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  1. You don't think the news networks should carry the hearings of the impeachment of the President of the United States?
  2. During the Nixon era, PBS re-broadcasted the impeachment hearings during primetime, and attracted wild viewership. There have been calls for PBS to do the same now, but so far they've indicated no plans to do so. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/11/11/bill-moyers-impeachment-pbs-broadcast-trump-nixon/
  3. “As we come on the air tonight...”
  4. Yes, the story being told by ABC (and by Robach, through ABC) is that the reporting at the time did not meet standards, and Robach was just venting. But, to be fair, we of course don't know if that's true, or if it was killed.
  5. Someone from ABC leaked hot-mic video in which Amy Robach claims she had interviews and key details of the now-public Epstein story three years ago, but that the story was nixed by ABC.
  6. Between that, her summer arm-block of the clueless passerby, and this moment that some of you might remember, she's due for a raise!
  7. Where has it been reported that Fox "apparently" fined Smith?
  8. It has become apparent that his colleagues were unaware he was planning to leave -- until, well, he announced it to them on air:
  9. GMA will interview Ronan Farrow tomorrow about Catch & Kill.
  10. I agree. The questions would have to be pointed. As for NBC affiliates airing the show, I see no issue. TODAY has reported on the Lauer issue.
  11. Why would it tarnish her at all? Is she only supposed to have well-liked people on her show to talk about cooking and flowers? 60 Minutes correspondents interview unpopular people accused of crimes all the time, and press them on the details of the crimes they are accused of. Why shouldn't she be able to do the same?
  12. Thank you for your polite and welcoming answers.
  13. Does anyone know if there is a recording of the newscast (or its tribute-related segments) posted?
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