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  1. https://tvanswerman.com/2020/11/26/directv-could-lose-60-local-stations-monday/amp/ So I personally could be losing WCNC.
  2. So Nexstar and Dish might be the next one. https://506sports.com/forum/index.php?topic=23469.0 This would leave Charlotte viewers without WJZY, WMYT, WSOC AND WAXN.
  3. WCCB also did the Sun-Thur schedule when they first launched their news department. Never understood why.
  4. WJZY did that the first year they had Fox when WBTV produced their news. And I think WCCB did that when WSOC produced theirs.
  5. Now that WJZY/WMYT are with Nexstar it’s no guarantee they signed on...we’ll just have to see in the fall...but the only other station I could see picking them up would be WAXN...
  6. Amber Roberts and Jonathan Monté were reporting in Taylorsville today when a bridge they were standing on collapsed on the air. Thank goodness they are OK! How scary! Sometimes the news becomes the news! https://www.fox46.com/severe-weather/hiddenite-bridge-in-alexander-county-collapses-live-on-air/
  7. WCNC has never aired all four runs, probably because they haven’t had the room on their schedule.
  8. It will probably go to WMYT or WAXN in Charlotte.
  9. Ohhhhh nooooo....this would mean no WJZY or WMYT in Charlotte, they are still without WSOC and WAXN and have been since July
  10. Been meaning to post, but “Black and Blue Kickoff Live” has been airing in other Nexstar markets in the Carolinas so you’re probably right. It also airs at 10am on WGHP and WYCW. WGHP’s Kevin Connolly joins the WJZY sports team like he did on Around the Track. It has a separate graphics package. It airs for just 30 minutes at 11:30 am on WNCN and WBTW and at 11am on WCNT’s CW sub channel. Not sure if it’s the first or second 30 minutes but probably the second 30 minutes because that’s when they do the picks. I don’t know why WCNT doesn’t air the full hour on the CW chan
  11. WJZY is premiering “Charlotte Sports Live” on October 29 the night of the Thursday night Panthers game it will be airing. It will air every night at 11pm, or whatever time the 10pm news ends, but because of the game it obviously it won’t air at 11pm the first night. It started running this promo today and zap2it confirmed it was “Charlotte Sports Live.” This will permanently bump Extra, TMZ, Access Hollywood and Dish Nation back a half hour on weeknights. (11:30, midnight, 12:30 and 1am). Access Hollywood is now airing before Dish Nation. Also 25 Words or Less started air
  12. People are being sympathetic...glad to see.
  13. WJZY is another example...it will probably get it back from WCCB when that contract runs out. Ironically WCCB picked it up from WJZY after FTS bought WJZY. It won’t be on 46.2 though because it maps to WMYT 55.1.

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