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  1. Under a paywall but Steve Ohnesorge is retiring from WBTV.
  2. Apollo and Standard Media have put in a joint bid for Tegna
  3. Young Sheldon weekend run will be on WMYT Sunday nights at 7 and 7:30 which bump the Two and a Half Men weekend run to 6 and 6:30. On WHNS it will be on Sunday nights at midnight and 12:30. Instead of continuing where the primary run left off during the week like The Goldbergs does, it starts over with the very first two episodes that just aired Monday and Tuesday at 10pm. That means the weekend run must be on its own. If that is the airing pattern then they definitely should’ve had the primary run air on WJZY weekdays at 7 and the secondary run (which starts with season 3) on WMYT weeknights
  4. So was just thinking.., why couldn’t WCCB expand their 10pm news to an hour/move News Edge to 11 as a Fox station? Why are they just now doing this? Guess Bahakel was too cheap.
  5. WCCB changes starting September 27 according to the website and it looks like we have another newscast expansion in the market, this time at night. Nick Cannon will air at 6pm, not at 4pm as his website indicated, replacing the primary runs of Mom and Mike and Molly. I knew it didn’t make sense to have Nick at 4 because that would’ve meant moving Ellen twice. So one run of Mom gets bumped to midnight, and the other to 2:30 in the morning. Mike and Molly and Two Broke Girls (which previously aired at midnight and 12:30am) are reduced to one run. Maybe they will get more runs on
  6. Didn’t know Central Avenue was cancelled.
  7. I wish Panthers Huddle would air earlier in the week. It doesn’t air until Saturday nights at 10:35 on WAXN and 11:35 on WSOC. It could air at 7:30 on WSOC on Tuesday and Entertainment Tonight could flip to WAXN at 8. That way it doesn’t go head to head with college football.
  8. What are you doing WHNS??? Starting September 27 when Young Sheldon debuts, Tamron Hall gets booted to late night at 2am. She is currently airing at 1pm. Yet one of their runs of Modern Family gets put at 2:30 in the afternoon. I…can’t…even… Changes: 1:00 Divorce Court (replaces Tamron Hall) 1:30 Judge Jerry (replaces Tamron Hall) 2pm Mom (replaces Divorce Court) 2:30 Modern Family (replaces Judge Jerry) 3:30 Young Sheldon (replaces Mom) 7pm Young Sheldon (replaces Big Bang Theory) 12:30am Big Bang Theory (replaces Modern Family) 2a
  9. TV Passport confirms YS at 7 on WJZY. The Young Sheldon website is incorrect for Charlotte. Young Sheldon will be airing at 7 on WJZY (that is correct) and 10 on WMYT and not noon and 7:30 on WJZY. I knew the noon WJZY listing was incorrect. WJZY does keep their run of BBT at 7:30. WMYT picks up a run of TMZ to replace the WJZY 7:00 airing at 1am. This pushes Dish Nation back to 1:30am. Most stations that air both runs will probably be airing the pilot episode first on Monday and then the Season 3 premiere. However in Charlotte it will be backwards…WJZY will be airing the Season 3 premiere
  10. Here’s ALL of Pittsburgh’s changes https://triblive.com/aande/movies-tv/tv-talk-daytime-changes-for-fall-include-jay-leno-hosted-game-show-nick-cannon-talk-show/
  11. There’s no way Charlotte was getting Balancing Act when it can’t even find room for Last Man Standing.
  12. What they should do is move Y&R to 1 and either cancel The Talk and expand B&B to an hour at 2 or shorten The Talk to 30 minutes. But I know CBS likes to have that 30 minute jump on Days in the Eastern Time Zone.
  13. No one will notice the affiliation switch. Not full-time. The only time they simulcasted last year was Week 2, the 50th anniversary game, and then Week 13 and 16. Starting this year their only Monday simulcast is tonight and then they will simulcast two Saturday games in the new Week 18 (the final week of the regular season). But granted horrible timing. They should’ve put off the season for both shows a week. And Jeopardy would’ve dodged the Richards week.
  14. The new employee mentioned that about Lindsay on Discord and said she is likely to get it but I am not sure it is a done deal yet. That’s why I didn’t say anything. I hope she gets that though. I wish Alicia had been able to stay at WIS until Page left so Lindsay wouldn’t have been stuck reporting til then. I guess it didn’t work out that way though. I posted that about Page on Out and About.
  15. This is going to go over in Seattle about as well as the Seahawks pass in the Super Bowl on the goal line.
  16. So despite the promos indicating it was going to be on both WJZY and WMYT and the website showing three runs of Young Sheldon in Charlotte at noon, 7 and 7:30, zap2it shows only one run, at 10pm, on WMYT. It also doesn’t show any runs it has listed for WHNS at 3:30, 6:30 and 7. And I don’t see Nick Cannon listed at all on WCCB or for any Charlotte station despite the fact their Twitter follows them and they are listed as a station carrying it on their website. It is supposed to be airing at 4. I’m super confused. I guess they just haven’t updated the listings yet.
  17. He comes to WJZY from the ABC station in Salisbury, Maryland.
  18. WCCB is picking up Chicago Fire for weekend late night…it starts Saturday night the 25th/Sunday the 26th at 1am and 2am, between double runs of MacGyver and Major Crimes. Also starting tomorrow night WMYA is starting something I’ve never seen a MyNet affiliate do…split their schedule. They are putting You Bet Your Life at 8 and 8:30, followed by the first hour of MyNet at 9. After WLOS’ 10pm news, a double run of DailyMail TV and Funny You Should Ask, The second hour of MyNet won’t be airing until midnight. Now the evening edition of The National Desk starts the 27th so
  19. An incoming employee said they wanted more diversity at 5, 6 and 10. Right now Lindsey is reporting. Wouldn’t surprise me if she is looking around though.
  20. I’ve never heard tell of a station to back out of a show at the last minute like that.
  21. Yeah, even though WCNC hasn’t aired it in years so it’s irrelevant to Charlotte, this is a slap in the face to Alex. They should be airing Trebek episodes. I guess they are trying to distance themselves from Mike Richards.
  22. Looked on zap2it and WCNC is the same except they only air three runs so they skip the D run. A and B run is at 3 and 3:30pm. They will only be airing the odd numbered episodes of Season 18 (the C run) weekdays at 12:30pm).
  23. BBT has had three runs available weekdays since 2018 I think.
  24. Titan TV and zap2it sometimes differ. We’ll see.

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