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  1. I feel like its been longer than that. It's been updated over the years. But much needed regardless. Yeah that is a chroma-key look going on.
  2. Yes, KSBY has a great package as well and both could be around for another 5 years. The Tower wasn't around that long for WLEX. I wonder when WLEX switches, if they will stop using the different colors on the set throughout the day and just stick with blue and white.
  3. Sounds like it won’t make the three year mark this July. A great package.
  4. I would love to apply for that position! Too bad isn't not a remote job.
  5. Noticed this the other day on WKYT. Not sure if they are getting a new graphics? It's not the big blocks.
  6. Thanks to ehatt439 to telling me about this. New logo for WCPO.
  7. Yep. As long as Scripps doesn't change it to Tomorrow's TMJ4
  8. I've never seen it on WKYT either with any of the meteorologist.
  9. I looked again and I hadn't searched since last year, but looks like on 5/17/2019, they moved ownership of the tower from Nexstar to WTVQ, LLC. That is about time when they started to work on the "repack" process.
  10. Yep, I would agree with you there. WDKY would be a clean sell. Would that change anything with their partnership with Gray/WKYT? If approved, Nexstar would own 2 towers here in Lexington. WDKY and WTVQ (from the media general days)
  11. Sorry, I am late to the party... https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/sinclair-settles-tribune-lawsuit-will-pay-nexstar-60m-1273887?fbclid=IwAR0X_YhBr87i_jf-g4fXEQ2OpycoJG8JWq72eEXAb7Uvy5F8trgqRalFxzs
  12. Is Scripps going for a "First Alert" weather branding for the stations? That won't work here in Lexington. WKYT/Gray already has that.
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