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  1. Speaking from personal viewing experience, it likely affects syndicated programming too. Back when Coxpollo had theirs, WAXN aired the wrong episode of The Goldbergs one night. Also they aired Right This Minute at midnight and 12:30 one night about that time instead of Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers.
  2. I could see Nick Cannon taking over next fall. Would be easier to plan switching stations and all that. Not so much immediately.
  3. WMYT ended up airing that episode of YS Sunday night at midnight. Someone must’ve seen this post.
  4. WJZY will be moving up Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory to 1 and 1:30 in TMZ Live’s spot. (Except reversing the two shows). In the past they have done the same thing with TMZ in place of YS at 2:30. (BBT at 2). Which actually sort of justifies the extra run of TMZ Live on WMYT at 3 (though WJZY could air it in late night). WJZY did air BBT at 1 despite the guide saying TMZ Live. I recorded to get YS. However instead of airing YS they joined TMZ Live in progress at 1:30! Oh and according to zap2it, because of TNF WJZY and WMYT both aired the same episode of TMZ a
  5. According to the Katz spreadsheet, Schitts Creek is the only other weekday syndicated strip produced by Debmar-Mercury. A lot of Fox O&O’s and their duopoly partners already have both Nick and Schitts even though some stations like WMYT have cut Schitts down to one episode per weekday. That might work.
  6. https://pagesix.com/2021/10/01/nick-cannon-may-take-over-wendy-williams-time-slot/
  7. In Charlotte Wendy Williams is on WSOC at 10am and WAXN at 6am. Nick Cannon is on at 6pm on WCCB. That would definitely be an upgrade in Charlotte. If WCCB had to replace Nick Cannon I’d like to see them pick up Last Man Standing. No Charlotte station has cleared it and its one of the highest rated sitcoms in syndication. Nick could replace The Doctors on WAXN, the Doctors could move to WMYT to replace TMZ Live which is totally unnecessary because WJZY also airs it. (Except for when WJZY preempts it for BBT and now Young Sheldon when sports is going to air in the 7pm hour (pregame
  8. To clarify I meant Richmond for the awful clearance, not Charlotte.
  9. WJZY is airing it at 7 before BBT, WMYT is airing it at 10, after their two runs of BBT, cutting out a run of Schitt’s Creek. What an AWFUL clearance for Richmond.
  10. Dr. Oz is actually airing at 2 on WMYT, not 3, and a second run of TMZ Live is airing at 3. Makes no sense when it already airs on WJZY at 1.
  11. Under a paywall but Steve Ohnesorge is retiring from WBTV.
  12. Apollo and Standard Media have put in a joint bid for Tegna
  13. Young Sheldon weekend run will be on WMYT Sunday nights at 7 and 7:30 which bump the Two and a Half Men weekend run to 6 and 6:30. On WHNS it will be on Sunday nights at midnight and 12:30. Instead of continuing where the primary run left off during the week like The Goldbergs does, it starts over with the very first two episodes that just aired Monday and Tuesday at 10pm. That means the weekend run must be on its own. If that is the airing pattern then they definitely should’ve had the primary run air on WJZY weekdays at 7 and the secondary run (which starts with season 3) on WMYT weeknights
  14. So was just thinking.., why couldn’t WCCB expand their 10pm news to an hour/move News Edge to 11 as a Fox station? Why are they just now doing this? Guess Bahakel was too cheap.
  15. WCCB changes starting September 27 according to the website and it looks like we have another newscast expansion in the market, this time at night. Nick Cannon will air at 6pm, not at 4pm as his website indicated, replacing the primary runs of Mom and Mike and Molly. I knew it didn’t make sense to have Nick at 4 because that would’ve meant moving Ellen twice. So one run of Mom gets bumped to midnight, and the other to 2:30 in the morning. Mike and Molly and Two Broke Girls (which previously aired at midnight and 12:30am) are reduced to one run. Maybe they will get more runs on

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