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  1. Some of them didn't air it live but also tape delayed it.
  2. Maybe Biden will make a deal with someone else, like Nexstar? I also heard that the Sinclair-owned ABC affiliates did not air the Biden town hall last night. I know KOMO and WJLA, at least, did not air it.
  3. Those at WOIO were probably excited when Raycom went away, since they were terrible for them.
  4. I'd expect the obvious states (i.e. California, New York, Oklahoma, West Virginia) to be called right away. But otherwise I think they will wait - and it could be a long wait.
  5. Also I believe WILX and WLNS are very close in ratings so there isn't a dominant force there?
  6. KATC has a tough job since there are no sister stations close by to help them out, a big advantage that KLFY has (the other Nexstar stations can send more reporters to Acadiana from elsewhere in the region).
  7. Vidalia could just be used as satellites for nearby Gray stations - perhaps satellites of WTOC and WALB.
  8. Back to the layoffs, are there any more forthcoming? I think the Q3 finances in early November will be a tell-tale.
  9. I suspect that the moment that another company, such as Graham, Cox or Gray, gets their hands on WFSB she will be cut loose.
  10. The publishing division will be next to impossible to sell. I agree the Time purchase was catastrophic for the company (and then they sold it at a big loss).
  11. If they are so cash strapped, they should just sell the stations and accept it at, say, $1.5 billion. That would give them the money for magazine operations through the pandemic.
  12. Probably making things cheaper for a company sale.
  13. Especially when they have far less footprint than Nexstar or Gray.
  14. Then probably back in the spring of 2022.
  15. I suspect once power is largely restored to Lake Charles, they should be back in that building, although they would need a temporary set with all new equipment in the conference room or somewhere else on the property (does Gray have a mobile newsroom that they can bring to Lake Charles?). I would suspect everything inside the newsroom is a total loss and that would need to be gutted and rebuilt. Another challenge is housing for those who may have had homes destroyed or severely damaged. Even once they return, I suspect some staff will continue to work out of WAFB or KALB.

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