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  1. Of course it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t necessary for them to change the lights to blue or for Norah to wear a pantsuit either. It was a choice. This is nothing new, by the way. When Charlie, Diane, and David each took over WNT, they all cited Peter Jennings in one way or another. For people who work in that business, it’s an act of respect. As I said, the 20 second nod to the show’s legacy was just as much for the CBS News staff as it was for the audience.
  2. Per TVNewser: "Out of the broadcast morning shows, @GMA garnered the most total viewers last week, @TODAYshow was No. 1 among adults 25-54. @CBSThisMorning was the only one of the three to post growth from last year among adults 25-54." https://t.co/oMIvMJyOjH?amp=1
  3. Strong debut. The blues give the show an evening feel, not too different from the blues of WNT and NN. Norah has a commanding presence and brings her own gravitas. This is a show I would watch. The nod to Murrow was just as much for the CBS staff as it was for the audience. She can give a 20 second nod to the show's history in the debut episode and still establish the show as her own. They aren't mutually exclusive.
  4. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/norah-odonnell-previews-cbs-evening-news-debut-apollo-11-retrospective/ I'm pleased to read of plans to double down on investigative reporting. That's a hallmark of journalism and something CBS stands apart in.
  5. https://www.wsj.com/articles/norah-odonnell-anchors-a-new-era-at-cbs-11562947327?
  6. The talent opens are sometimes included because the producers just want to experiment, or because the show timeline is a few seconds shorter so the talent opens can fill the time.
  7. Epic Darla Miles moment on air yesterday afternoon. She's a pro.
  8. Mike Marza will be filling in for Joe Torres this weekend.
  9. Do the various enthusiastic John Elliot fans on this thread realize the rest of us don't work for WCBS general management?
  10. Am I mistaken or was there a black female meteorologist on WABC for a brief stint in the early 2000s? Can’t remember her name.
  11. He has stated multiple times on his social media that he will be returning to television.
  12. You can rest assured no one will be scooping up Matt Lauer.
  13. I'm hypothesizing as we don't yet have ratings numbers, but let us not forget the positive downstream effect this is likely to have for ABC. Sam's return will probably generate a bump in viewership for EWN This Morning, and some of these additional viewers will keep the dial tuned to Channel 7 for GMA. So, GMA is bound to experience a small bump in viewers as well.
  14. There’s no way he would have been given that option.
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