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  1. Bob Rogers, the legendary KENS-TV news director who led the station to market dominance in the 1970s and 80s, died from heart failure earlier this week. He was 87. https://www.kens5.com/article/news/local/bob-rogers-obituary-kens-5-community/273-1971eca3-c5ec-481c-9c6d-7ab92b7b299f
  2. In before the mods say "no list threads" lol. WOAI-TV just replaced it with Nightly News and an infomercial if anyone cared (NN goes in at 1:06am where an infomercial was already airing, then the infomercial moved to 1:37am where Lily Singh had been). BTW, they already delay Seth Meyers half an hour to air Access Hollywood at 11:37pm. The whole delaying the 11:35pm and 12:35am NBC programs has been done by WOAI going back to the KMOL days (and I believe an artifact of when they cleared UPN programming from 1998-2000).
  3. I'm actually a huge fan of that show. It's very refreshing compared to a most of the (advertorial) non-news stuff local stations tend to put out these days, and very underrated. For as much slack as I give Morris, I'm actually glad they took a chance on Lee and let him and Hayley make a comeback because a lot of other groups wouldn't have. I personally feel like he made an honest mistake. But at the same time, WTVQ is a better fit for the two. WLEX used to be a more lighthearted station under Cordillera - serious when they needed to be but they didn't take themselves too seriously either
  4. I'm bumping this because I posted this on Discord last night but felt I would share this here after remembering this thread. It looks like the old WOAI-TV building downtown, not in use since 2014, has been sold at long last and the developer plans on demolishing most of the existing structure, but retaining the north and west outer walls and incorporating it into a new 30-story hotel/condo high-rise: https://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/news/2021/07/20/30-story-eyed-on-site-of-broadcast-studio.html I discovered this last night when I was in the downtown area last night and noticed som
  5. Beware of that Steven Walsh guy. He just reposts other people's videos. He has taken IDs from videos posted by The ID Junkie/Junkie's Tape Bin, Ntropolis, Rochester TV Archive, Channel 37, and others hours after those channels have uploaded their own videos. He gives no credit or does not ask prior to reposting other people's captures. I recommend not supporting users like him.
  6. The former WOAI-TV building downtown at 1031 Navarro (now vacant with homeless sleeping outside of it as of the last time I bothered to drive downtown last summer) has a unique history. It was originally constructed in 1905 as a car dealership. The company that owned the dealership, Southland Industries, later started WOAI radio from the building, which took up just a fraction of the space. The rest of the space (due to the building being so large) was later leased out for other purposes until the 1949 launch of WOAI-TV. The WOAI radio and television stations eventually took over the entire bu
  7. Universal already owned Firstcom (and had since around 2007 or so; https://www.firstcom.com/en-us/our-story), so they're just doing what they should have done years ago: combining the former Killer Tracks library and the Firstcom library under one umbrella. In other words, not too much to see here.
  8. Pretty sure that's not 360. My money is on it being an update of The Rock (because they're using an original Rock cut for weather stings). I guess we'll know soon enough.
  9. Not only can they not pay their employees, they can't even pay for their music. Hearing that "audiojungle" audiomark during the open was very grating.
  10. Thanks for this. I remember someone on RD posting about this station using David Lee for voiceovers a while back and wanted to hear it for myself. The graphics were terrible, that's a Morgan Murphy specialty. However I didn't David Lee was that bad. He worked better than I thought he would. Then again I'm a big fan of his work. He wouldn't be my first choice though (but I'm not the biggest fan of the "voice of god" type read anyway, at least for news). I'm guessing it was just a cost-cutting thing. I'm pretty sure he's their voiceover for Rock 94 1/2 out of Spokane and Spok
  11. Why do people continue to watch this guy? He's such a sleaze, especially after he ripped off my channel (and continues to do so). Anyways, here's a version without the first three seconds cut off, and no Bandicam watermarks either to boot.
  12. Interesting you bring KCBD up. It's not the site design itself that interests me but rather the new "Meet the Team" page. https://www.kcbd.com/page/about-us/ It shows the integration of KJTV's team into KCBD's. Who made the cut, and who was let go. New bio pics in front of the KCBD set too...

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