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  1. Of course, they spelled the "dot" on the graphic. Calling it FOX 4 makes it seem like their main channel will be 4 and CBS is on 4.2, or 4 dot 2.
  2. This is how I can tell WLEX is using the scrippscast. The peacock isn't in color. No temperature either.
  3. I've noticed WLEX looks to be pre-taping its 12:30 and 4 p.m. newscasts.
  4. Wonder if WLEX would be a part of the "smaller" market.
  5. Didn't WOAY re-brand as TV50 for many years going with their digital channel, then the station went back to channel 4 even though they are on digital channel 30.
  6. I just noticed this on twitter. "Scripps News Norfolk". Is that how they are telling other stories from other markets?
  7. Not too far off from KATC's set. Is this the Scripps cookie cutter design? Was kind of hoping that would be a new Scripps graphic package on the anchor desk monitor but keep dreaming.
  8. Didn't know Hearst was still looking to buy stations. Hoping Morris is next on their list. But should be good for WBBH!
  9. The newer logo will debut tonight after the Oscar’s. A promo.
  10. I’d be okay with a Scripps Weather other than JTV.
  11. Former WKYT anchor Andera Walker (99.9999% sure it's her) is joining WDKY FOX56 10PM News. Her non-compete ends around that date.
  12. Lexington was blessed with UHF only channels in the old analog days, so big channel numbers is what we got.
  13. The sign outside has been updated.
  14. It's real. They are running a Valentines Day promo on air on the their website and they are using the new logo there. You can see it here: https://www.wtvq.com/valentines-day-giveaway/#// Also some coming up on ET shows. Who knows will it actually launch though.
  15. I like it! They seemed to follow whatever WLEX came up with but no longer the case since WLEX was scrippified. But not a fan of Eric Gordon V/O.
  16. Looks like WTVQ is rolling out a newer "modified" logo and bringing back the "On Your Side" slogan. I personally would've like to seen Newschannel brought back as well.
  17. That would be my fault for showing an example. My bad on that.
  18. That is easier said that than done. Some stations can't afford to change their logo right away. WLEX changed their logo to be all blue in 2021. New signage on cars, building, new mic flags so they won't be itching to change their logo again anytime soon, but I would like to see a new logo one day to incorporate the new NBC logo.
  19. If local stations adapt to the new logo this is how it would look here locally for Lexington. This isn't "better" at all.
  20. Wasn’t sure where to put this but starting today, WTVQ is no longer doing a newscast for WLJC (Religious/COZI) at 9pm. WDKY is now airing their 6:30PM news at the same time on WLJC. https://fb.watch/h5-f1BYLnn/?mibextid=qC1gEa
  21. WTVQ has finally ditched Eric Gordon since 2008. Who’s voice is this?
  22. We will see if they get something similar to WTKR?
  23. Would the Nexstar stations try to move the CW network to one of their subchannels or things just stay the way it is? If that is the case, I would see WKYT losing CW on 27.2. WDKY getting the CW on 56.2. But WKYT would try to steal MyTV.
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