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  1. This was sent to me, but FOX8 in Greensboro, NC is replacing "The Real" with self-syndicated "The Lee and Hayley Show" (originates from WTVQ in Lexington) on July 5th. The timeslot currently was being filled with a second helping of "Judge Judy". As much as I like Judge Judy, two hours is overkill. Good on FOX8 to pick them up. Would love to see more stations pick up Lee and Hayley with all of the other talk shows being canceled or realigned this season (I would suggest KCWX in San Antonio pick them up but they don't exactly make it easy for viewers to get in touch with them). Anyone who knows me knows I am a major fan of this show and it doesn't get enough love because this show is just amazing.
  2. Tim Dadabo. I completely agree that he’s awful. Rey did indeed design this.
  3. (would rather send the traffic to my channel lol)
  4. Sounds to me like the TDs aren’t used to automation!
  5. Yes. And it was later sold to tower behemoth American Tower when CBS offloaded all of their tower sites to them years ago, so there's other tenants there now as well. And WTVJ is now back at this tower following the digital transition (since the analog-era spacing issues that forced 6 to build its stick further south did not exist with digital).
  6. Wow, he’s actually using this. I guess the OP sent him the concept.
  7. Seems like a useless move. I get they are moving closer to DC since more money can be made in that area, but at the end of the day, it's still a rimshot signal most of the DC metro wouldn't be able to receive. I mean, can't they just stick WDVM on a WDCW sub and vice versa? Seems like a better use of spectrum to me and continue to give the people of Hagerstown some OTA broadcast outlet.
  8. The concept of sweeps dates back to when ratings for TV were only measured in the months of February, May, July and November. This all also goes back to when ratings were measured via the diary method. With Nielsen now utilizing electronic methods to measure ratings, the whole concept of sweeps no longer really matters, and hasn't for some time. Stations often get ratings back the next day (hence the term "overnights") rather than just four times a year now. So many stations are now treating every day as if it's now sweeps and that's why you're also starting to see stations tease "sweeps month" like stories throughout the year. That's why it doesn't matter when talent takes time off anymore. But some stations continue to hold on to the concept of sweeps, perhaps because it is more practical to adjust spot rates four times a year as opposed to every month.
  9. no change, same graphics and all. only change he made was getting rid of Sean King's voiceovers entirely and replacing him with Brian Lee completely.
  10. Where is all this speculation that NBC is going to ditch WHIZ coming from? Nothing is going to happen because Marquee is buying this station. In fact, Marquee has some leverage with NBC because they at least own another affiliate in Bowling Green. OTOH, the Litticks had no leverage with the network given that WHIZ was their only property. If NBC wanted to leave this station, they already would have. In fact, I could see the quality of this station's product improving. They'll invest in getting everything up to date and then forget about it (see: WMDT – now with the same graphics and virtual set for 8 years, but at least it took Marquee for them to go HD). You know, Because Local Matters™. Get used to hearing that a lot on WHIZ. Also, I could foresee them adding other networks to their subchannels (like they have in Bowling Green with CBS). Who cares if the Columbus stations lose their Zanesville audience? It is a distinct DMA and Marquee is well within their right to pursue additional affiliations. ABC, CBS, Fox only care if their reverse comp checks clear. In other words, nothing is going to happen. This whole "WHIZ is going to go independent or be moved into Columbus" needs to stop.
  11. Forget the graphics and slogan... they have a 19-year-old anchoring.... WTF?
  12. Didn't they just hire Jeff Andrews from WAOW a few months ago to be their chief? They seem to go through chiefs (and talent in general) like infants go through diapers. Not to mention, the previous chief, Jason Lindsay, didn't last long in that position either. TG should rent, not buy, once Morris finds out he's not moving the needle.
  13. They're not syndicated. Coastal owns both the former Waypoint stations (except for Hattiesburg for whatever reason) and News Hub now, so one in the same company. It's not surprising that NewsNet was dumped in Alaska and Wyoming in favor of News Hub-produced shows, since they own it now. I'm a little surprised they kept News Hub intact as well aside from ditching the in-house meteorologists (that's now outsourced to Praedictix out of the Twin Cities area, and honestly it's an improvement, their weather graphics are better because they use a Baron system as opposed to the AccuWeather crap the in-house mets used).
  14. Simple: he was caught with his pants down and moved to quickly scrub the use of the stuff ripped from News Music Now once it was exposed to the right people that he was doing that. He probably made it private hoping nobody else would see that he was doing that. I am going to go out on a limb and say that he had probably hoped nobody would ever catch him doing this, and it worked, almost. Kind of an odd logic to have when you boast about being seen in over 115 million households. He also started to scrub the NMN stuff from his other show, "The Reed Report" and now uses some random YouTube music: It looks like he was doing this with his other show too, "Valley View with Austin Reed" (how many shows does this guy have?). That one is/was using the old TXCN music and Impact in a sponsor bump. Again, I think once Austin realized what he was doing was not cool, he corrected this. That said, he shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.
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