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  1. If they were going to move into that building, they would have eight years ago.
  2. When Fox first bought the station, the rumor was that they were going to go to the Speed Channel studios on Harris Boulevard but that never came to be.
  3. It will likely replace Court TV on WCNC, as it is the only WCNC diginet not owned by Tegna, unless they add a .5.
  4. Just checked and it will still be on WGN locally in Chicago, at 8 and 8:30 CT. So obviously it was two separate contracts.
  5. Don’t think WCCB has, according to TV Passport.
  6. If they hadn’t got the new Fox O&O graphics last January right before the sale went through, they likely would’ve got the Nexstar graphics about the time they got the website.
  7. Yeah Morgan’s F bomb was brought up in the Nexstar thread. I posted about the potential new set in the graphics section of the Discord server. And I suspect that the Nexstar Fox graphics package might be coming with that new set. I think Page likes being able to spend more time with her family. Now she can take her kids to school. She now has a schedule better suited for a married woman with children. But you’re right. Ann will do a good job though. But why do they need TWO meteorologists at noon and 4? That’s the head scratcher to me.
  8. Ann is now on Good Day Charlotte permanently https://www.instagram.com/p/CLSvim3p9ew/?igshid=jna3wxkbnw7p
  9. Ann Wyatt Little has permanently replaced Morgan Norwood on Good Day Charlotte. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLSvim3p9ew/?igshid=at1slt5v4a7v
  10. WOW. So that explains why Ann Wyatt-Little has been on there. I wonder if she will be her permanent replacement or if she is just filling in until they get Morgan’s replacement. I also didn’t get around to mentioning that they also let Chuck Roads go at the first of the year. No more traffic reports. He is now at 730 The Game. Morgan’s Twitter is now private and she has removed Fox 46 from her bio. She has not released a statement.
  11. If they piped in WLOS here, we’d temporarily have two chances to see Wheel or Jeopardy here.
  12. That’s what I was thinking...they should’ve cut People’s Court and Judge Mathis to one run on WMYT, not Kelly Clarkson and the Real. There was no need to change anything in the morning.
  13. New WJZY schedule starts today with the debut of the noon and 4pm newscasts. Dr. Oz stays at 1pm but slides over to WMYT, replacing Dateline. That’s their only change. Kelly Clarkson and The Real cut to one run between the stations, at 3 and 4.
  14. I see now. Didn’t realize you were on Central Time. That would be catering to the work at home people and would effectively be a midday newscast as well.
  15. Right, but there would still be a hole from 5pm to 6pm Eastern (4pm-5pm Central) after your proposed repeat of the 7-noon ET (6am-11am) morning news. Unless the repeat of the morning news was from 1pm-6pm Eastern. Either way though you still have an hour to fill.

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