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  1. Today is "Founder's Day of Caring" at the Nexstar stations, and they are promoting it very hard on their social media pages.
  2. In small to mid-sized markets, news-producing, network independents left that I can think of are KJTV, KNBN, KOBI/KOTI, KOMU, KRGV/WBRZ, KTBS, KTVA, KTWO, WBBH/WZVN, WBKB, WBOC, WFMJ, WHIZ, WINK, WOAY, WPSD and WWTV/WWUP. You could arguably count the Rockfleet and Sarkes Tarzian stations too but not sure if one of them is in their HQ market. I might be missing a couple others.
  3. They handled this absolutely horrendously. Making no effort to come clean on it, and just stealth moves, is just wrong. It has only made the community angrier. Even the anchors that made worse moves at other statements (like racial slurs or political statements) had stations come clear, apologize and then let them go publicly. I guarantee you he'll find a better job somewhere else at a station not owned by Sinclair.
  4. I can count about 20-25 news-producing independents left, although that number will likely continue to decrease. I know admin frowns on lists here.
  5. Since 1/3 of the Cincinnati market is in Kentucky, I think 2/3 is a reasonable estimate. They won't likely get anywhere near 100% in Ohio, since there is no realistic pathway into Dayton, at a minimum, right now. $535M is reasonable market value for two market leading stations in top-40 markets. There really weren't too many other options: Nexstar is in both markets and capped out, Sinclair is in Columbus, Scripps is in Indianapolis, Terrier is probably too busy negotiating with Meredith, Gray is probably looking at better options on the board for less, the rest don't seem to be in a buying mood right now or biding their time (or this was out of their price range).
  6. After all, Scripps would have had no play for Dispatch, while Terrier is probably too busy with Meredith negotiations and Gray is probably looking at other stuff on the board right now. Can't think of anyone else who could have bought them. As much as we had wished for someone like Hearst, many of us see them as a seller too right now.
  7. Still need Dayton (not going to happen anytime soon) and Cincinnati (very possible?) to get close to full coverage of Ohio. It may not be as valuable as we think since the state is trending red so it may not be a swing state in the future...
  8. I know a lot of people are calling on WAND to hire Joe Crain, since they have an opening. However, that would be a legal disaster due to non-compete clauses - Sinclair would sue the heck out of them. Do adjacent markets trigger non-competes as well (say, if he took a job in Peoria?) As a top free agent though, he'll find a job somewhere else much sooner most likely, my guess as a low to mid-market Chief Met. Unless The Weather Channel, WeatherNation or someone else wants to take him on?
  9. Sounds like Gray is trying to actually work the station, even though a lot of their lead is due to the self-destruction of WWL.
  10. They do have the advantage of two transmitters, so I can't see them being that low. I thought Nexstar's WCIA was always the leader, but I think WICS (and its satellite WICD) are 2nd ahead of Block's WAND, which is location-challenged.
  11. I wonder if he even wants to go back there after all that has happened, although there is probably a 2 week notice rule, unless Sinclair is extra strict on self-termination. That said, I can't see him off the market long enough for the non-compete to expire if WAND or WCIA wanted him.
  12. I know KGNS is the only Gray-owned station located in a position that its signal easily gets into Mexico; Gray is absent from the other 4 markets that directly abut the border (Brownsville, El Paso, San Diego and Yuma), while Tucson is too far to get much coverage. The northern Plains stations don't really penetrate into Canada either signal-wise. KGNS (and its major subchannels) are all on cable in Nuevo Laredo, and the city-grade signal definitely gets there. Not sure how far into Mexico they get though.
  13. I would assume the same, and given its age, it would probably be one of the first priorities (after WOIO which needed more than a graphical change).
  14. I wonder if the border stations like WAGM and KGNS will play more than one anthem?
  15. This is interesting: KEYC and WWNY, acquired through the United purchase, have had their website changed - to the 2018 Raycom style (which was adapted while the Gray acquisition was underway, including to stations that were divested - which have mostly changed a second time). It means we can assume that website look is going to be the primary Gray design moving forward, although I haven't seen any legacy Gray stations receive it yet.
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