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  1. I’m not so sure about Pictionary either. Of course it wasn’t promoted very well but I could see WJZY demoting both runs to 12:30 and 1am and putting both runs of 25 Words or Less in the 11am hour.
  2. WMYT has aired Two and a Half Men at 7 and 7:30pm for the past two years, but it moves back to 10 and 10:30pm Monday with Schitts going out of syndication and Young Sheldon will be at 7 and 7:30pm, with Extra taking over for Young Sheldon at 7pm on WJZY (it was airing at 11:30pm). TMZ and Access Hollywood move up a half hour to 11:30pm and midnight and WJZY will carry the second run of Pictionary at 12:30am. 9-1-1 and The Good Doctor are also picked up by WMYT, 9-1-1 is at 8 and 9pm on Saturdays and The Good Doctor follows at 10 and 11pm. It may vary because of sports telecasts. Impractical Jokers moves to Sundays at 1 and 1:30pm on WAXN. The Carbarno Effect moves over from WCCB and will air at 2 and 2:30pm on Sundays followed by Ring Nation at 3 and 3pm (starting October 2), The Listener at 4pm, Murdoch Mysteries at 5pm, Magnum PI at 6pm, SEAL Team at 7pm, and some show about the North Carolina STEM Explorers at 8pm replaces a run of Family Feud.
  3. No, WFTV must have preempted it and the ABC fall preview on 9/14.
  4. Yeah it wouldn’t be worth it. Might as well air a live newscast at 10 ET if they’re gonna go that route.
  5. Someone said on the other board it got dropped. I don’t see why not.
  6. If so it would be tape delayed….because the West Coast version airs at 6:30 PT (right?) and prime time wouldn’t be over til a half hour later even if they ended it a half hour later.
  7. Allison Latos leaving WSOC Last newscast is tomorrow. Leaving TV altogether and staying in Charlotte. She really has been through a lot in 11 years with the cancer scare and the loss of one of her daughters.
  8. Just saw where WAXN will be airing it Sundays at 3 and 3:30pm starting October 2. WJHL 11.2 Tri-Cities (ABC) is airing it weekdays at noon starting next Monday. So apparently stations have the option of carrying it during the week or on the weekend. MGM should’ve went with Teen Court instead.
  9. That’s temporary until the midterm elections are over. At least it’s supposed to be. If they did decide to keep it, I could see them moving Tamron to 10am and dropping Kelly Clarkson…but I’m not sure who would pick up Kelly Clarkson…WXIA probably would if JHud got cancelled. It not maybe WAGA but might have to be relegated to WUPA or WPCH. I don’t remember Goldbergs being on KTVD last season
  10. WBTV brands QC Morning and QC at 3 as “QC Life”. Only one of those shows are needed. They could air a newscast at 9 or 3 and call the lifestyle show “QC Life.”
  11. Your move WSOC. They could put Phil on WAXN to start a temporary 4:00 news and move Hot Bench and iCrime up and cut back Couples Court and Paternity Court to one airing each (the latter isn’t even in production and I don’t think Couples Court is either).
  12. Doesn’t look like that is getting cleared in Charlotte, at least during the week.
  13. I see Neighborhood at 4:30pm on KYCU but only one run of that is no good because you only get every other episode (they are airing both episodes from the same season). No reason why KIMA can’t air Young Sheldon at 7:30 and the Simpsons in late night. I mean they already have the new Young Sheldon at 8 one night a week. It would make too much sense.
  14. There’s a small market station in Minnesota (KMNT I believe) that is taking the noon ET feed so it will air at 11am CT there.
  15. WBTV is expanding On Your Side Tonight to an hour at 7:00. https://www.wbtv.com/2022/09/08/wbtv-expands-your-side-tonight-with-jamie-boll/ It sounds like WBTV News Primetime will just be folded into it using the On Your Side Tonight name. If Jamie Boll had been the one to leave they might have used the WBTV News Primetime name instead.
  16. Something I just noticed for KIRO…apparently they are trying to be a Scripps station now…they are picking up “The List” and “Afternoon Focus” at 3 and 3:30 to replace Judge Judy next week which is moving to KCPQ/KJZO. I don’t think any of us had that on our bingo card. The previous day’s ET replaced Right This Minute this week at 2:30 after the Bold and the Beautiful. And the 4pm news also premieres next week.
  17. From what I read on the other board, the reruns are supposed to end the 23RD. I think WCCB will pick up a rerun of Karamo in his slot (1am) beginning the 26th.
  18. One thing that sticks out to me about Orlando is how inferior WFTV’s lineup is compared to sister station WSOC’s. I guess WESH and WOFL are stronger stations. Now they lose Kelly Clarkson for…iCrime. But WSOC is a top two station in the market. Though I wish WSOC would get a 4pm news. Even if they put it on WAXN.
  19. Update: Young Sheldon was back on tonight at 7 on WJZY. I hope they reconsider replacing it with Extra in two weeks. Young Sheldon and BBT go well together.
  20. WJZY replaced Young Sheldon with Extra at 7pm as of yesterday , didn’t think it was supposed to happen for 2 more weeks. Also TMZ moves to 11:30pm and Access Hollywood will air at midnight probably starting the 12th and they will air the second run of Pictionary after all at 12:30am. Young Sheldon will have just the one weekday airing at 10pm on WMYT as far as I know. Also Karamo replaces the 2pm Maury airing on the 19th on WCCB. The website was wrong. And Chicago PD replaces Law and Order SVD at 11am on WAXN that day. Weekend changes coming later.
  21. Probably not the best time to bring this up lol but…it appears WSBK is getting Daytime Jeopardy.
  22. And apparently also their website
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