.
  5. Over the last few days, Gray has changed some more sites: KOLN/KGIN, KNEP, KNOP, KSNB, WIBW, WIFR and WSAW. The legacy Gray stations are rapidly being changed. Next would be the ex-Raycom stations most likely.
  6. Nexstar should do the same thing in Knoxville and Dothan, and maybe Augusta. Back to Casper, I wonder if Gray may resurrect local news there since they now have no competition in the state?
  7. New additions: KMVT, WHSV and WTVY. Also added: KWQC, WBAY, WDTV, WEAU, WMTV and WTAP.
  8. I'm not sure what the issue is with WLWT. Perhaps WXIX has taken their viewership base away with more news options? Or do those who want hard journalism go to WCPO instead, knowing it's more locally based being the Scripps flagship? In Cleveland, you're correct, WKYC has been virtually beaten down by Tegna lately that they are almost unrecognizable. I think those at WOIO were happy when Raycom was gone, since they were so neglected then, but were the first station to get upgraded by Gray once the deal was done.
  9. Some more just got it: WDBJ, WRDW/WAGT and WSAZ. Mostly Gray legacy stations so far (KYOU is the only ex-Raycom station to have changed).
  10. Could Gray give it another shot now that they could very well become the only game in town?
  11. Vision Alaska/Wyoming has a history of doing that. They obliterated the news departments at their Alaska stations already.
  12. I can see him ending up across town in a company more suited for him...
  13. That could indeed be the case and those who don't agree with such may have coalesced around WXIX right now.
  14. Either 3rd or 4th, they didn't disclose that.
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