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  1. Fair enough, if they want the affiliation bad enough. They have already lost ABC and Fox in the past so I could see them fighting to keep CW as long as they can.
  2. But I could see some if the MNTV stations that Nexstar owns try to switch to the CW Like WMYT
  3. That is actually delayed 3 hours for Modern Family and Big Bang Theory reruns here on WMYT.
  4. CW would probably go to 8.2. Not sure WJW would give up the NFL on Fox. Just like in Greensboro with WGHP.
  5. Yeah it is basically NBC+. And to your point about syndication, the Detroit station that gave up the MyNet affiliation decided to put two of the MyNet shows that are also in syndication in primetime so the casual viewer probably didn’t even know the difference.
  6. It could happen. WAXN could also be a possibility for the MyNet affiliation if the CW moved to WMYT but I think WCCB would be more likely to put it back in primetime, since WAXN has Family Feud in primetime. Of course WCCB could opt to expand its news into primetime.
  7. With WLFL I guess they would get the MyNet from WRDC and CW would go to WNCN 11.2. But a MyNet/independent duopoly would not really be ideal.
  8. And I know Big Bang Theory reruns on WMYT from 9-10 probably outrate the CW programming on WCCB. And maybe Modern Family from 8-9.
  9. He’s probably headed to WCCB in Charlotte. With Maury and Jerry staying on in reruns, I don’t know if they will have room for both Jennifer Hudson and Drew Barrymore next year.
  10. I think the Neighborhood will probably go to WCCB or WAXN. But who knows.
  11. I didn’t realize The Neighborhood was entering syndication this year. So they didn’t pick up American Housewife. And it looks like The Goldbergs will still be in syndication this coming year. According to the Katz Media spreadsheet the first cycle was set to expire this year. I had seen a graphic last year from TDog media on Twitter that it had been renewed for 3 more years by Nexstar stations but I am not sure if that was official.
  12. So with Right this Minute ending that will be another hour WAXN has to fill in the daytime on weekdays, and another 30 minutes in late night on WSOC. Also another hour on each station on weekends.
  13. I think WJZY/WMYT will probably take Pictionary. Probably another hour long game show block in the daytime on one of the stations.
  14. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/entertainment/tv/article261013112.html?fbclid=IwAR13nrzbnT4ZGIXUejX09Ci_FQmqKZ80OweDXE_QmJojJmvdAKz0osGoWGc Sorry it might be under a paywall.
  15. Maureen O’Boyle leaving WBTV in July and apparently getting out of TV altogether Just announced on the 6:00 news. This comes just over a week after Leigh Brock left the station.
  16. Wake Up Atlanta will be on WPCH from 6-9 starting May 9. Yep, 6-7 will still be on WGCL. Other morning changes: 4:30am King of Queens 5am Funny You Should Ask 5:30am Atlanta Eats (shortened to 30 minutes) 9am Rachael Ray
  17. Weekend meteorologist Leigh Brock leaving WBTV. Her mother (I assume that’s who it is) stated that the station did not renew her contract. https://www.facebook.com/100044207510574/posts/559545828862329/?d=n
  18. https://www.nexttv.com/news/dateline-to-return-for-sixth-season-in-syndication Interesting that it has been picked up on some NBC O&O’s including New York and Chicago.
  19. TV Passport says WSMV in Nashville is expanding their noon news to an hour but People is still listed at 12:35am.
  20. WHNS replaces both the 7:30 and 11:30 airings of “People” with “Big Bang Theory.” beginning May 2. They will not be expanding the “Six O’Clock News” to an hour. Instead “Big Bang Theory remains at 6:30. “Tamron Hall” replaces BBT and Sheldon at 3. A double run of Young Sheldon will be airing at midnight and “Extra” gets pushed back to 2am followed by another run of “Ag Day”. Young Sheldon remains at 7 so apparently they get three Young Sheldons. Maybe the extra YS is a placeholder until they do expand the Six O’Clock news and they move the 6:30 BBT to 12:30. WGCL replaces the 7pm “People” with a newscast and WPCH replaces it at 10:30 with “Friends.” Haven’t looked up the other ex-Meredith markets.
  21. The updated Katz spreadsheet, if it ever comes out, will be interesting.
  22. I must have developed some manifesting powers today
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