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  1. Didn't think about that. Jacinda Garabito obviously didn't have one. She jumped from traffic at WBTV to weather at WCCB.
  2. Wonder if it could possibly be WJZY. They may mostly be looking for Fox people but could be a possibility. It might be a little early for them to hire an anchor though.
  3. Possibly. Right now she's on maternity leave. She just had a baby girl a few weeks ago.
  4. According to the Queen Latifah station listings, it will be airing at 3 on WBTV so pretty sure they are moving Let's Make a Deal to 10. Rachael Ray moves to WJZY.
  5. No they need to do whatever they can to keep her.
  6. Very possible. Judge Judy might end up on there too.
  7. The changes I know of here in Charlotte: Queen Latifah replaces Rachael Ray on WBTV, which moves to WJZY. Queen will almost certainly be at 10, barring a time change for America Now or Let's Make a Deal. Not sure what time Rachael will be aired on WJZY. Bethanny will be on WCCB. It could take Anderson's time slot at 4. (This could have been on WJZY but I imagine WCCB already had the rights before Fox's purchase of WJZY was announced). WJZY gets Modern Family, it will on at 7 and 7:30, replacing Two and a Half Men. Not sure of Two and a Half Men's new time. WMYT will air "Community" at midnight and 12:30 weeknights. It replaces The Cosby Show and American Dad. WAXN will replace Jeff Probst with "The Test" at 11 am. The Middle replaces Meet the Browns at 7 and 7:30. And Arsenio Hall replaces Access Hollywood and OMG Insider at 11 pm. Not sure of the new time slots for Meet the Browns, Access Hollywood and OMG Insider. Looking ahead to 2014, WJZY picks up Dr. Oz from WSOC. Wendy Williams will be on WSOC sometime, not sure when. Its sister WAXN currently airs her and they could share her.
  8. If they wanted to they could move Young and the Restless to 11 and air the news at noon but they probably don't want to upset viewers.
  9. The Savannah Fox station is in a duopoly with the ABC station.
  10. Eric Phillips has migrated up 85 from WSB to sister WSOC in Charlotte to be their weekend anchor. Anjanette Flowers, noon anchor at WCNC, just had a baby girl. They announced it yesterday and showed a picture on the air at the end of the noon news. And WBTV traffic reporter/part time noon weather girl Katie Garner's last day is today. She will be at the Columbus ABC station...sadly a Sincrap station. They're still looking for another traffic person.
  11. Yikes! I was unaware Sinclair owned that station!
  12. http://www.salisburypost.com/article/20130717/SP01/130719747/1016/rss02/salisburys-garner-will-be-leaving-wbtv-for-columbus-ohio?source=RSS Katie Garner leaving WBTV for the ABC affiliate in Columbus, OH. She wanted something full-time. This opportunity fell into her lap. I will miss her traffic reports and her weather forecasts on the noon news. A lot of people leaving Charlotte TV stations lately!
  13. WOW! Highway to Heaven? Really? It aired on WJZY...in the late 80s and early 90s.
  14. Lockwood also is acquiring WCWG channel 20, the CW affiliate in Greensboro.
  15. WBTV reporter Sarah Batista announced on her Facebook page she is leaving to start her own film production company.
  16. Christine Noel replaces Morgan as weekday 10:00 anchor on WCCB, to be joined by Kirk Hawkins.
  17. Current WCCB anchor Morgan Fogarty is going to a new channel. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/al-jazeera-america-adding-more-anchors_b187714
  18. I wonder if sister station WBTV in Charlotte would be interested in doing this on 3.2 at 7 am and 10 pm when the news share agreement with WJZY/WMYT expires? It would face tough competition though from the WSOC newscasts on WAXN and also the WCCB and WJZY newscasts.
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