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  1. Confirmed that WGN is moving Rachael Ray to 1pm to replace an airing of Maury. http://www.tdogmedia.com/2021/07/daytime-shakeup-coming-as-abc-7-adds-tamron-wgn-tv-launches-daytime-chicago.html
  2. The only other Disney show on WLS’ schedule is Kelly and Ryan, I doubt WCIU ends up with that but stranger things have happened. Now I could see WCIU get American Housewife reruns next year which are owned by Disney.
  3. I could actually see Maury going to WCIU to take Tamron’s spot.
  4. Tamron officially replacing Windy City Live
  5. It’s OK, I figure it will replace one of the back to back airings of Maury.
  6. The article specifically said Rachael Ray was moving to the afternoons.
  7. WSOC now uses the same graphics package on all newscasts, including the circle 9 logo. They discontinued the different graphics they had for 11pm, although the late show is still branded WSOC Tonight. I wish Cox had kept those graphics. They looked better than their standard graphics though the Circle 9 is sacred.
  8. I fixed it. Tdog threw me off in his tweet because he said “Goodbye Windy City Live, Hello Daytime Chicago”.
  9. Rachael Ray will move to the afternoons to make room for a new show on WGN Chicago. https://tvnewscheck.com/more-news/journalism/article/tonya-francisco-and-amy-rutledge-to-host-wgns-daytime-chicago-this-fall/
  10. CW Daytime will likely go through the week of the 20th since the Saturday night programming doesn’t start til October 2. Young Sheldon promos have begun in earnest on both WJZY and WMYT here, both stations are airing it. WJZY’s version is slightly different as it indicates that it will be paired with BBT. But WMYT’s just says “Young Sheldon coming this fall 5 nights a week.” But both have the older Sheldon with Amy watching the younger Sheldon on TV. YS will not be starting til September 27 and the same for YBYL.
  11. It will likely be on WMYT in Charlotte.
  12. Yeah good point. ET has aired on WSOC and only WSOC in Charlotte since Day 1. Which was why they should’ve never gone for the rights to Wheel and Jeopardy in 1990. Wheel uprooted ET from its 7:30 slot on WSOC for 3 years. WCNC should’ve got both Wheel and Jeopardy that year. They ended up with Jeopardy in 1991. They didn’t get Wheel until 1993.
  13. Article says not til next fall, which lines up with what the Katz spreadsheet has been saying. But this makes the ABC cancellation all the more mind boggling. They could’ve had a Season 6 and made more money. Unless that is a typo, like the “no Season 5” statement is. It will likely go to WCCB here, it’s a perfect fit with “Mom “and Katy Mixon’s previous sitcom “Mike and Molly.”
  14. Not a syndicated program but it could be replaced with one…this is a huge deal in Chicago…https://www.robertfeder.com/2021/07/21/abc-7-cancels-windy-city-live-10-years-great-television/
  15. Pretty sure they are…they have aired it at 5 since the beginning. But other than Drew and Ellen, they have mostly only had Maury, Wilkos and Jerry since getting the CW. They even had them when they had Fox. They had three runs of Maury for a while but cut one of them out this past year to make room for Drew.

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