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  1. At least 2 longtime anchors from Gray stations have been fired over their refusal to get vaccinated. Dave Platta (Sports Director, WTVM) - https://www.wtvm.com/2021/09/15/long-time-sports-director-dave-platta-leaves-wtvm/ Karl Bohnak (Chief Meteorologist, WLUC) - https://www.dailypress.net/news/local-news/2021/09/bohnak-fired-for-refusal-to-get-vaccinated/ I don't see them getting back into the business, especially not Bohnak - he burnt all his bridges with his statement going full QAnon.
  2. That's probably a sign the green light is about to come soon, maybe next week, and the deal could close in October.
  3. It reminds me of the old KWWL logo.
  4. Overall, those two stations have been the shining stars during the crisis. I agree that WWL has fallen big time in terms of product quality.
  5. At that time, Memphis wasn't an option, while Houston and Dallas were but the distance is significant. I know WGNO also worked with WBRZ (both ABC affiliates) during Katrina but that would be unnecessary now as WGNO now has WVLA/WGMB.
  6. Hopefully Hearst can bring some relief in to give them a break.
  7. That is correct, so Houston mets and reporters would have to cover for them until they could get there.
  8. Of the NOLA stations, WWL has the farthest to go to any sister stations - KHOU would be the closest that could relieve them (I doubt KBMT has the space to do such). WDSU could easily hand off to WAPT or WVTM, while WGNO and WVUE have lots of options.
  9. They get shredded in ratings anyway though by WKYT and WLEX.
  10. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/8/6/breaking-news-gray-no-jab-no-job Gray is mandating vaccinations for all new hires. They didn't mention it for existing employees yet. First TV group to do so.
  11. I just looked up: Circle has no presence in any of the new markets they acquired from Quincy. I'm guessing they will pop up on those subchannels in short order.
  12. The only Iowa market without a Gray presence is Des Moines now - and that would be a difficult market for them to get into, but probably not impossible. Also, the only West Virginia market without a Gray presence is in the northern panhandle (Wheeling) and there is pretty much no way for Gray to get in without a trade.
  13. I'm guessing Circle will be going onto subchannels of some of the ex-Quincy stations soon, since I don't think it is in any of those markets. (Probably a discussion for another thread)
  14. Not so much underserved, but run by a single uber-dominant station that no one would even consider competing against.
  15. These could very well all be short lived too. Although it's unclear how long it would take for Gray to change them all.

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