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  1. And keep what, WAVY and WTKR? That wouldn't work.
  2. That is probably the most unique station in America, and I'm sure they have resisted attempts for other companies like Nexstar and Gray to acquire it.
  3. Not too bad, at least they kept it largely unchanged other than taking it out of the box. They didn't go for that ugly experimental logo. For KWES, they didn't need to reinvent the wheel at all since the logo already fit well with the Tegna graphics.
  4. It's a fair request since WGNT and WVBT tend to oscillate between 4th and 5th, and WGNT has little value as a standalone station.
  5. They may have planned to use that logo but instant backlash kept them to back down perhaps?
  6. I just noticed that KGWN has been rebranded Wyoming News Now (probably as it is taking over news for KCWY too). A very Raycom-esque name and graphic...
  7. That's one of the worst logos I've ever seen. They should have brought back the "Toledo 11" moniker, although a whole new logo would likely be needed (and, no, not the WXIA logo either!). The current KWES logo (taken out of the box) would fit well within the Tegna graphics though; I don't think they need to change the logo.
  8. Someone at Gray must have known that from day one.
  9. And WJW as well? Although that may be asking for too much.
  10. With the competition in different shades of turmoil for the most part (or uncertainty), this may be WOIO's time to finally shine. So far, Gray has been a big step up from Raycom for that station at least...
  11. Does NPG own any radio stations in the market too? Are there any other places where both the newspaper and the only TV news operation are owned by the same company?
  12. It's definitely legal. However, Justice may not like this too much.
  13. Coming back to bite them there? Those stations have little standalone value as well.
  14. Do we know that she was even responsible? I wonder how KXII will feel...since they are the sister station of the ones who fired her...
  15. One station that IMO badly needs a new logo (and graphics refresh?) is KWCH. Need to get rid of any traces of the old Media General era. Especially when it’s a descendant of a competitor in the market.
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