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  1. Yeah I thought it was odd that they moved Judge Mathis and People’s Court to 3 and 4. I’m not sure that a lot of Fox O&O’s even have them but they were Capitol holdovers. Seems like they should move Dr. Oz back to 4.
  2. https://changingnewscasts.wordpress.com/2019/11/ WFMY is actually airing CBS This Morning in pattern now as of today! Never thought I’d see the day! The Good Morning Show now ends at 7am. Thought they would move 7-10am to 2.2. They also add a 4pm newscast. Sad part is, no more Andy Griffith. Ellen moves to 9 am. And 2 Wants to Know just becomes a regular 5:30 newscast.
  3. I just checked out the listings, it will be midnight to 2am. Jeopardy will follow the 10:00 news at 11, followed by Live PD: Police Patrol at 11:30.
  4. Yeah I thought it was kinda funny myself!
  5. That is horrible and I get to use the dislike button on here for the first time.
  6. I think it may have been more of a Panthers for Seahawks and Packers trade. The Seahawks and Packers, honestly, move the needle more than we do.
  7. Two days late to this party, did not learn about this til today. Makes sense for both parties, even though FTS gives up an NFC market WJZY was a colossal failure as an O&O. And now WJZY has a lot of surrounding sister stations, WSPA and WGHP the closest, WGHP a fellow Fox affiliate. Hope Nexstar can make some progress with this station.
  8. https://deadline.com/2019/11/fox-adds-tv-stations-in-seattle-and-milwaukee-in-350m-deal-with-nexstar-1202778453/ Bumped for the station swap with Nexstar, even though it is already In the Nexstar thread
  9. The exodus continues at WBTV. Brigida Mack is out after 10 years.
  10. They came to their senses!
  11. Haha...yep...I think I posted that earlier in the thread. Much like if a tree falls in the forest but no one is around...if no one is awake to watch it, will it really air?!
  12. WJZY did pick up Kelly Clarkson, the show that replaced it. Not sure if any others did. WBTV had Steve, but it opted to replace it with “QC at 3”, to complement “Morning Break” at 9, which is being renamed “QC in the Morning.” (Personally I would have kept the Morning Break name and called the 3:00 show “Afternoon Break.” ) Anyways...back to Kelly Clarkson...so technically this show is returning to its original home as Steve Harvey’s talk show debuted on WJZY around the time they switched to Fox. It moved to WBTV when Queen Latifah was cancelled.
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