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  1. That may be more likely to happen now. I believe the plan is to completely eliminate local news on WGXA.
  2. Many of their stations are very low rated too. They tend to be 3rd or 4th place in many of their markets.
  3. A bit of a surprise in the Upstate of SC and western NC: WHNS (Fox Carolina) appears to be the highest rated news at least in the mornings and late evenings - they have been promoting that. That would be a huge boost for Gray, since they are usually a laggard in the market.
  4. Could that be some of the money burned by the Diamond Sports bankruptcy hitting their bottom line? Also most Sinclair stations are rated quite low in their market.
  5. Having that WANF-esque font in the WCSC logo under the classic "5" would make for quite a nice logo.
  6. Would that logo fit well with modern graphics? I agree it should be brought back. I know the change from the Raycom-era logo was a positive, but that would be another step upward.
  7. There are 76 CW affiliates in Nexstar markets that the affiliation is currently owned by another company. Of them, 25 are owned by Gray (either on one of their own signals or a subchannel), 20 by Sinclair, while Allen, CBS, Hearst, Scripps and Tegna each have between 3 and 5 with isolated instances elsewhere. That's a lot that they would have to pick off at once without compensation.
  8. Would this be a suitable graphics package in smaller markets? That would be an excellent large-market Gray package going forward, but is it too big for a market like Lake Charles, Twin Falls, Dothan or Binghamton?
  9. They did nothing to solve the 2 critical issues: 1) Apollo is bankrolling both companies and essentially has Cox and Tegna as subsidiaries of the same company. As a result, there are five markets where both companies are in place, and no effort was made to adjust for such. Graham made that clear last year in a petition to deny. 2) There is too much foreign money involved, coming from the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos (I believe). As a result, it is illegal on that alone. In addition, they failed to disclose such.
  10. They only mentioned at 11 pm, although CBS affiliates are typically very weak - even powerhouse ones - in the morning. It's surprisingly close overall between all of them, but WANF is way behind in the demo. Either they skew young or old.
  11. It seems the points that killed the deal were the foreign influence and ignoring the needs to sell conflicting stations.
  12. Also in Texas, only Nexstar and Tegna have reach that comes anywhere near statewide. I agree, if it was the Bannon podcast, that would turn into Comedy Central once the Democrats respond. The other markets that are missing for Nexstar in the state are Beaumont-Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Victoria and Laredo.
  13. Yuma is a separate market, unless they are thinking of acquiring the Imagicomm cluster...
  14. Macon is the only market in Georgia that Gray is absent in. Maybe, just maybe, they could swipe a major network. I'm sure they would have loved WMAZ, but that is off limits to them except via a trade, and what would they give Tegna in return? Also, KNIN is pretty useless for Gray. Scripps does all the heavy lifting there, and Gray has no realistic path into that market either for a news producing station (plus it's too small for 4 such stations).
  15. KEYE is the 4th place station in Austin, correct?
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