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  1. First look at WZMQ 19 News, This Is Home:
  2. Nexstar has renewed the rest of their CBS affiliations. https://tvnewscheck.com/top-news/business/article/viacomcbs-and-nexstar-renew-affiliations/
  3. Trust me, the fact that she was sent to do her live shot alone doesn't really fall on anyone at the station. It all comes from higher ups who demand fat profit margins on a shoestring budget in an era of declining ad revenue. And manpower is always the easiest thing to cut. This is pretty standard across companies like Gray, Nexstar, etc. especially in smaller markets. And while this has restarted the conversation, nothing is going to change. Hilton Howell or Pat LaPlatney are not going out at night doing their own live shots so they do not care. And unfortunately, people are going to forget about this rather quickly. It's not like the industry learned from the death of Adam Ward and Alison Parker, right? And then the industry wonders why there's a "Great Resignation"...
  4. They posted this job yesterday for a multi media journalist for "WZMQ 19 News" (with an email address for Erie News Now). Hmmm... https://wzmq19.com/multi-media-journalist-mmj/ All indications seem to be WZMQ being the new CBS affiliate.
  5. Starting tomorrow, January 21st. No word on where CBS is going to in Marquette. https://www.upmatters.com/news/wjmn-local-3-becomes-independent-news-station/
  6. WJMN just changed their logo on Facebook to remove the CBS eye. Not sure if this signals a change or is merely cosmetic. https://m.facebook.com/wjmntv/photos/a.455154054519001/5039179752783052/?type=3&m_entstream_source=timeline
  7. It’s neither him nor Gordon, that’s Steve Davis from SpotVoice (overused company because they are cheap).
  8. God I hate the word “misinformation”, it’s very subjective these days…
  9. When did KMSG-LD (the MyNetwork successor to the now religious-KAIL) drop KFSN's 8pm news? Tried to record it tonight and they now have an hour of NewsNet in its place? Maybe the contract ended and the super cheap folks at Cocola opted not to renew. That company is CHEAP.
  10. I don't think that's it. I came across a random Tegna station (KIDY) who blocks Maury on YTTV and no other station I've seen blocks that show.
  11. It's really up to the station to decide what to make available on YTTV and what to block. Most Nexstar and pretty much all Hearst stations are notorious for blocking paid programming from being streamed through YTTV while the same infomercials seen on stations owned by other companies appear just fine. Wish it wasn't so inconsistent...
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