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  1. In other words, giving a middle finger to Mr. Kim. Smart move there to fight off corporate bullying.
  2. I wonder if the Scripps graphics can get color modifications within the same general framework? I know Gray has red options to their otherwise blue new graphics (several stations have done that). While red is typically for breaking news, it would suit some stations better. I know if Scripps had a station in New Orleans, purple (Mardi Gras color) would look nice on it too, while in Knoxville, orange would be a good fit.. As for WLEX, I think the blue and white fit perfectly for that market. Bluegrass + Wildcats.
  3. We're talking two different companies though, since Soo Kim has no connection to the current "Standard Media".
  4. Weigel and Gray seem to have got along quite well too. I know, except in South Bend where Gray already owns WNDU, all their stations also run Greta's show and they may have news connections to them too.
  5. WSMV has really come on as well the last year or two after they struggled for most of the 2010s. They may take over as the market leader.
  6. I'm surprised that the Nebraska Gray stations haven't adopted that shared branding "Nebraska News Now", even though they are based in multiple cities (Scottsbluff, North Platte, Hastings, Lincoln, Omaha with satellites across the state).
  7. Taking another page from the old Raycom playbook.
  8. Especially when Morgan Murphy has, maybe, 1/20th the budget to produce graphics that Tegna does. The day that KAVU has better graphics than WFAA will be one to behold.
  9. The play symbol on the 8 belongs in the left-center, where the "8" bends. KOAM would be best to be done next with the KXLY graphics, with the symbol in the lower left with the 7 in what would be a "faux" Circle 7 in the shape of the KXLY 4.
  10. They may be getting a new set later? WLOX is also uber-dominant.
  11. I also wonder if the Gray legacy stations will get the Raycom 2018 layout? AFAIK, none have changed to it.
  12. What stations have NOT gone full Gray yet?
  13. Both are essentially one-operation markets otherwise where Gray-owned stations are the 1,000 ton gorillas.
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