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  1. Same for WSOC in Charlotte. Their 4pm Dr. Phil airing will no longer be needed with WAXN airing what is now the previous day’s episode at 10am. That can become the “main” episode.
  2. Does this mean King of Queens will be leaving syndication and going streaming only? https://tvnewscheck.com/programming/article/sony-pictures-television-to-take-the-king-of-queens-back-to-market-for-availability-starting-in-2024/
  3. WPXI, the station that airs Ring TV? I don’t know about that. They will probably find some more cheap filler.
  4. What the heck is an NBC station doing airing Ring TV?
  5. Could also see CW move to WGHP 8.2 and WNCN 11.2. WCWG would become an Indy and could change calls. MyNet could move to WLFL and WRDC could be sold off or maybe Charge could take over 28.1.
  6. So back in the summer The Charlotte Observer mentioned that “Your Day With Anna Kooiman” was going to premiere January 9 on WCCB from 8-9am. That didn’t happen. Instead it is only going to be on YouTube on Bahakel Entertainment and it’s supposed to premiere today.
  7. ABC O&O’s renew Wheel and Jeopardy for 5 years
  8. Now confirmed that the 11am news debuts Monday
  9. According to zap2it and TV Passport WHNS’ 11am news would debut Monday and they also would add another Access Carolina at 3pm. The 11am Big Bang Theory and 11:30am Young Sheldon would go away (the latter was just a repeat of the previous week’s 7pm episode anyway) so now there would be two runs of each and iCrime and Pictionary get cut to one run each. Also Tamron would move from 3pm to 1pm. Access Carolina Facebook page doesn’t say anything about this and there are no changes on the listings on the station’s website so I’m not sure if this is happening Monday.
  10. This is going on across the whole country because of New Year’s Eve specials. NBC did it last year and CBS and ABC are following suit this year. They still are branded as 11pm news even though they are airing at 10pm, much like NBC still brands the Opening Night NFL game on Thursday Night as Sunday Night Football because it is part of the SNF package. By the end of the decade all three Big 3 networks could cut 10-11pm primetime although some in the forum believe that not all affiliates would air news at 10.
  11. That and why everyone assumes they will carry syndicated programming at 10pm.
  12. WBTV News at 10 on WCCB is sounding better and better
  13. Probably smart because their primetime lineup is pretty strong. I could see them dropping it in 2024 though.
  14. https://www.ajc.com/life/radiotvtalk-blog/briefs-wsb-tvs-schedule-goes-back-to-normal-monday-after-runoff-cummings-kelli-giddish-leaves-svu-crash-clark-not-going-to-99x/ZTFIGZ46ENCQ5GMU3FUCGA5M6U/
  15. Rest in Paradise Chip and Jason https://www.wbtv.com/2022/11/22/wbtv-mourning-loss-meteorologist-jason-myers-pilot-chip-tayag/
  16. Not a bad idea. Kelly would air in pattern (didn’t realize she was running a day behind in Atlanta, what is the cutoff time?) and they wouldn’t have to move Tamron yet again. That also means WJZY was airing her a day behind at 10am. WMYT was airing her at 3pm but it wouldn’t have been hard to move her to 3pm on WJZY if it meant she would have been aired in pattern on that station. Instead they let her get away to WCCB.
  17. I’m thinking that’s why they switched Tamron and Kelly, because there’s no reason to switch them if Tamron was going to move right back to 3pm, and I’m wondering if Kelly ends up on a different station next fall.
  18. Interesting that they suddenly switch Kelly and Tamron….
  19. WSB moves Tamron back to 3pm today with the midterms being over. No more 3pm news. WSB Tonight and ET repeats take over at 1:36am.
  20. And why would two different stations in the same state do this? Kinda pointless for one station to be Ohio News First if another station in the same state adopted the same brand.
  21. KCBS has flipped Drew Barrymore and Let’s Make a Deal as of today…both half hours of Drew move to 2pm and LMAD moves back to 9am. https://www.tvpassport.com/tv-listings/stations/cbs-kcbs-los-angeles-ca/2172
  22. Sinclair has reupped with their ABC affiliates until 2026.
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