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  1. Great sendoff. Tim really represented the gravitas, authority, and trust of EWN. He's been one of the reasons WABC remains the number one station in the nation. Now, lest we forget the extent to which Tim really has been around the block, just two years ago Tim was punched in the face while covering a story! https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/eyewitness-news-reporter-punched-face-queens-article-1.3926405
  2. I know it's semantics, but no one knows when the pandemic is going to be "over." I don't think there's going to be a date on which people say "okay, we've won, back to normal." There will come a time when a vaccine is widely distributed, deaths and hospitalizations decrease, and the story is no longer the story of the day. But that will happen gradually. As has been mentioned, ABC has already begun positioning it to be a general news hour that doesn't rely on COVID coverage. I'm sure the program will continue as long as ABC is satisfied with its ratings or until they come up with a better idea.
  3. That is like saying Les Moonves, Charlie Rose, and Roger Ailes weren't guilty of sexual misconduct because they also hired women.
  4. ABC broke in a bit before midnight on Friday night. Tai Hernandez anchored the break-in and Byron Pitts narrated the piece.
  5. This is a bit of a unique example as it wasn't national news, per se, but was treated as such by CBS News because Bob Simon was one of their own. This aired during a commercial break in primetime and is typical of the "breaking news during commercial break" style of special report:
  6. Yup, he was. And it's the role he's still been filling thus far. Initially reporting during the week and on the anchor desk only to fill in. Now reporting during the week and anchoring the weekend broadcast. It's historically true that the Anchor/Reporter role is for WABC's weekend anchors. That said, easy to forget that Shirleen Allicot was also hired for an Anchor/Reporter role. Initially she anchored the noon broadcast and reported for the 4/5/6. Her role of course has since changed.
  7. Interesting indeed. Based on history, the fact that it's an Anchor/Reporter posting would suggest it's to fill a weekend spot.
  8. Sherri Shepherd, who used to be on The View, adds her own two cents:
  9. Cool use of TV-3 for 20/20's Juneteenth special as seen below and in the beginning of each of the following video clips.
  10. I guess size doesn't matter.
  11. The letter sent to ABC News management by black employees mentioned in the piece has been obtained: https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1273296410528514048/photo/1
  12. They could be negotiating an exit, but rest assured Disney is also determining if they can fire her for cause. They're not going to blow money (and the brand's reputation) on severance if they don't have to. I'm not an attorney, but I presume it will be harder to terminate her for cause if there is proof (settlements, HR complaints) that the company knew about, and tacitly accepted, her misconduct.
  13. Hard to imagine why someone remotely intelligent would say that publicly unless it were true. But hell, who knows. His replies to other comments all suggest he's returning to NYC. As for attempts by WABC to lure Lori back, it's the first I'm hearing of this. But it wouldn't surprise me. Chad Matthews, the ND at WABC who replaced Camille, has a good relationship with Lori from his first stint at WABC.
  14. When The View was transferred to the news division, Fedida had an active role, with others, in the show's reconfiguration. She is well known to the hosts.
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