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  1. Didn’t realize it is actually streamed live online at 11:30pm ET. So I guess they didn’t want to cut their 11pm newscast to 30 minutes (understandably so) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wbtv.com/2020/04/06/watch-live-full-court-press-now-weeknights/%3FoutputType%3Damp
  2. WBTV has mothballed Funny You Should Ask to make room for Full Court Press Now at 1:37 am. They opted not to delay The Late Show.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/04/nick-cannon-syndicated-daytime-talk-show-september-premiere-date-1202901735/amp/
  4. Some of not all of their shows like Law and Order and Chicago PD and Dateline are already in syndication anyway, the latter two on WMYT, who air both the MyNet runs and the syndicated reruns.
  5. WOW!!! You think @oknewsguy actually wants Kim to take over the stations?
  6. That definitely explains why WJZY got the O&O graphics a month and a half before the sale went through. As me and @oknewsguy discussed last night, the WJZY/WMYT swap with KCPQ/KZJO/WITI should have got its own thread back in November, I didn’t know about it for two days or I would’ve started one.
  7. Which makes Nexstar’s decision that much more ludicrous, deciding not to carry stations on YouTube TV over ten hours of programming a week. It would be better if MNT just went away though.
  8. It’s not just WMYT...I was reading on the Retransmission Consent Squabbles board that Nexstar does not have an agreement to carry My Network TV affiliates on YouTube TV. Which doesn’t make any sense. I wish MNT would pull affiliations for that, I mean would people really notice if it went to WAXN? And then WMYT could go back on YouTubeTV. I didn’t even notice about the on-air logo bug thing, that’s also crazy. And have you noticed they have usually not showed the time much on the 10:00 news? Also people were complaining on Twitter about WJZY not airing the virtual NASCAR iRace last Sunday (though it was on FS1) and even a rerun of Super Bowl LI, which even though it was a rerun was not a great decision by Nexstar considering it was such a big blown lead by the division rival Falcons. But I think they must have got enough complaints that they are airing both classic football and the virtual race on Sunday. I do like the close by Nexstar at the end of every newscast and I also love that Nexstar does air the national anthem at 4am every day, but still some questionable decisions in their first month of ownership.
  9. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/entertainment/tv/article241678921.html Very interesting article and video from The Charlotte Observer, Theoden Janes interviewed an anchor, reporter or meteorologist from each station about how they are managing social distancing/working from home. Morgan Fogarty had the best line, near the end of the article. “It’s been a running joke every winter season that when everyone else gets snow days, we in TV news still have to come to work, and wouldn’t it be nice if we could just stay home for a snow day and do the news from our homes?” Fogarty says. “And now here we are, under circumstances none of us could have ever imagined — and don’t want. “We miss being with each other, as teammates, in the newsroom. We miss being in face-to-face contact with the communities we serve. We miss it all — just like everyone does.” — Morgan Fogarty, WCCB
  10. https://www.facebook.com/130159617072026/posts/2885827961505164/ Maureen O’Boyle has explained why she has been off air for the past 2 weeks. She had been sick since March 17, but thankfully tested negative for the flu, strep and COVID-19. She has now been cleared. Jamie Boll has filled in for her on WBTV News Prime Time at 7. This is certainly good news.
  11. WCNC temporally shortened Charlotte Today to 30 minutes and started their noon newscast at 11:30 am.
  12. Both airings getting axed but it will be on KMCI at 6 and 6:30 am and 4pm. Can’t believe KHSB doesn’t have a 9pm newscast on KCMI. Right This Minute doesn’t move the needle, I get that and it’s no big loss. But they add a 3pm but not a 9pm? And it’s an indie so they could even do 7 or 8 pm.
  13. And I just realized that Charlotte and Columbia have three common ownership groups...Gray, (WBTV/WIS), Tegna (WCNC/WLTX) and Bahakel (WCCB/WOLO). Interesting that the network affiliations are reversed for the Gray and Tegna stations in the two cities. And both WBTV and WCNC hired a female employee from their respective Columbia sister station. (Mary King and Savannah Levins). And WCCB used to produce WOLO’s news.
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