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  1. New TV3 being used again today for the first time in a long time for NASA/SpaceX launch coverage.
  2. Speaking of Torres, this is the setup they decided to jerry-rig for Tiempo:
  3. Being used tonight for 20/20 coronavirus special.
  4. I think people are confusing pointing out untruthful statements with open disdain. If an elected leader makes a statement that is contradicted by facts or by reporting, then it's a journalist's obligation to hold them accountable and say so. There was a period of time during and after the 2016 election when news outlets went out of their way to highlight "all sides" or "all points of view," even when one of them was clearly misleading or not supported by facts. We are starting to see more and more outlets, including CNN and others, be more proactive in speaking truth to power, which is why you see anchors being more aggressive in noting fact vs. fiction.
  5. Lee is also doing weather from home.
  6. I think Ana lives in Florida and flies in for Friday shows. Could be that she doesn't want to fly and they don't want to send a camera crew to her.
  7. Tara Palmeri appears to have disappeared from ABC, only to have turned up as the host of a podcast about Jeffrey Epstein.
  8. He won’t return to the weekend morning show but he will continue reporting through mid March. Unclear if the weekend morning show will do highlight reel or acknowledgement of his departure.
  9. We're talking about this two-story mini city?
  10. First, the CBS producers who posted the clip of that line of questioning should have known better. It was a small line of questioning, part of a much larger interview about Bryant and his life, and without context reduced an otherwise-good interview to a single moment. Bryant was accused of sexual assault, and in this Me Too era, a neutral look-back on his life would be incomplete without at least an acknowledgement. In the scope of the entire interview, that's all it was. But CBS chose to go for click bate, and it blew up in their face. Second, I expect you'd know better than to post something so dismissive. Gayle worked as a reporter and anchor at WUSA, WJZ, WDAF, and WFSB, long before joining CBS. She's qualified.
  11. Thought this warranted its own thread. ABC News announced big changes to its ABC News Live streaming platform, including new programming anchored by broadcast talent Tom Llamas and Linsey Davis. See: https://abcnewspr.tumblr.com/post/190423948366/americas-1-streaming-news-channel-kicks-off-all and and a preview of a new set (which may or may not be a product of the major TV3 renovations?):
  12. I like the flat graphics as they're used here. Certainly not used to seeing ABC use orange, though.
  13. Strahan spoke to NYT about, among other things, his botched exit from LIVE. He clearly thinks Kelly was out of line. https://pagesix.com/2020/01/29/michael-strahan-on-past-tv-gigs-i-didnt-know-i-was-supposed-to-be-a-sidekick/
  14. Matt Gutman has been suspended by ABC News for erroneous reporting during the live helicopter crash special report. He initially reported all four of the Bryant children were killed in the crash; he later issued a correction on air.
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