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  1. Oh yeah, some of those screenshot were just the online updates for KRIS, KSBY and KERO.
  2. Looks like they got someone from WLEX. Nexstar Broadcasting Closes on Acquisition of WDKY-TV FOX 56 in Lexington, KY, and Appoints Monte Costes as Vice President and General Manager of its Broadcast and Digital Operations https://www.nexstar.tv/nexstar-closes-on-acquisition-of-wdky-tv-and-appoints-monte-costes/
  3. Sweet. I’ll see if I can capture the end tag if it shows up today.
  4. Nice! I was just watching it yesterday. They need to get rid of that times new roman 13. Keeps getting smaller. KERO, KRIS, WLEX, KOAA, KMTV, KSTU, KATC and KSBY
  5. I did see this online for KSBY. For KRIS KERO
  6. This is who we have left, right? I don't think KOAA has switched yet. KERO, KRIS, WLEX, KOAA, KMTV, KSTU, KATC and KSBY
  7. Looks like the Nexstar NBC graphics as well.
  8. That was quick. Set doesn’t look as dark as WTKR thankfully.
  9. WDRB-41 anchor is leaving.
  10. Not sure who that guy is, but he did some VO work for KET as well.
  11. Good! Can't blame them for that haha. They were supposed to get the new sinclair graphics back in the winter but then nexstar take over happened at the end of January so that cancelled that.
  12. Nexstar should own them within 30 days, right? Officially on closing day. Can't wait to see curves go away, but who knows when Nexstar will give WDKY a new look. Took WKYT awhile to implement the current graphics.
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