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  1. May be an unpopular opinion in this thread among the love-to-hate-CNN-ers, but I think Licht has put together a strong product in CNN This Morning. It delivers the hard news with a light atmosphere that many have denounced ABC, NBC, and even CBS for turning away from in favor of tabloid fare and pop culture. I think moving Don Lemon to the morning on a roundtable show was a smart, creative move that reels in his excessive prime-time opining while still giving room for human perspective. Kaitlan Collins is an excellent political interviewer and Poppy Harlow has been a strong, personable anchor for years. The three clearly have good chemistry, too. I look forward to seeing how the show evolves over the next several months, including with a new set of its own. Licht, who is deeply experienced in launching and relaunching morning shows, is playing the long game and not obsessing over the day to day ratings like some folks here, as he acknowledged he recognizes it can take around a year for a show to start gaining its own footing.
  2. They've had that for several weeks.
  3. More overtures to Gayle King, this time to host a weekly interview show for CNN while remaining at CBS Mornings (like Anderson Cooper's arrangement, but in reverse): https://nypost.com/2023/01/31/cnn-wants-gayle-king-to-host-weekly-prime-time-show-report/ King's a phenomenal interviewer, but I remain skeptical that CNN would be able to successfully differentiate this show from Chris Wallace's weekly interview show.
  4. I don't think Chris Licht, whose mandate is to make CNN distraction-free, is going to hire two major distractions.
  5. Now confirmed by mainstream sources: https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/27/media/gma3-anchors-depart/index.html
  6. I agree that if TJ was engaged in any form of relationship with a subordinate, direct or indirect, and didn't disclose it, that -- in combination with his multiple other workplace affairs -- taken together are grounds for termination. Regardless of the age of the subordinate, there is an inherent power dynamic in the workplace between a person in a position of power and a subordinate that justifies the reporting requirements most employers have. Separately, with the departures of Tom Llamas and now Cecilia Vega, the increasingly likely termination of Holmes, and the questionable future of Robach, ABC's talent bench has taken a major hit. That's a serious setback for a network's talent development. That leaves Linsey Davis and Whit Johnson as major players for now.
  7. Derick Waller was behind the desk anchoring with Michelle this morning.
  8. Take it with a grain of salt given the sources (Page Six, People, etc.), but those outlets are citing sources indicating TJ and Amy likely won't return to GMA3. https://pagesix.com/2023/01/13/amy-robach-t-j-holmes-likely-out-at-gma3-after-affair/ https://people.com/tv/amy-robach-tj-holmes-unlikely-to-return-for-gma3-have-not-been-terminated-source/? https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/t-j-holmes-amy-robach-133818053.html?
  9. Barbara Walters has died. https://www.facebook.com/ABCNews/videos/831536031240779/
  10. Would like to see an afternoon hour returned to Brianna Keilar.
  11. Has nothing to do with that. Licht has a mandate to streamline operations and cut costs.
  12. I can't explain the decision to bench them anymore than anyone else, but this went all the way to the level of Bob Iger, who's now back as Disney's CEO, so it was not made with haste. I'm certain they consulted with PR & Public Affairs, and knew the likelihood of external media attention. As I've previously said, I agree that relationships between non-subordinate colleagues are private matters so long as they don't become workplace matters. Godwin acknowledged that their behavior (as it is currently known) did not violate any policies. Still, it sounds like this became a serious workplace distraction once the affair was brought to light which is itself an issue executives must deal with as well. Moreover, Holmes and Robach surely had to meet with HR, Godwin, and perhaps others at the company, all of which is time consuming and distracting if you're also preparing for and hosting a show the same day. There may also be more to the story that we don't know, and the decision to bench for a few days may have also been a "warning shot" to Robach and Holmes to mind their behavior. All in all, many possibilities, but ABC is not the JV team and I'm willing to believe there was a fair rationale for the decision. They were not terminated. It would not surprise me to see them back on air on Monday.
  13. Not uncommon for the bench reporters to be called up around Christmas, but this is earlier than usual and she is brand new. Good for her.
  14. Very unlikely this would be addressed on air. If anything, through a statement or messages on their social media accounts. Importantly, this was (is) a relationship between two consenting adults who are not professionally subordinate to one another or in a position to influence the other's employment. Whether or not their relationship constituted an extramarital affair is unclear, but even if it did, it's not a situation for which a morality clause is typically invoked and is unlikely to affect either's employment with the company.
  15. Camille Edwards was not promoted internally to WABC VP/ND. She was hired from WRC, the D.C. NBC affiliate.
  16. It isn't really coincidental. The new guys running CNN used to run CBS This Morning.
  17. Given the recent streak of internal promotions, I frankly assumed the role would go to Kim Dillon or Peter Kunz, both of whom were elevated to the role of AND and co-led the newsroom throughout Aslam's medical leave.
  18. Breaking news is, by definition, unexpected.
  19. Navarro is not expected to appear on the show every day: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/view-names-alyssa-farah-griffin-ana-navarro-hosts/story?id=87888593
  20. The most interesting nugget from this article is not that AFG is joining The View, but that Ana Navarro wanted the full-time spot and didn't get it. It'd been widely thought that she was only interested in the part time hosting gig. The show's staff has previously said they were looking for someone who would refute the election lies but who was not a "Never Trumper." Griffin checks both boxes, whereas Navarro has been widely critical of both Trump and the GOP since Trump's candidacy and lacks favorability among conservative viewers. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/the-view-alyssa-farah-new-host-1235319329/
  21. Sam's already working only 4 days a week, and it would not surprise me if he intended to renegotiate for either more vacation time, fewer workdays, or more favorable hours (i.e., coming on later in the morning or leaving before the noon show). More generally, he's a flight risk given that he really doesn't need the job. Similarly, though Lee will be around for a while, one can reason he'll at some point negotiate for fewer shows or more vacation time. So, even if there is no impending talent departure, whether it's for bench-building or just vacation coverage, an extra hire is a good thing to do given the status of the rest of the team.
  22. Just noticed a posting for a weather anchor on WABC's jobs page. Not sure if it's a stale listing or an active one.
  23. This was my thought as well. I'd expect her to show up as an anchor or anchor/reporter in a slightly downmarket DMA.
  24. He's done this on and off during the pandemic. It's a nice touch, especially on Fridays, and he has a beautiful backyard from which to do it. I do wonder what the contingency plan is if there are signal or connectivity issues. Not sure if there is another meteorologist in the newsroom on those days, or if they would have Lee call in via phone and talk over the maps, or if they'd just put up the 7 day forecast and have the anchors read it.
  25. Wolf Blitzer was noticeably absent during CNN's coverage, which was led by Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper.
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