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  1. The Goldbergs will be in syndication at least through Labor Day week and I doubt it is leaving.
  2. https://tvnewscheck.com/programming/article/abc-owned-television-stations-announce-10-a-m-newscasts-for-wabc-wpvi-wtvd/
  3. They also did not renew Bekah Birdsall’s contract. I wasn’t aware of that for a couple months. I figured it out though when they hired the girl from WRAL to do traffic and anchor at noon. Letting Bekah go didn’t sit well with me, I thought she was done dirty, a meteorologist being relegated to traffic duty and then just let go after doing a good job, but her personal life is going better, she has since gotten engaged. https://x.com/weatherbbird/status/1658835880813928449?s=46&t=L_8SY8aG39Aa8y7vEhNEAw https://x.com/weatherbbird/status/1665800092610117633?s=46&t=L_8SY8aG39Aa8y7vEhNEAw
  4. She was replaced by Jorge Andres this week. It hasn’t been announced by the station but yes QC @3 will likely be cut to a half hour because WBTV plans on airing on InvestigateTV+ at 3:30pm starting September 11.
  5. Maybe when General Hospital gets kicked over to Hulu or Disney Plus
  6. 48 Hours launching in syndication this fall Either they forgot to post these articles or there are some really late clearances this year. Could go to WJZY/WMYT or WAXN in Charlotte.
  7. I wonder if Couples Court will continue to air in reruns now? I guess they still could, it wouldn’t be any different than Jerry Springer and Judge Jerry airing at the same time or Greg Mathis and Marilyn Milan’s new shows airing at the same time as the old reruns.
  8. Sorry if I jumped the gun but all 3 stations have the same schedule…
  9. I So is WPVI and WTVD. All 3 stations are starting a 10am news to replace Rachael Ray.
  10. So they will be the first station I know of to air LMAD at 3 outside the Eastern Time Zone.
  11. So LMAD back to 9 then? They’re getting rid of their 9am news? Or expanding their 9am news to an hour and putting LMAD at 3? The latter would be unprecedented for the Central Time Zone. I guess most likely LMAD back to 9 and starting a 3pm news.
  12. Charlotte, a smaller market than Boston, also has five, not counting Spectrum on cable, thanks to Fox Television Stations buying WJZY/WMYT in 2013 and launching a news department for them. (Only to flip it to Nexstar 7 years later for Seattle and Milwaukee). Even though WCCB was forced to switch to the CW it kept its news department. Most of y’all know that story though.
  13. That has been known for a while about that coming to Gray stations. If you go to the search bar on a certain station’s home page and type in InvestigateTV+ an article will come up just like that one for most stations that tells what time(s) it will be airing this fall. WBTV will be airing it at 3:30pm which if they keep QC at 3, will cut it to 30 minutes. (Not trying to get a list started).
  14. ABC affiliates in the Eastern and Central Time Zones didn’t have news at all last Christmas Day because their last NBA game started at 10:30 ET. That actually wouldn’t have been a bad idea to have the MNF game start at 7pm Eastern and then had an NBA game AFTER MNF. But it will probably run past 11:35.
  15. WKYT has that “Mid-Morning” branded newscast at 10am. At one time they aired Bold and Beautiful at 10:30am. Now it’s a full hour.
  16. Doesn’t say if Tamron will be at 2 or at 3 but likely it will be at 2
  17. He was talking about morning news. CW programming is the only programming moving from WPSG to WPHL.
  18. I can remember several years back, didn’t WFXT move their morning news from 4-10am to 5-11am?
  19. Yeah WSBK in Boston dropped it and no one else picked it up.
  20. I know I commented somewhere that some of these stations might change call letters.
  21. I think they will as soon as next season
  22. The joke’s on them. This actually makes the games more accessible than they were on Bally
  23. So I guess it varies by station.
  24. WJZY has tweaked its afternoon lineup, swapping their afternoon Extra/TMZ with People’s Court. The current Judge Milan airs at 1, Extra at 3 and TMZ at 3:30. So I guess they are probably not picking up the reruns this fall. No point in moving it if they were. Another weird change similar to WSOC’s swapping Sherri and Tamron and replacing Phil with Feud at 4. WMYT’s schedule stays intact.
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