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  1. Because they run no commercials for the first 15+ minutes of the broadcast.
  2. The version of the set they created for the midterm elections in 2018 did, but I've not seen a second story in this one. I assume the staircase is just a prop.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by Tweet pages, but his Twitter account has not been removed. It's still there. https://twitter.com/lipoftv Instead of broadly claiming he is biased, the more appropriately thing to do would be to cite specific instances in which you feel he stated something biased. If you have examples, please share them.
  4. Phil does not express his own political views on his Twitter page, which I've followed for years, so that's not an accurate statement to make. If you're referring to the occasional comment he makes on Twitter calling into question a demonstrably false lie President Trump tells, or lamenting an unprofessional tone or ad hominem attack made by a politician, it's completely justified as a journalist and is consistent with comments made by network and cable news correspondents.
  5. I think Rob Nelson was an amazing talent for a morning show. But, yes, Phil Lipof is great himself, too.
  6. I know that the WABC street-side studio has multiple layers of thick glass, at least one of which is shatterproof (i.e., bulletproof) as you can see from the photos. But it does present risks. Certainly could have been a different situation were Sam or Lee out on that sidewalk doing a weather live shot. If I were the technical director I might have thrown to an extended commercial break and relocated the anchors to the upstairs newsroom to continue the broadcast from there. But I have no doubt WABC has their own contingency plans in place. The entire ABC building has
  7. Could be a savvy ratings play by postponing the first commercial break.
  8. We could always make it a bit longer: From ABC News World Headquarters at the Barbara Walters Building on Peter Jennings Way in New York, this is World News Tonight with David Muir!
  9. I'm surprised they didn't air their security camera footage.
  10. I personally think Ana Navarro brings more in terms of opinion and humor, but Sara is pleasant and will probably again be a mediating force.
  11. Love the movement of that music package!
  12. Great sendoff. Tim really represented the gravitas, authority, and trust of EWN. He's been one of the reasons WABC remains the number one station in the nation. Now, lest we forget the extent to which Tim really has been around the block, just two years ago Tim was punched in the face while covering a story! https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/eyewitness-news-reporter-punched-face-queens-article-1.3926405
  13. I know it's semantics, but no one knows when the pandemic is going to be "over." I don't think there's going to be a date on which people say "okay, we've won, back to normal." There will come a time when a vaccine is widely distributed, deaths and hospitalizations decrease, and the story is no longer the story of the day. But that will happen gradually. As has been mentioned, ABC has already begun positioning it to be a general news hour that doesn't rely on COVID coverage. I'm sure the program will continue as long as ABC is satisfied with its ratings or until they come up wi

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