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  1. This should’ve been their schedule after they added the noon and 4pm news 10am Kelly Clarkson 11am Dr. Oz Noon News 1pm The Real 2pm TMZ Live 3pm Kelly Clarkson WMYT could’ve put 25 Words at 3 where they have Kelly Clarkson and People’s Court and Judge Mathis should’ve been reduced to the one run on there. Hopefully in the fall they fix this. Better yet they can expand Good Day to the 9-10am hour, move Rachael Ray to 10, Dr. Oz to 2 and TMZ Live to WMYT.
  2. The app has now switched over to Bally’s. Took less than a month.
  3. Ann actually replaced Morgan Norwood who was fired for accidentally letting an f bomb slip on a hot mic. But she has been with the station. Paige moved to the noon and 4pm news. But still a big shakeup in the morning.
  4. Judge Judy will still have reruns. Could be cut back to two. Not sure. I imagine YBYL will only be one run but not sure.
  5. It seems like it has mostly been in the mornings.
  6. Bally Sports South’s first program was technically a Stars-Predators replay so it still had the old graphics and BSSE had Hawks at Suns at 10 so technically that game started on FSSE and ended on BSSE!
  7. “All Access”, not “Access Live”.
  8. That’s basically what he is saying.
  9. Tegna would work for WMYV...then they could put Good Morning Carolina on there and have it go all the way to 9am.

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