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  1. Inside the NFL could move to Wednesdays no problem. Two and a half weeks ago.
  2. I could see some West Coast 9:00 starts or some Sunday afternoon starts if Fox doesn’t have any sports that afternoon.
  3. I didn’t think ET was allowed to air before 6pm similar to Wheel of Fortune.
  4. I had noticed that KSL had started clearing it and glad the reason was just because of syndie contracts.
  5. That didn’t take long. Expect the Coyotes to move from Antenna TV to KASW.
  6. I think the shows are interchangeable. But it might be better to keep Inside the NFL on Tuesdays while MNF is fresh on fans’ minds.
  7. WCCB’s contract doesn’t end til 2025 so I don’t think Nexstar would announce it for WMYT so soon…
  8. I think what you saw was the syndicated Chicago Fire and Law and Order: SVU. Which has aired every night in primetime since they lost MyNet to WADL. I know, confusing. They must have just updated them.
  9. It would likely be a Seattle Comet situation where This TV programming is still ran outside of CW programming hours. But that is only a temporary solution in Seattle because KUNS is going to be their new affiliate in January. I feel ya.
  10. Likely Graham because I can see Scripps dumping it in Phoenix next year
  11. To be fair he didn’t say that. I guess he just assumed that all of them were carrying it without checking listings.
  12. Not WUPA and I doubt the other two standalones are either
  13. First I’ve heard of a Ken Jeong talk show. EDIT: Didn’t see the above post.
  14. That’s quite a take. I’m sure Paramount would love to profit from it if CBS doesn’t feel it’s worth it anymore.
  15. Y&R staying on CBS and B&B going to Paramount Plus would solve that, since I don’t think the B&B going to an hour/Talk getting cancelled scenario will ever come to pass. The only bad thing would be CT getting Y&R a whole hour ahead of ET. Maybe Y&R to 1 and B&B to 2 and Talk shortened to 30 minutes. There’s no soap on ABC or NBC at 1 anymore for Y&R to get a jump on.
  16. Speaking of Y&R and B&B their contracts are up this year.
  17. WCCB still has The Neighborhood listed on zap2it but they are usually slow to update.
  18. Network affiliation had nothing to do with KMTV picking up The Equalizer in syndication. Just pure coincidence.
  19. At least they air it. And they stand out from the same clock time schedule that most NBC affiliates in all time zones use.
  20. Yeah…they kinda had to pick their abnormality airing TND at 9. Either Live or Y&R was getting bumped to 3.
  21. WLKY in Louisville still airs Y&R at 4 for what it’s worth
  22. The best alternative would have been to put Kelly and Ryan at 11 and Y&R at 3.
  23. What happened to my post? I swore I posted that WXII delays Today 3rd Hour and Hoda and Jenna by an hour to air Kelly and Mark at 9. And that sister station WYFF doesn’t air Hoda and Jenna at all. They also air Kelly and Mark at 9 and 3rd Hour at 10 and a random syndicated program at 11am (currently Dateline). Maybe I forgot to hit send. Same thing happened yesterday when I thought I had mentioned the handful of affiliates that aired GL at 10am in the mid 2000s.
  24. I thought I had mentioned that
  25. You are right. They have a choice of 10am or 3pm. 10am is the recommended time slot. However they technically didn’t program 10am-11am from 1992 when the Family Feud Challenge was cancelled until 2009 when LMAD replaced Guiding Light. (Except for the few affiliates that aired Guiding Light at 10am, CBS even started feeding GL at 10am). Many affiliates including WBTV didn’t clear that though I should have said they used to program BOTH 10am-11am and 3-4pm and now they get to pick one of those hours. Until 1986 they also programmed 4-4:30pm. I am not sure if WBTV cleared what they aired in that time slot although they did briefly clear Tattletales at 1pm on a delay.
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