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  1. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/243623/kgo-signs-off-news-talk-format/ https://www.facebook.com/kgo810/photos/a.142552259213/10160271374444214/?type=3
  2. In Romania, Antena 3 in Romania was rebranded as Antena 3 CNN as Intact Media partnered with CNN:
  3. Why did CBS owned WBFS & WSBK dropped MyNetworkTV?
  4. News Hub has take over the news operations for KYUR/KJUD. They have replaced NewsNet production in favor of News Hub.
  5. Thanks for Library Music Forum, I’ve found it. KGWC 2004 theme is Election Night from Fresh Music Library. https://www.sounddogs.com/Search?keywords=Election Night
  6. There are also short version of this promo, but thanks for reply
  7. There are WOF thread in the Breakroom
  8. Looking at new logo in WJMN’s website and I have think about this…. You’re watching Local 3, home of upmatters.com
  9. As the result WJLP is now in Weigel's hands, Jersey Matters with Larry Mendte aired last episodes on New Years Day, the NJNN's Facebook and Twitter become silent since January 5. Maybe WJLP will clear MeTV schedule after all.....
  10. Litton’s name may be retired, but E/I programming won’t ever get back to before. Thanks to streaming technology now kids have different way to enjoy
  11. looking for WTVJ 1988-89 promo featuring sports anchors and stars from NBC talking about switch. Was on YouTube but they are gone
  12. Giving the facts that WPCH is still available on Canada as SuperStation, could this mean more preemptions on Canada’s version of WPCH?
  13. Doesn’t WJLP still airing current affairs programs?
  14. Better than what they had IMO, but L3s are still a mess.
  15. Local commercial aired in KXGN, Glendive, MT during Super Bowl LV:
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