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  1. WJZY never picked it up from WSOC/WAXN after being bought by Fox. Guess there was a reason.
  2. Jennifer Hudson coming to WCCB September 12. That was the first fall promo I had seen on TV so that’s the first show I heard about for Charlotte other than Bahakel’s Your Day With Anna Kooiman which is also obviously going to WCCB.
  3. I would be surprised if WMYT added it at this point, can’t see Nexstar wanting it to compete with Queen City News Now.
  4. Other than the free preview in October 2020 and a handful of stations beginning to carry Morning in America and Early Morning, they foolishly have completely ignored broadcast.
  5. RIP Wendy Williams’ YouTube channel
  6. 2 seasons, it started in September 2020, yeah I read that a while back. WMYT cut back to one run this year (at 10:30pm) to make room for their run of Young Sheldon at 10pm. No telling what they will replace it with. American Housewife really only needs one run on the weekdays since ABC foolishly cancelled it after only 103 episodes. That would be a good fit for that spot.
  7. Amanda Cox leaving WJZY and getting out of TV.
  8. Maybe WBTV could expand QC Morning to 2 hours and move LMAD back to 3? But would suck if the game show block is split up.
  9. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/knbc-adding-news-to-replace-ellen-airing-network-newscast-at-330/242334/ KNBC replacing Ellen with 3pm news and NBC Nightly News live from the East. I can imagine they might not be the only NBC O&O with a Fox O&O in the market to add a 3pm news since the Fox O&O’s are adding Jennifer Hudson.
  10. Well if that’s the case there are a bunch of stations that need to switch them, such as WCNC. They have probably been airing them in the wrong order for 26 years. I bet they would have aired Jeopardy earlier in the day during the Olympics.
  11. WHNS would be a good fit.
  12. WBTV did this in 1988. Jeopardy moved to 5:30 and Wheel to 5. Only to lose both of them to WSOC two years later so really it ended up being pointless. Jeopardy moved to WCNC in 1991 I believe and Wheel moved to WCNC in 1993. I still think it was a mistake for WBTV to let them get away in 1990, but they were still airing PM Magazine at 7:30 for a few more years, and Wheel might’ve been preempted anyway for The Dom Capers Show (the first Panthers head coach) had they still had the rights to Wheel from 1995 to 1998.
  13. I didn’t know that. I don’t know if ABC ever did that with All My Children or The Chew. Surprised more CT affiliates don’t take this feed.
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