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  1. I found the the second audio clip and sent it to NMSA. I've been looking for videos of the opening. I've got a contact who has a lot of videos from this time period and he will be adding those soon hopefully. The second audio clip is actually from May 1993. It was their 25th anniversary. New set, new graphics, newer music (phase 2 of BNW). They changed the slogan to "From the heart of the bluegrass" from May 1993 to June 1997 until the Media General took over with their clouds graphic look. WTVQ ditched the BNW in 1995 I believe and got new graphics yet again and switched to Insynk. Here are some video clips... Coming up at 11 promo from 1994.
  2. WTVQ's Tom Kenny is no longer at the station. He was there since June 2001. https://www.wtvq.com/bios/tom-kenny/ (URL not found).
  3. Unless you are Morris, you don't have the space, but do it anyways. Hard to watch sports on ABC here in Lexington. I am waiting on a 36.9
  4. He was at WKYT-27 from 1996 to 2012, so a lot of viewers should be familiar with him. It's a good hire. But its going to take a lot more changes to move TVQ from a distance (now 4th place thanks to FOX56).
  5. Looks like former WKYT-TV Chief meteorologist is coming from WHAS to WTVQ.
  6. She was recently at WDKY 56.
  7. I've always enjoyed WTVQ's set from 1993-1997, then Media General took the landscape background out of it and replaced it with clouds. Then got a refresh in 2002 then went away in 2008. Not sure who did set, but I do recall seeing it at other stations.
  8. Looks like WLEX borrowed (Burrow) them from WCPO and made the set orange.
  9. Byron Allen line 1, 3 and 4. Line 2 is for Morris and WDEF.
  10. I think NewsNation may work... Oh wait.
  11. We are very creative here in Kentucky lol.
  12. As you said I think the KOIN news package would've worked better here. Just so long to the blue and yellow sinclair logo they've had since 2001.
  13. We've had some severe weather today (again) here in Kentucky. They broke into programming.
  14. I am getting waaay off topic. Is that even a thing anymore? We have WUPX TV and WMOR FM here in KY and both exist as WUPX FM and WMOR TV in other states.
  15. They did take their sweet time with this... so I hope I am wrong and it does well.
  16. The name is fine... if it was a lifestyle type show. Still think these following names would work: FOX Charlotte FOX 46 News 46 News Queen City's very own FOX46. Waiting on the call letters to change to WQCN
  17. Agree! Please someone buy Morris NOW. WDKY is getting ready for their launch. Looking pretty good.
  18. WTVQ uses that already for their Morris look.
  19. At least WDKY isn’t called Bluegrass State News. Not a big fan of QC news name nor the logo.
  20. Not bad but lots of colors going on here.
  21. Are you talking about putting ABC on WDKY’s lineup? Yeah I don’t think ABC wants to be apart of 36. I hate watching any sports related event that is on ABC. The quality looks soo bad on there.
  22. Glad Nexstar is committed to WDKY and the Lexington market. Not sure how hard Media General tried to improved WTVQ when they owned them. But I have a good feeling WTVQ will be the 4th ranked station now. Going from a distant third to fourth.
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