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  1. That was quick. Set doesn’t look as dark as WTKR thankfully.
  2. Not sure who that guy is, but he did some VO work for KET as well.
  3. Good! Can't blame them for that haha. They were supposed to get the new sinclair graphics back in the winter but then nexstar take over happened at the end of January so that cancelled that.
  4. Nexstar should own them within 30 days, right? Officially on closing day. Can't wait to see curves go away, but who knows when Nexstar will give WDKY a new look. Took WKYT awhile to implement the current graphics.
  5. https://www.wkyt.com/2020/09/04/barbara-bailey-to-end-four-decade-run-anchoring-at-wkyt/?fbclid=IwAR1Ec8QQ5LaxjFjelVwZssUSICLTRtLECGFv0qwndmzpWeGwPkgTpdnsTkw WKYT's Barbara Bailey is retiring after 41 years.
  6. Looks good, but that blue behind the 17 gets a little lost.
  7. Yeah really! Bummer they didn’t go that look. That would’ve look nice with a blue 5 and white background.
  8. Yep, it's coming. I could see WLEX having a peacock in the background only instead of the 18, but who knows. But the blue and white will work great for them too.
  9. I see this logo used more and more for LEX18. Horizontal version of the logo. Looks good with the mountains in the back!
  10. Pretty big deal for WLEX. https://www.lex18.com/sports/bbn-tonight/lex-18-named-official-tv-partner-of-uk-athletics-uk-sports-network WKYT had this for around since the 70's.
  11. They didn't get a special look again? Yeah really, shocked they didn't become CBS12.
  12. Kevin Christopher to end 20-year run at LEX 18 News https://www.lex18.com/news/kevin-christopher-to-end-20-year-run-at-lex-18-news
  13. How many stations are left? WRTV (coming soon) WLEX, KATC, WSYM, KOAA, KRIS, KERO, KSBY, KSTU, WTVR, WTKR, WXMI and KMTV.
  14. The logo isn't faded like the other stations. Also isn't there a night time shot of the area? Now we wait for the other cordilla stations.
  15. I couldn't locate a Morris topic anywhere, but looks like Morris has launched a new site for some of the stations. WTVQ, WDEF. https://www.wtvq.com/ https://wdef.com/ WWAY at this time has the old look.
  16. WYMT Close 1993. This is what happened at the end of the newscast on WYMT's second set. Getting ready for a new set. The female anchor was carried off the set and staff started to cut the background out.
  17. Some clips of WKYT, WLEX, and WTVQ from 1993.
  18. WYMT 1991 11 PM open And a 6 pm version.
  19. The promo that is on their Facebook page. Sorry if it’s been posted already.
  20. WLEX 18 News Kentucky Sunrise Jan 1994. It's missing the opening.
  21. Just missed the opening due to an ad.
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