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  1. I also got the impression that Hilton Howell's letter was a middle finger to the Tegna board.
  2. Why didn't WMAZ ask WXIA to help fill in for them and let their anchors/reporters do the WMAZ news? Or do they not have that ability?
  3. I'm guessing at least some of the non-Gray stations will air it, particularly those owned by independents or those who don't have significant overlap with Gray.
  4. Better yet, just wait for things to get better and see if better offers come.
  5. Most likely, but it varies by station. I know some companies have done little so far. Gray has been especially aggressive in its limitations.
  6. They would be essential employees, but I think only the key staff (i.e. anchors, news directors) would have access.
  7. I wonder if others step in, like Scripps? Also stock prices will likely recover after the COVID-19 crisis ends.
  8. Also the internal battles may be an issue as well for Tegna.
  9. That's who Tegna is desperate to avoid from what I can tell.
  10. Since Tegna and Standard are in a fighting war and Tegna is desperate to avoid them, I think we can rule them out.
  11. Apollo has apparently upped the ante. It's clear Tegna is on the way out...but to whom?
  12. That is likely, although they may find another time slot for that.
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