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  1. Yikes. InfoWars makes The Blaze, and OANN, look like Democracy Now.
  2. Good luck finding stations willing to add it to their distribution. It makes Fox News look moderate by comparison.
  3. Not in Rockford since that was already legal (LP vs. full power).
  4. What a huge improvement!!!
  5. Either way, these graphics likely won't last long. The next owner, whether it be Tegna, Hearst or someone else, will likely change them pretty quick after consummation.
  6. I wonder, if WGCL got new ownership, could it actually make a run at the leaders?
  7. It basically gives Tegna full control of the market.
  8. Jackson, TN? They don't have a station there. Bahakel (WBBJ) would be a tough purchase too as they conflict everywhere else. Also Clarksdale is in the Greenville, MS market? Unless they are buying WABG and company, that makes no sense too.
  9. I'd expect WYOW to get a new callsign as it will be isolated from all the other "OW" stations (and would create confusion afterward).
  10. I'm not sure how much coverage that would improve though. Geographically, Rockford is a fairly small market with only a handful of counties.
  11. No other data given, so it's hard to say what the rest of the pack is like.
  12. Has WDHN added weekend news yet? I know for the longest time they had no such news, giving WTVY a monopoly there.
  13. Were any big names laid off? I know high-level news positions don't come along very often (i.e. News Director, Evening Anchor, Chief Meteorologist).
  14. The WTVY graphics look identical to the current Meredith package. Collusion perhaps?
  15. Totally unnecessary for a company still profitable and giving out stock dividends to shareholders. We didn't see companies like Nexstar, Gray, Scripps, Hearst and the like lay anyone off...

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