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  1. Ha. A very directional news station. North central West Virginia.
  2. Looks like we may be getting close for WLEX.
  3. Not official... WDKY FOX56 We’re creating a brand-new newsroom and want a meteorologist for our evening newscasts who connects with our viewers and values her/his teammates. WDKY is looking for a PM Meteorologist. AM Meteorologist Weekend Sports Anchor / Reporter AM News Producer Reporter / MMJ News Photographer / MMJ News Producer - PM Sports Anchor/Reporter News AM Anchor
  4. Now looks like an Assistant News Director job. How often do you get the chance to build a local TV newsroom? https://nexstar.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/nexstar/job/Nexstar---WDKY/Assistant-News-Director_REQ-10326
  5. Very impressive set there!
  6. I do like the new ABC logo, but not the size of it. Rather the ABC size be same size as the 7 logo and be right beside it. Like CBS 2 for example. By 2033, we should have this logo.
  7. Waiting to see if Gray moves WYMT off channel 12, but they have a huge coverage on that channel.
  8. I don’t think I’d seen that open before. Nice! Yeah that has a VOD feel to it.
  9. Who did the Media General graphics or as I called it the cloud look (Counterpoint era) graphics for WTVQ/WJHL/WSLS/WNCT/WCBD/KALB in the mid-late 90's?
  10. Ha, I just saw this and put in the speculation chat. Yeah to me, this makes me think this is just the start of ending the relationship with WKYT and nothing against WKYT, just wanting to go out on their own. Not sure when that ends. If we start to see anchors/meteorologist job postings for WDKY, then here is our sign.
  11. I often wonder that myself. Here in Lexington, WLEX is replacing their 18 year old radar that was still running windows XP. https://www.lex18.com/weather/bill-meck-explains-what-makes-maxtrack-2-0-the-most-accurate-radar-in-lexington
  12. Any other stations left to get a new set? WMGT? Now Morris can sell the stations.
  13. PREACH! Been waiting on that for about 6+ years now.
  14. Not horrible for Morris.

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