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  1. Any PT station could if they wanted. I thought the “normal” time was 6:30pm for PT.
  2. So no more LIV? CW should try for the Pac 12…or what’s left of it.
  3. I expect WMYT will air the reruns. WJZY will probably pick up the new shows, Person, Place or Thing, and maybe move the late night runs of 25 Words or Less and Pictionary to daytime. Maybe even expand the news but I think 3pm, 10am or 11am news is overkill.
  4. Without further adieu, the WBNX fall 2023 schedule. Person, Place or Thing, People Puzzler, Justice for the People with Judge Milan and the Equalizer coming to WBNX. No Conners at least on WBNX. They keep Judge Mathis and People’s Court reruns. EDIT: Actually they never had the original episodes of either. They were on WUAB. Interesting.
  5. Yeah my bad but how many times did you need to quote me?
  6. Well yeah that’s true. WUPA still has its calls from when they were UPN.
  7. CW to WNCN 17.2 if Sinclair mass disaffiliates with the CW? But what happens to WLFL/WRDC? I suppose WNCN 17.2 could take some of their programming inventory. And WLFL gets MyNet. But Sinclair wouldn’t need both stations. But we’re getting too far into Speculatron territory.
  8. KICU should’ve really picked up MyNet when Fox made the trade with Cox. KBCW needs to change its call letters now. Is KBAY available?
  9. WPHL’s programming is easily movable. (Modern Family and Friends). KRON will probably have to get rid of their 8 and 9pm News unless they can air CW from 7-9pm. WTTA has an 8pm news produced by WFLA and Spanish programming from 9-10. Maybe KRON and WTTA could put all that on their .2’s. They could also keep their MyNetwork TV because that’s 2 more hours they wouldn’t have to schedule.
  10. Per tsherck on RadioDiscussions, apparently 48 Hours is entering syndication because it is replacing Rachael Ray on WANE at 3am in Fort Wayne. Interesting. Also Person, Place or Thing is replacing You Bet Your Life at 9:30am and 1:37am on the same station.
  11. WSOC has already replaced him with Family Feud at 4pm. He is still airing on WAXN at 10am.
  12. Wow…that’s an odd time for a show to move. That would almost be a 2022-23 change as shows have moved at midseason. But not often.
  13. Fair enough, we actually got news from WIS today though. EDIT: didn’t realize a new thread had been started.
  14. So wonder if ET will go to 10.2 or WACH? WLTX doesn’t have room in prime access unless they cancelled the 7:00 news. WOLO has Wheel and Jeopardy.
  15. Still waiting on WBNX’s fall 2023 schedule
  16. Nexstar/Mission must have picked it up from FTS. I bet it might stay on WJZY/WMYT then. I could see it moving to WYCW in Greenville/Spartanburg.
  17. Just stumbled upon some WSOC changes that take effect May 29, according to zap2it. Tamron swaps with Sherri, so Tamron will be airing at 10am and Sherri at 3pm. Also a double run of Family Feud replaces Dr. Phil at 4. I guess the new episodes of Dr. Phil will end the 26th? But still why dump him now if they are not going to start a 4pm news? I didn’t see any changes for WAXN so presumably they keep their 10am Dr. Phil airing which would become same-day I guess. This would make more sense if Dr. Phil was going off the air completely but apparently he’s staying on WAXN? And i don’t get them switching Tamron and Sherri. Oh and Charlotte would join the markets airing Feud 6 times a day, twice on WSOC and four times on WAXN.
  18. Funny You Should Ask on the Weather Channel
  19. Doesn’t sound like it’s a given that CBS will put the affiliation on WUPA. Braves, Hawks and the rumored new NHL team on WUPA?
  20. Speaking of that, I don’t think anyone else in Boston picked up MNTV did they?
  21. I thought YTTV already signed on for them
  22. WHKY-TV sale to SBN is consummated. The new call sign WWJS goes into effect tomorrow. Programming has already switched over. Heard about this on the AVS forum.
  23. I doubt it but I guess there would be nothing stopping them. I just don’t see why they would give up the local time. If they did they would probably drop something like Top Story with Tom Llamas It’s not that I disagree with you, it’s just the way you said it that’s hilarious
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