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  1. WTVQ has finally ditched Eric Gordon since 2008. Who’s voice is this?
  2. We will see if they get something similar to WTKR?
  3. Would the Nexstar stations try to move the CW network to one of their subchannels or things just stay the way it is? If that is the case, I would see WKYT losing CW on 27.2. WDKY getting the CW on 56.2. But WKYT would try to steal MyTV.
  4. WYMT got their new graphics today. Similar to WKYT's but with some yellow sprinkled in. Wish the old WYMT logo was brought back.
  5. Oh yeah, that is right. Had they not been fired from WLEX, I would guess they would be on a lot of the scripps' stations.
  6. Is this their first non-morris station that they are on?
  7. I found the the second audio clip and sent it to NMSA. I've been looking for videos of the opening. I've got a contact who has a lot of videos from this time period and he will be adding those soon hopefully. The second audio clip is actually from May 1993. It was their 25th anniversary. New set, new graphics, newer music (phase 2 of BNW). They changed the slogan to "From the heart of the bluegrass" from May 1993 to June 1997 until the Media General took over with their clouds graphic look. WTVQ ditched the BNW in 1995 I believe and got new graphics yet again and switched to Insynk. Here are some video clips... Coming up at 11 promo from 1994.
  8. WTVQ's Tom Kenny is no longer at the station. He was there since June 2001. https://www.wtvq.com/bios/tom-kenny/ (URL not found).
  9. Unless you are Morris, you don't have the space, but do it anyways. Hard to watch sports on ABC here in Lexington. I am waiting on a 36.9
  10. He was at WKYT-27 from 1996 to 2012, so a lot of viewers should be familiar with him. It's a good hire. But its going to take a lot more changes to move TVQ from a distance (now 4th place thanks to FOX56).
  11. Looks like former WKYT-TV Chief meteorologist is coming from WHAS to WTVQ.
  12. Hoping WYMT gets added soon.
  13. She was recently at WDKY 56.
  14. I enjoyed WHAS/Belo look in the early 00's.
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