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  1. I'm guessing the previous syndication contracts last until next summer. They likely won't move to the new Gray stations until next fall.
  2. Admittedly, their current logo is a step towards the logo they had in the 1990s. They deviated greatly from it for a while with blue versions. But I agree.
  3. I think the signals in Huntsville are on Hytop, which is to the east of the city?
  4. I think the FCC and DOJ will have a handful here. This looks like a potential Sinclair-Tribune 2.0 with those question marks. Agreed, Jacksonville will get a lot of scrutiny and I think they will have to sell one of them.
  5. That is until WRCB gets sold off...although I'm sure they have received lots of offers.
  6. But if the cap is eliminated altogether?
  7. About the only way it survives is if Trump himself buys it and promotes it online to the MAGA base.
  8. They could either pipe it in via cable or find a somewhat friendly owner to help them out.
  9. They can retaliate by pulling affiliations, but Nexstar will gladly take them on instead.
  10. Does Nashville have a Spanish-language news operation? That could be a potential opportunity for WSMV to set up.
  11. https://www.nexttv.com/news/local-news-stumptown-gets-over-the-hump KPTV (recently acquired by Gray) is the dominant #1 in Portland, OR. After that, it is KATU, KGW and KOIN in that order.
  12. Does Nexstar produce any shows? That would give them a big opening there.
  13. Not legally no, there is pretty much no way they can own stations in 199 markets. It might be a benefit though for Nexstar since they would have full control of it and could place their own programming on it.
  14. That could be the beginning of the big groups actually buying the networks - and pulling Baton-style hostile takeovers.
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