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  1. It's always possible they could snag an network affiliation once others have theirs expire.
  2. I believe KSLA changed to the GrayONE package today.
  3. There is another station in the market with the First Alert branding? Could that be why they have a non-standard branding?
  4. That includes the many markets that Gray and Nexstar compete in as well?
  5. A new logo as well. Hint to WCSC: Bring back the old red 5 logo, with that font for "Live" and "WCSC".
  6. They probably also realized that it would be a critical piece of a potential sale. In addition, the insurance costs in Florida as a whole are skyrocketing now and that would be outrageously high where they were previously.
  7. Nexstar is in many of those markets and can just put the affiliation on their own stations.
  8. A weekend schedule is best on major holidays. Even normal local shift workers wouldn't likely need the news before about 5 or 6 am then.
  9. Even a 2 am or 3 am start could be argued for in those markets.
  10. It's still about as good of a situation as they could realistically expect. Now, the ball is in your court, the McBrides.
  11. It does better than WXIA in most timeslots.
  12. Just as I expected. The best move for CBS would be to sell WUPA.
  13. KTIV, having basically scooped every free agent up from the ashes of KMEG/KPTM, is adding additional newscasts - an additional 30 minutes weekdays at noon, and news in the mornings on weekends.
  14. If Nexstar can find cap space, they would be an excellent fit for them.
  15. In those markets mentioned, Gray should take a stab at the network affiliations of the Sinclair zombie stations. Having a Fox and a Big Three affiliation would be especially beneficial, as it expands their newscast options. WALA, for example, could add additional evening newscasts and a 10 pm newscast to compete with WKRG if they took the NBC affiliation away. On the flip side, in Columbia and Sioux City, extended morning newscasts and 9/10 pm newscasts could be added with the Fox affiliation on their DT2.
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