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  1. Maybe Scripps 2.0 graphics are on their way. HA. Just kidding.
  2. Nice! They could pull that off here in KY as well as many stations Gray has here.
  3. Since WDKY is cutting ties with WKYT. WKYT will move the 7AM and 10PM news to the CW 27.2. Read more here. https://www.kentucky.com/news/local/article254424693.html
  4. Another one leaving WTVQ-36. A good gig for Bryan though. This is 4 in the last few months.
  5. This is true. They have SET in their name. Hopefully, it's a nice one.
  6. I did as well. But there is WKRC on 12 as well. I am sure most people down in that area think they are on still channel 57 and just using a small indoor antenna to pick up the channel. I also heard that WYMT is on dish network and on channel 12 via the Lexington HDTV AVS forums.
  7. Tegna's answer to Media General's crescent? Just something looks off with the cut off 4.
  8. Yep. Considering Sinclair never really spent any money on FOX56. Shocked they are staying the same building though.
  9. WDKY press release about the changes coming. https://foxlexington.com/station/wdky-fox-56-announces-major-expansion-of-local-news-programming-beginning-jan-1-2022/
  10. Looks very nice. Still shocked the 6) crescent is still around these days.
  11. WTVQ evening anchor is out. Going back to her hometown. https://www.facebook.com/VJSeltzer/posts/274368797844076
  12. And there is WYMT. Didn't think it would ever leave VHF 12. Sounds like they will get some height as well from the old analog channel 57 antenna. Shocked that is won't interfere with nearby WDKY-19 and WKYT-21. WLEX also got a nice pump in power and a little more height.
  13. Yes! Thank you Media General for that. Time to lose a little weight on that 9.
  14. Looks like WDKY/FOX56 has picked their morning anchors.

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