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  1. It says 25 Words or Less will be on WJZY or WMYT Mon-Fri at 6am, obviously won’t be on WJZY because of Good Day Charlotte. So WMYT it is.
  2. No Judge Jerry clearance in Charlotte.
  3. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone!
  4. Major news out of Charlotte...Ashley Strohlein is moving from WBTV to WCNC! Taking Kelsey Riggs’ position! I feel like she should have got Delano’s spot. She will also be a CUSA reporter on the NFL Network Congratulations Ashley!
  5. Chandler Morgan promoted to weekend evening anchor at WBTV. Good for her.
  6. Mel Robbins replaces a double run of Right this Minute on WAXN at 9am in Charlotte.
  7. Actually the Pacific Time Zone follows the Central/Mountain daytime pattern so B&B usually airs at 12:30 in that time zone as well. Or 11, depending on if their news airs at noon.
  8. I stand corrected about WCNC. I didn’t look at 6am when I viewed the Titan TV guide. And I didn’t realize WSOC’s started that early too.
  9. I can see WBTV taking advantage of this by extending its Saturday morning news to 9am, pushing CBS This Morning Saturday to 9am-11am, and/or adding Sunday morning news from 7-8am. WSOC could expand their Saturday newscast as well and WCNC could add a Saturday newscast. Currently they do not have one at all. And this would be a good opportunity for WJZY to expand Good Day Charlotte to 9am on Saturdays.
  10. WFMY just re-upped with CBS along with all the other Tegna CBS stations and they still air it at 8am, they are a heritage CBS affiliate that has been around since the 50s and hasn’t had any other primary affiliation. Still, never say never.
  11. Beat me to it. Much respect to Gray for restoring an old tradition.
  12. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/06/04/wbtv-is-first-again-finishes-may/ Don’t have exact ratings but WBTV has won May in Charlotte.
  13. And I can’t blame them for going local again. With only one non-network hour available not including late night, no reason to purchase another syndicated program. They will likely replace “Me Time” at 1:37am with an infomercial.
  14. I missed that. Thanks. Since Mark Washburn’s retirement I don’t pick up on as much of this kind of stuff in Charlotte. Not sure where Clarkson will go now. Maybe WJZY.
  15. So in Charlotte... The rebranded “Extra, Extra” will be on WJZY...only question is will it be in prime access bumping “TMZ” to an afternoon slot replacing “Page Six TV” presumably at 12:30pm? “Access” already airs at noon so they will probably keep the 7:30 airing. WBTV will need to replace “Steve” at 3...predicting it will be Kelly Clarkson. I’m thinking Tamron will be on WSOC since it will be on WSB...maybe at 3 since they will have to replace “Face the Truth”. I could be wrong though. I think Cox (soon to he Terrier) stations are picking up Mel Robbins too from what I read. Maybe Wendy Williams is going to WJZY? Just speculation. WAXN will need to replace Millionaire and the Doctors, obviously. As far as I know WCCB will still have rights to Ellen through 2021. Unusual for a CW affiliate.
  16. My thoughts exactly. To me it ended when Viera left. Just wasn’t the same. That was about the time it left WBTV for WAXN in Charlotte.
  17. Kelsey Riggs leaving WCNC for the ACC Network. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2019/05/100-days-from-launch-first-three-weeks-of-football-on-acc-network-released-announcers-cotter-herzlich-riggs-and-wood-added-to-roster/j Good for her! She will be missed at WCNC.
  18. WCCB has had Jerry for years, and they were Fox until 2013.
  19. Yeah WCNC aired it at 2 for years before Tegna dumped it here in favor of TD Jakes and now a double run of Daily Blast Live occupies the time slot. I don’t think it was cleared in Charlotte anywhere for a year but WAXN picked it up and it now airs at 11am, still a significant downgrade.
  20. I imagine WSOC will too.
  21. It was only cleared briefly in Charlotte, on WCCB
  22. And WBTV, the flagship station, even though they will still have CBS regular season games and NCAA tournament games,
  23. We have our replacement https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/lilly-singh-nbc-talk-show-a-little-late-1203164007/ “A Little Late With Lilly Singh”
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