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  1. I've always heard low VHF band signal is supposed to "bend" over these mountains? Figured that is why they stayed on channel 5 all these years. Going from a 90 mile contour 78.9 mile contour. With a lot of the Gray stations moving to from VHF to UHF like listed above, waiting on WYMT to get off channel 12, but at least it's not low VHF.
  2. Set looks good, but not the biggest fan of the dual logos.
  3. Guessing a lot of the staff isn’t working from home either? Guessing a lot of the staff isn’t working from home either?
  4. WAVE-3 did the same, but ended up getting a gray package. Sort of. I haven't seen the Gray weather package yet for WAVE 3. Bring it on for WKYT and WYMT.
  5. Looks like WDKY has a nexstar looking school closing ticker.
  6. Looks nice! Still waiting on WDKY to get nexstar'd.
  7. Then there were 4. KERO, KRIS, KATC and WLEX.
  8. Cool. Hopefully some different sub channels down the road.
  9. Anything going to change with the new owners of the divested/INYO stations?
  10. Ha! Haha. Happy 2021. Get viewers used to the music then the graphics
  11. LEX18 is using the scripps music but not the new graphics. WX segment.
  12. I believe it took WDKY a week to get the Nexstar closing animation back in the fall, but then again it's market 63, not 1.
  13. Yep, and the website has both as of now.

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