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  1. Does BH own any stake in Graham Media, or vice versa?
  2. KELO has always dominated Sioux Falls and most of South Dakota.
  3. KOLN/KGIN, who dominate Lincoln, would likely have something to say about that though.
  4. They should be fortunate the competition is a trainwreck there.
  5. Is Alan Sealls' non-compete up?
  6. I'd be curious to see a list for small to medium markets as well. If I were to make a top 10 list for stations only outside the top 60 markets: 1 - KCCI (by a mile I would say) 2 - WBOC (they really punch above their weight) 3 - WSFA (being in a hometown has perks even if sold) 4 - WHIO (some uncertainty awaits, but they behave like a top-20 station) 5 - KXLY (wow, they really went big and it showed) 6 - KNOP (an odd pick I know, but it's a great learning environment and really good for a bottom-10 market) 7 - WAPT (they have the legacy disadvantage but found a way to shine even as a competitor faltered) 8 - WGEM (another hometown advantage here) 9 - KELO (Nexstar hasn't really bothered it yet and treats it as a crown jewel) 10 - WMAZ (yes, it's Tegna, but they haven't really bothered this one which punches above its weight
  7. Nexstar got $305M in the trade too and a bit of space for potential other deals, even if not related to Fox or WPIX.
  8. If their CURRENT stations change, they would be grandfathered as the deal was legal on the date of the initial purchase, but the new weight is affected for new deals as of the date of consummation. WFLA and WJW are very valuable for Nexstar though.
  9. That wouldn't be nearly enough, since Orlando is about the same size as Sacramento and bigger than San Diego. They'd need to get rid of them for nothing, and even then still have to find quite a bit more. We're dealing with a RF VHF station in DMA 1 that uses nearly 7 points towards the cap.
  10. They would need to sell A LOT to get to WPIX though. As for the Denver hub, that could reasonably be a strong base for its Plains/Southwest stations. Nebraska and Wyoming are big holes for Nexstar though (Gray absolutely dominates those two states though).
  11. I know there have been rumors of TEGNA and Cox/Apollo coming together, which would affect Seattle. That would be out of Nexstar's control, and they would still have to have room to get the loose asset which they would not be favored for.
  12. Agreed it is unlikely. I only see one scenario that it does happen, and it requires a turn of events outside their control to even entertain.
  13. Those stations/markets are too valuable for Nexstar. The only Carolina markets that won't have a Nexstar presence are Columbia, SC and Wilmington, NC.
  14. That's probably because it is too important to Nexstar. They are in most of the surrounding markets too.
  15. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/240879/nexstar-fox-buy-sell-five-stations/ Semi-related, but a trade. TO Fox: KCPQ/KZJO, WITI TO Nexstar: WJZY/WMYT I think the Seattle and Charlotte moves are excellent. In the Carolinas, only two markets - Columbia and Wilmington - are absent Nexstar, while they had no realistic path into Boise or the Inland Northwest which is key to joining Seattle up (their Portland properties could be worth selling too?). They should also consider dumping away their Montana stations which are dead weight. It also frees up room to make one more acquisition. Milwaukee is definitely a sacrifice, since Nexstar is presently in Green Bay and Eau Claire/La Crosse (although without a reasonable pathway into Madison).
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