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  1. I'll keep saying it, really hope someone will buy Morris soon enough.
  2. Yes... Too many things going on. It's a Morris station. Not surprised.
  3. I like that style 7. Anyone want this logo to come back?
  4. WLEX just got the scripps website. https://www.lex18.com/why-we-redesigned-the-website-and-mobile-app Anyone heard anything about the new graphics?
  5. 40th WLEX newscast. Anniversary show
  6. New scripps site! https://scripps.com/our-brands/local-media/
  7. Looks very similar. My guess WTVQ is counting on WLEX to end up with a Scripps look eventually? Not sure what is going on with their open, happened on Sunday as well.
  8. Some other photos: https://www.facebook.com/digitalvideogroup/posts/10157337743873104
  9. Couldn’t agree more. The lower thirds even remind me of WLEX. This set is much better than what they had.
  10. A little sample of their new graphics. Should be getting close.
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