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  1. I cannot put my finger on it.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/116380896454/posts/10156702416376455/?d=n&substory_index=0 Christine Sperow, formerly Nelson, announced this morning on WBTV she is leaving for “a major TV job in Atlanta.” Her last day will be March 4. She announced it at 6:15, I’m not sure if she mentioned the station but I don’t think she did. Best of luck to you Christine, you will be missed. Yet another anchor leaves WBTV. It has not been the same since the Gray takeover. Don’t even get me started on not replacing Delano Little and Ashley Strohlein and not even having sports in their weekday 6:00 news anymore. (I am actually not sure Ashley would’ve left if her position was going to be filled, given that she went to rival WCNC). Mary King, who joined the station last year from sister station WIS, will replace her as co-anchor. Congratulations Mary!
  3. Will be interesting to see what happens if you are indeed correct. It seemed a foregone conclusion that WJZY/WMYT was moving into that old Speed Channel building when Fox bought them but it fell through and they have made it work where they are at Belmont.
  4. Which ironically happens to be the EXACT SAME DAY WJZY got the new Fox O&O graphics. I remember because it was the day after MLK.
  5. The deal was green lighted the EXACT SAME DAY WJZY adopted the new O&O graphics...still not consummated yet http://licensing.fcc.gov/prod/cdbs/pubacc/Auth_Files/1814146.pdf
  6. I’ll say...from fall 2016 https://localtvkwgn.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/broncos-thump-buccaneers-27-7-after-long-weather-delay-improve-to-4-0/ If you keep clicking on “Load More Stories” I’m sure you’ll come across the article about the Broncos opening day win over the Panthers ...no thanks...and I’ll especially pass on the article about Super Bowl 50
  7. https://www.facebook.com/1709037399321868/posts/3108837829341811/?d=n Meteorologist Greg Armbrecht left WCCB on Friday.
  8. WBTV had both in Charlotte until 1990 when they moved to WSOC. Due to its hourlong 6:00 news and PM Magazine airing at 7:30, they aired at 5 and 5:30 on WBTV. Jeopardy at 5 and Wheel at 5:30 until about 1988, then they switched them. In retrospect WBTV probably made a mistake letting them go. WSOC made a bigger mistake picking them up. PM Magazine was also cancelled that year, and they started 5:00 news. But they still had hourlong news for a while longer. Wheel and Jeopardy would be replaced by A Current Affair and Inside Edition. Channel 9 put Wheel at 7:30, I believe it displaced ET to late nights because the time it too had hourlong 6:00 news, forcing them to air Peter Jennings at 7. So Jeopardy aired on WSOC in the mornings. When they finally discontinued the hourlong news, ET moved to 7. WCNC picked Jeopardy up after a few years and put it at 7 and it has stayed there ever since. It also has had some afternoon runs on there. Wheel joined them on WCNC a few years later. WSOC picked up Inside Edition from WBTV in 1995 and put it at 7, returning ET to its rightful place at 7:30. And that hasn’t changed since. I don’t think Wheel or Jeopardy did very well on WSOC. WCNC should have picked both shows up from WBTV in 1990 if WBTV wasn’t going to hang on to them, they would have aired both in access, though granted their news operation had just gotten relaunched a few years earlier. I think they have probably done well on WCNC though. It’s hard to believe that Charlotte did not have both shows airing in prime access until WCNC picked up Wheel of Fortune in the mid 1990s.
  9. http://www.graphgraph.com/2014/03/jeopardy-and-wheel-of-fortune-airtimes-in-graphs-and-maps/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/ct-cb-jeopardy-time-chicago-20190503-story.html%3FoutputType%3Damp CT and MT affiliates don’t seem to mind airing Jeopardy in the afternoon
  10. In the Central and Mountain Time Zones it would've seemingly made sense for them to be on the Fox O&O’s...not sure how many already have a 6:00 newscast though. But I think most with 6:00 newscasts in those time zones are Big 3 affiliates.
  11. I noticed that WJZY’s Diana Alvear has now returned from maternity leave with her second baby. Also today was Brigida Mack’s official debut on Good Day Charlotte.
  12. Very surprising. You’d think they were the ones supposedly about to go to Nexstar. But I am glad WJZY still got the new graphics. They are, after all, still an O&O until the FCC says otherwise.
  13. It didn’t have great clearance in Charlotte either, 9am on WAXN, just like Meredith Viera a few years back. Good time slot, but WSOC’s sister independent station is not the best place. But it’s been a little while since a station other than WSOC/WAXN and WJZY/WMYT has picked up a talk show in Charlotte and I don’t see that changing for a while unless plans change. WBTV has gone all local other than Funny You Should Ask at 1:37am. WCCB has had the trash talkers all day plus Ellen and the 700 Club for YEARS. WCNC has the Tegna produced Daily Blast Live and Judge Judy.
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