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  1. I think Nightline could expand to an hour if Kimmel was not replaced.
  2. Just read about that on Discord and came to see if you had posted. WKMG has made a lot of changes this season.
  3. Old news….but apparently it had not been posted in this thread.
  4. Yeah they are stuck in the 50s.
  5. Why wouldn’t the CW have it on Memorial Day weekend? EDIT: Oh I see. They wouldn’t televise Indy. And yes. NBC feeds WTHR that night’s primetime lineup while the race is being broadcast to the rest of the country (noon-4pm Eastern). ABC did the same for WRTV I believe.
  6. If WSOC/WAXN get it it will probably air at 4 on WSOC and the 4:00 Feud could move to WAXN. If WJZY/WMYT get it, it might have to go to 2pm on WJZY or 4pm on WMYT if there’s a head to head rule because WCNC has Judge Judy at 3.
  7. Interesting. Well, WCNC doesn’t have room for it anyway unless Tegna ditched Daily Blast Live.
  8. Comics Unleashed has been syndicated on some of the O&O’s for a while. But that wouldn’t have been a bad idea to only have After Midnight run for 30 minutes like the original and then kept a run of Comics Unleashed at 1:07.
  9. Just now saw this. Much needed upgrade.
  10. Drew Barrymore renewed for Season 5
  11. True, I was only talking about weekdays. They may purchase more for the fall.
  12. That’s literally all of it and it airs in the middle of the night. Basically their entire lineup is The National Desk, ARC Seattle and Seattle Refined. They couldn’t air KOMO news from 7-9am and 10pm?
  13. CBS used to but they dropped it for some reason a while back.
  14. It appears WBTV is finally launching Sunday morning news beginning January 7, according to Zap2it and TV Passport.
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