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  1. Several network correspondents have left their jobs for weekday or weeknight anchor roles at local stations in big markets. The pay is better and there’s no travel required.
  2. Wanted to highlight my edit: I can see how some might have misread my post as justifying Ken's comments, but my intention was the opposite -- I was trying to articulate that even if he didn't get along with her, it is never okay to use a word like the one he allegedly said.
  3. Shirleen never struck me as a particularly nice or friendly person, but yeah, you can't say that... Edit: I can see how some might have misread this as justifying Ken's comments, but my intention was the opposite -- I was trying to articulate that even if he didn't get along with her, it is never okay to use a word like the one he allegedly used.
  4. The last part is key. Other employees obviously heard what he said (either by being in the studio or in the control room), and whatever he said must have been deemed inappropriate enough that saying it within earshot of colleagues was grounds for termination, even if it wasn't heard on air.
  5. This was a very interesting piece when it was published last October that generated a lot of buzz among journalists. Rolling Stone's reporting intimated that his arrest may have been associated with his investigative reporting, either for possessing classified documents or as retribution by the government for exposing certain missteps. Well, in fact, it had nothing to do with that. He's accused of serious charges related to child pornography and communication with and about minors. https://nypost.com/2023/02/01/reporter-james-gordon-meek-charged-in-child-pornography-case/ As it turns out, Rolling Stone's leader may have been covering for Meek, his friend. https://www.npr.org/2023/03/21/1164360143/rolling-stone-fbi-raid-journalist-james-gordon-meek This is not the first time Rolling Stone botched an investigative story. You'll recall the Rolling Stone investigative story about allegations of sexual abuse at the University of Virginia, which in fact turned out to be completely unsubstantiated.
  6. Respectfully, this comment makes it sound like you've never watched CNN's election coverage before. This has been standard operating procedure for them for all large political events for at least a decade. They have one host (typically Tapper) anchoring a panel of journalists and political analysts, and another host (typically Cooper) anchoring a panel of pundits. One gives objective analysis while the other gives opinion from the left and right.
  7. I happen to think Elie Honig, the other senior analyst, is a better legal communicator, but she's equally qualified and this was probably her consolation for being officially kicked off of the 10pm broadcast. Tangentially related... Jeffrey Toobin appeared on several CNN shows on Friday as a guest promoting his latest book. Believe this was his first appearance on CNN since he was fired.
  8. Phil Lipof has appeared with others besides just Eva.
  9. Reporting suggests this interview may have been the final straw
  10. NBC Universal's CEO was fired for an inappropriate relationship with an employee.
  11. King Charles with Gayle King and Charles Barkley coming to CNN Wednesday nights this fall.
  12. I’m aware. I fit into one of those categories.
  13. Can’t make any inferences based off of one night for an experimental show she essentially guest hosted. But a win for sure.
  14. Initial thoughts: interesting concept. The stand-ups, floor-to-ceiling graphics, and camera pans from one part of the studio to another reminded me of CNN’s election night coverage, which is probably not an accident. Creates a more active and fast-paced feeling. As others have said, no graphics overhaul yet. Lower thirds and bug are all the same. Some elements drawing from the new logo did appear sporadically. Some of the standing felt excessive, though. I almost felt bad for the anchors. I only watched the first 10 minutes but I didn’t see anyone sit down once. Even the panel discussion I saw involved everyone standing and chatting around a table. It was almost distracting. I suspect they will recalibrate some of this over time.
  15. Wondering if the new studios for News Central will coincide with a new studio for This Morning. From a programmatic perspective I would think getting the new studio for the flagship morning show up and running should take priority over the daytime lineup. On the other hand, the temp studio CNNTM is using functionally works, whereas the studios from which Newsroom has aired lately are not well configured for a 3-host panel with stand ups, graphics, etc., so I get the need to revamp those. We’ll see.
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