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  1. Looks like WHNT got a little upgrade.
  2. The set will debut August 10. And I like the weather desk. Considering the walls behind them are all monitors that will display different things, I think it was important to have a simplified pod.
  3. You would think so, but KOIN has the same cable feature on their set. Maybe just a happy accident?
  4. Yes. It leads to the newsroom on the buildings second floor.
  5. Also got a glimpse of the new graphics. It looks like they are getting the KOIN package modified with the current WFLA color scheme of blue, gold, and red.
  6. Friend of mine sent me a few construction shots.
  7. Respecting their wishes, I did not take pictures. But like I said, it will be quite a nice change if the renderings come to fruition.
  8. I just saw a mock up of the new set and I was pleasantly surprised. This doesn't look like it will be a Nexstar-style set. The elements look somewhat European. Clean lines, minimalist, open. WFLA has the space for it so it will be exciting to see the company moving in this direction.
  9. WFLA has moved elements of the current set into their second studio as a temporary set. New set should be completed in the next 6-8 weeks.

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