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  1. Just stumbled upon some WSOC changes that take effect May 29, according to zap2it. Tamron swaps with Sherri, so Tamron will be airing at 10am and Sherri at 3pm. Also a double run of Family Feud replaces Dr. Phil at 4. I guess the new episodes of Dr. Phil will end the 26th? But still why dump him now if they are not going to start a 4pm news? I didn’t see any changes for WAXN so presumably they keep their 10am Dr. Phil airing which would become same-day I guess. This would make more sense if Dr. Phil was going off the air completely but apparently he’s staying on WAXN? And i don’t get them switching Tamron and Sherri. Oh and Charlotte would join the markets airing Feud 6 times a day, twice on WSOC and four times on WAXN.
  2. Funny You Should Ask on the Weather Channel
  3. Doesn’t sound like it’s a given that CBS will put the affiliation on WUPA. Braves, Hawks and the rumored new NHL team on WUPA?
  4. Speaking of that, I don’t think anyone else in Boston picked up MNTV did they?
  5. I thought YTTV already signed on for them
  6. WHKY-TV sale to SBN is consummated. The new call sign WWJS goes into effect tomorrow. Programming has already switched over. Heard about this on the AVS forum.
  7. I doubt it but I guess there would be nothing stopping them. I just don’t see why they would give up the local time. If they did they would probably drop something like Top Story with Tom Llamas It’s not that I disagree with you, it’s just the way you said it that’s hilarious
  8. Meant to post yesterday that WPCH started their checkerboard 8pm lineup last night. That moved Last Man Standing reruns to 11am and 11:30 and Pictionary and Funny You Should Ask were cut down to one run each at 10am and 10:30am. Also Modern Family is now airing at 6:30, Young Sheldon at 7, and then Big Bang Theory at 7:30. It used to be YS, BBT, then MF. Which now I think BBT also airs at 7:30 on WANF.
  9. So it’s not just WBTV. For a while after Gray bought Raycom WBTV only had Nate Wimberly. About the time Delano retired Ashley Strohlein went to WCNC to replace Kelsey Riggs who went to ACCN/ESPN. They now also have Cam Gaskins but isn’t the same as when Paul and Delano was there, and Jim Thacker before Paul but that was before my time. I’m rooting for CBS to give 10-11pm to the affiliates so WBTV can give Football Friday Night a real show again (at least 30 minutes on actual TV) and not 20 minutes during the 11pm news and 15 minutes online. It is a far cry from when it was an hour. CBS made them run The Late Show in pattern every night but I’m not so sure part of it isn’t Gray too. Delano is now with Bahakel Sports.
  10. And I remember the days when WBTV aired infomercials at 9 and 9:30 am in the mid 2000s. It seemed they could never find anything decent to replace Donahue at 9am until QC in the Mornng premiered. (Except I think Rachael Ray at one time). They would’ve been better off pulling a WFMY and delaying CBS This Morning/Early Today an hour (I mean this was the station that delayed The Price Is Right by a day for a decade to air Top O’ The Day at 11:30am) and extending their morning news until CBS finally cracked down on affiliates doing that. Of course they had room for Flip My Food and Fix it or Finish it.
  11. Ironically sister station WCNC had Charlotte Today for an hour at 11am then went to an hour of news at 11:30am when COVID hit. Thought it would be just temporary but they have kept it ever since.
  12. Which was why the original Roseanne should’ve ended after Season 8. Roseanne also said Jackie was a Lesbian and that Becky and Darlene’s husbands were switched.
  13. Yeah I can’t see Roseanne Season 10 being included. It is actually included with the original Roseanne on Peacock and Cozi.
  14. It will have 93 by the end of the season. The first season was only 11 episodes but the second, third and fourth seasons ended up being 20 each. This year it gets 22. If it gets renewed as expected it will have up to 115 by the end of next season.
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