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  1. WKRN graphics look nice! Really wish the ABC logo and 2 would swap places though.
  2. WDKY-56 now has the nexstar website: https://foxlexington.com/
  3. New website will be around Nov 16th for WDKY. Question is where will they build this new set for WDKY? Maybe the logo will get changed up, that yellow isn't going to look good with all that red and blue that sinclair launched in 2001.
  4. Looks very nice!! Glad they painted those walls black, that would've made me crazy seeing all those colors.
  5. I’ve seen that one around. The color peacock is back. Noticed this one around the other day too. Wonder what they will do with the set... Add a skyline shot? They've been using the current graphics that are nice and colorful.
  6. That is what I was thinking as well.
  7. Wonder if we will even see any other stations do anything until after election day? I am sure most have their graphics tested and created for the election results.
  8. Not many left. KERO, KRIS, KOAA, KATC and WLEX
  9. WLEX in Oct 1992 News promo and Sunrise promo.
  10. It does look great for that market. Hope they make their way to Lexington eventually to WDKY, hope that is one of the surprises lol
  11. CINCINNATI – The E.W. Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP) will expand its commitment to Michigan audiences early next year by producing its own local newscasts at WSYM, its Fox affiliate in Lansing. The introduction of local news operations at WSYM builds on Scripps’ footprint across Michigan: its three markets reach approximately 81% of the state’s TV households. Scripps also owns WXYZ (ABC) and WMYD (MY Network) in Detroit and WXMI (Fox) in Grand Rapids. WSYM previously aired local news from WILX, the NBC affiliate in Lansing owned by Gray Television. https://scripps.com/press-releases/s
  12. Ooops. Sorry if I put in the wrong thread. Guess technically Tribune now haha

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