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  1. It's a unique case but an extremely valid one. If they are attributed all to one owner, you'd have such a case in a top-50 market with all networks in one hand. That would be unprecedented and should never happen except in the smallest markets. I can't see how they can legitimately respond to such an argument.
  2. Graham Media has filed a petition to deny, based on the Jacksonville situation and that Apollo would be financing 4 stations there. (An easy way out would be to mandate divestiture of one of the two duopolies there, as well as other conflicting market stations. Since I believe WJXT is #1 in the market, the duopoly with the #5 station would be the one to go, since that would be able to go to a single owner outright.)
  3. They are also capped out of buying more stations unless they sell some they have now (in big markets), shell off and get FCC wrath, or hope the cap is eliminated.
  4. It is market 206 though, and at least they can send off used sets over to Presque Isle.
  5. I figured the ex-Quincy stations would be next. As far as the ex-Meredith stations, they are similar enough that I suspect they will be retained until another Gray package comes along later.
  6. Greenville-Spartanburg: WYFF dominated as usual.
  7. It starts to make me wonder if CBS will put some of their stations on the sale block.
  8. They would likely have to come with some other agreement - give up one of the networks already in place through an affiliation switch?
  9. That is most likely. I think Nexstar will take the CW affiliation in all the markets where it isn't on one of their stations and place it on a subchannel or secondary channel as soon as they can. I think NewsNation+ might be an additional subchannel.
  10. I am noticing that Local News Live is also covering with local stations in non-Gray markets as well. For the most part, it seems either Hearst-owned stations or CBS O&O's that they have been working with, which may be because those are who Gray has the best relations with. (Then again, Hearst and Gray compete directly in 10 markets...)
  11. I noticed Macon was one of those markets - the one Georgia market without a Gray station, and unless a trade is coming (i.e. swap with Tegna for WMAZ), there is no realistic plan to get into that market.
  12. Have any of the ex-Quincy stations changed their graphics yet? Those would likely be next.
  13. It sounds like they got other offers, including from big groups like Gray and possibly Nexstar as well as smaller entities like Byron Allen, but went for the smallest to maintain leverage. I do agree that placing additional network affiliations on its subchannels is a reasonable possibility with CBS and Fox being the most likely (the latter gives them other news opportunities, the former would likely be the one of least resistance given the collapse of WBNS).
  14. All I see is crazy speculation...there's no reason why it will just fold into a larger market. It has survived as a single market for nearly 70 years.
  15. WHIZ is a Zanesville, not a Columbus station. What is more likely is that it poaches additional affiliations for its subchannels.
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