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  1. At least WPTF (now WRDC) aired NBC Nightly News. WRET dumped that around 1983. *faceplant*
  2. Exactly...I guess the upcoming Super Bowl had something to do with it. I don’t expect the sale to close by then. They will probably get the WGHP news intro music and website when the sale closes but I don’t expect their graphics package now. WJZY did still get the new graphics. So we will see. Orlando would seem to make more sense for Nexstar in this proposed trade except they seem to want a station (stations in this case) in Charlotte to complement its other stations in the Carolinas.
  3. It would be nice if this sale would close by the Super Bowl so they could get new graphics. But I doubt it will.
  4. WBTV’s Molly Grantham just announced on the 11:00 news she is expecting baby #3 in July! She told her kids last night. Good for them.
  5. Sounds like she is staying
  6. Brigida Mack, formerly of WBTV, just announced she is jumping to rival WJZY. She will soon be working for Nexstar. https://twitter.com/brigidamack/status/1215728675108413440?s=21 She’s the second former WBTV employee to jump to a rival in the past several months, the first being Ashley Strohlein to WCNC
  7. Mel Robbins currently airs at 9 on WAXN. Now that Nexstar has bought WJZY and WMYT, wondering if it will move to WJZY, and WGHP could pick it up in Greensboro, though maybe not after just one year.
  8. Speaking of WAXN, Seinfeld has moved up to 6 and 6:30 to make room for a new hourlong 7pm newscast produced by WSOC. The Goldbergs hour moves to 11pm, followed by Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, an hour of Live PD and an hour of The Game.
  9. Yes was about to edit, WSOC/WAXN had it to begin with. Up until a few weeks ago WSOC aired it at 12:30, then they once again expanded their noon news to an hour and moved RTM to 64 at noon and 12:30.
  10. Cox as well, WSOC/WAXN picked it up from WJZY/WMYT a couple years ago
  11. Probably not. Hope they don’t change it.
  12. Because WGHP’s is myfox8.com
  13. Not really looking forward to myfox46.com, although looking forward to new WJZY graphics and to see what else Nexstar might have up its sleeve with the station.
  14. Circle is on WBTV 3.3, bumping Grit to 3.4.
  15. I thought it was first quarter of 2020...maybe I read it wrong?
  16. Especially since they had planned to start news anyway as a Fox affiliate before WAGA took the affiliation. And 4 years later CBS regained the NFL.
  17. Yep, WBTV would probably have been forced to take NBC. They could’ve ended up with Fox though.
  18. WSB switched from NBC to ABC a couple years after sister station WSOC in Charlotte did, however NBC went to WCNC (then WRET) instead of outgoing ABC affiliate WCCB thanks to Ted Turner. He sold out to Group W a few years later and WRET ended up pretty much shutting down their news department and canceling NBC Nightly News for a while. I’d say ABC got the better end of that deal in Charlotte. Probably would have even if NBC had picked WCCB though.
  19. Yeah I thought it was odd that they moved Judge Mathis and People’s Court to 3 and 4. I’m not sure that a lot of Fox O&O’s even have them but they were Capitol holdovers. Seems like they should move Dr. Oz back to 4.
  20. https://changingnewscasts.wordpress.com/2019/11/ WFMY is actually airing CBS This Morning in pattern now as of today! Never thought I’d see the day! The Good Morning Show now ends at 7am. Thought they would move 7-10am to 2.2. They also add a 4pm newscast. Sad part is, no more Andy Griffith. Ellen moves to 9 am. And 2 Wants to Know just becomes a regular 5:30 newscast.
  21. I just checked out the listings, it will be midnight to 2am. Jeopardy will follow the 10:00 news at 11, followed by Live PD: Police Patrol at 11:30.
  22. Yeah I thought it was kinda funny myself!
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