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  1. Also, KGBT meteorologist Alex Herbst passed away yesterday at age 26. Cause is unknown but some have suspected suicide. https://valleycentral.com/news/local/cbs-4-meteorologist-alex-herbst-dies-at-26
  2. WOIO desperately needed a major refresh, more like a reboot, as well.
  3. With all that is going on in Cleveland, could WOIO be the big winner?
  4. Loose single assets, primarily in low markets. Other groups with more money would likely go after the prized assets.
  5. Those groups would still cost at least $200 million though, which is a lot for them.
  6. Doubtful, and if so, they would be low ranking ones. The money is probably not there to get aggressive and others would likely outbid them.
  7. As for the graphics, this would be a good package for all Gray stations, although they should have the ability to change colors depending on local demands and logos (I know KKTV has a red base and WVLT uses orange in their color scheme). The blue base works well for WBTV though, but would look awful at WCSC, for example.
  8. It seems Gray doesn't have any real standards for the news layouts, other than weather.
  9. What stations, if any, are in evacuation zones from FL to NC?
  10. I'm guessing once a Hurricane Watch goes up, it's wall-to-wall. That should be sometime tomorrow.
  11. It might just be becoming a trend.
  12. I know it is still a couple days away, but how have Florida stations been working it so far? I'm sure they are all going to call in reinforcements from sister stations. What stations are in potential evacuation zones on the Florida east coast?
  13. A bit surprising re: KPNX, since as far as I can tell it's the first Tegna station to pick up Full Court Press. Then again, neither Meredith nor Scripps have really picked it up for many stations either (Hearst has quite a few with it, so does Nexstar).
  14. There seems to be a bunch of reasons that they can't get any of their stuff into non-Sinclair markets.
  15. One question on Sinclair's show Full Measure with Sharyl Atkinson. It is on practically no non-Sinclair stations, yet Soledad O'Brien and Greta Van Susteren have been able to get good coverage outside their companies. Does the toxic nature of Sinclair extend down to sales offices?
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