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  1. My bad....then it would have to be something like fox8wghp.com. My point is the myfox thing has to go.
  2. Speaking of myfox...it’s long past time for WGHP to ditch that for just fox8.com, especially now to match new sister station WJZY’s fox46.com.
  3. Probably should include WITI in this thread since they also were acquired by FTS in the same deal. So far I don’t think they have switched their graphics or website.
  4. I feel for them and everyone else affected by the budget cuts.
  5. She comes to WJZY from sister station WJTV in Hattiesburg. Welcome to Charlotte Lanaya!
  6. Was also 42 years since WSOC went from NBC to ABC, WRET (now WCNC) went from independence to NBC and WCCB went from ABC to independence, and 7 years since WJZY took the Fox affiliation and WCCB switched to the CW after FTS bought WJZY and WMYT from Capitol Broadcasting.
  7. WJZY switched to the same graphics that KCPQ is switching to (despite being the station FTS gave up, along with their sister WMYT, to get Seattle and Milwaukee) the day after MLK day on their 5:00 news, before the trade went through. So it could be then. Then again they don’t have a noon news. EDIT: Actually I see that KCPQ doesn’t have noon news either. So it will probably be on the 4 or 5:00 news.
  8. My guess it will likely be during the noon or evening newscasts.
  9. I just thought since they were a sister to WSPA and also a CBS affiliate. Didn’t realize they had just changed graphics.
  10. Guess WNCN will be next?
  11. I don’t know if they will change KZJO, FTS didn’t change WMYT’s to My55 from My12 when it bought the stations from Capitol, let alone to Fox 46 Plus, other than changing it from My TV 12 to just My12, and it doesn’t look like Nexstar is going to change it either. 12 is their cable channel, Capitol started that branding.
  12. The shows listed in bold are the first year shows. The cancelled shows are marked through (some of them, anyway).
  13. A couple other thoughts... I don’t see Millionaire listed...why would they go to that trouble of bringing it back so late and then just dropping it? With The Game and How I Met Your Mother leaving syndication...a chance for WCCB or WAXN to finally get Last Man Standing cleared in Charlotte. And maybe the Simpsons comes back to the market, it would be a perfect fit paired with Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers on WAXN. Would love to see them move the Goldbergs back earlier in the day so those shows could be on a little earlier.
  14. Interesting that for the Conners it is listed Roseanne 2.0/The Conners...would they really include the Roseanne 2.0 episodes if it reaches syndication? Especially since Cozi has already aired them with the original Roseanne. They would probably retitle them The Conners...but still surprising.
  15. I stumbled on this website, not up to date because it doesn’t show confirmed renewals for some shows, just that they are in the process of being renewed, and info is subject to change, but it appears you are correct on The Doctors, it seems to have been signed for next year and it says it is in the process of being renewed. Caught in Providence is crossed out though. Two and a Half Men, The Game, Madam Secretary and NCIS New Orleans appear to be leaving syndication according to that site. (And Chicago PD, another hour for WMYT to fill) Also some shows on that list were cancelled (God Friended Me, Man With a Plan and Single Parents) and won’t make it to syndication).
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