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  1. Right after the Braves-Mets game ended I saw a promo on WJZY for their 10:00 news, about a “Moving Mayhem” feature they are doing on Monday and it said it was “Charlotte’s most watched 10:00 news.” Whaaaaaaaat? So it has passed WCCB AND WAXN at 10?
  2. WMYA is airing a single run Schitts weeknights at 12:35am. Then another run Saturday mornings at 4:30am starting October 3 but that’s as far as the grid goes. Including the Saturday morning airing it’s odd numbered episodes only. That’s according to zap2it. If you view by grid format it shows the current day plus the next two weeks. Anyways I don’t know why they don’t use the single run schedule.
  3. First run? Most stations are airing repeats in the graveyard slot.
  4. I don’t know how that works but I suppose it could. I think WJZY/WMYT was supposed to air it since they were owned by FTS.
  5. No it wouldn’t work unless the Central, Mountain and Pacific Time Zones carried CBS This Morning live at 6am and that’s a nonstarter.
  6. I think he means on the CBS O&O’s that carry it at 9.
  7. I found it on WATL at 11:30pm. But just one run. I guess the other run will be on weekends.
  8. It was picked up by the Fox O&O’s.
  9. Another WMYT change on the 28th. Schitt’s Creek debuts at 10 and 10:30, which sends Two and a Half Men to 7 and 7:30, a time slot it occupied for a number of years on WJZY. So Dateline will only have a double run for a week. It will be at 1 starting next week.
  10. I think you’re right. I think they aired a similar show at 12:30 when they first became a CBS affiliate except it was called My Carolina Today. I know they aired it as an NBC station at 11:30 after an 11am newscast. Or maybe at 9:30?
  11. I was about to post that. WMYT just picked up that, Judge Mablean, Judge Hatchett, and Supreme Justice to go along with Divorce Court and Protection Court for a 3 hour Byron Allen morning court block. (I posted earlier). Speaking of Judge Mablean, I noticed WNCN replaced it at 1 in favor of a new local show My Carolina Talk. They replaced Mel Robbins at 9 with the third and fourth runs of Judge Judy.
  12. WMYT will air it Saturdays at 1pm and WJZY Sundays at midnight...not sure if that is Saturday nights or Sunday mornings.
  13. You would think...no good reason for a station to pick up originals for just one year if not getting the repeats.
  14. WAGA needs to flip that with Dish Nation.
  15. In Charlotte it was picked up by WHKY. An locally owned home shoppping and religious channel out of Hickory with their own 5:30 and 10pm newscasts. I don’t know why they even bothered. That’s their only syndicated program. Listings still show it airing at 5.
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