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  1. Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have inked a podcast and content deal with iHeartMedia. It's unclear if Robach is still in discussions to join NewsNation. https://variety.com/2023/digital/news/amy-robach-t-j-holmes-iheartmedia-podcast-1235775921/
  2. CNN delayed its launch in favor of consistent prime-time coverage of the Israel-Hamas war.
  3. Stacey Sager has been off the air while receiving treatment for breast cancer. Boy, she's been through a lot over the years. She'll start returning intermittently when she feels up to it, she recently posted.
  4. Ah, I didn't actually realize Chris Wallace's Saturday AM slot was for an entirely new show. I had thought it would just be an airing (or rebroadcast) of Who's Talking.
  5. The writing has been on the wall for years. GMA has (unfortunately, in my opinion) been using less and less of its Times Square backyard. It was once upon a time a focal point of the show with the windows open behind the anchor desk, frequent camera shots of TS, and regular segments outside. Given that this has all been mostly eliminated, there's frankly no reason to continue renting what is highly-valuable real estate. They could build a studio in the middle of nowhere and produce the show in its current format.
  6. That was actually my first thought before even knowing about a picture of them together! We'll see...
  7. Saw he posted new headshots with little teases that he'd have more to share soon. Wasn't clear to me he'd be returning to TV, though. If not, wouldn't be surprised to see him on radio, where he started his career.
  8. And, fun fact, she's the daughter of CNN's Gary Tuchman.
  9. They have, at times. After Lisa Colagrossi died on the job (and her family later claimed WABC overworked her), Lori Stokes and Ken Rosato demanded to stop working the noon show and they were indeed replaced. That's when Novarro started anchoring at noon in addition to at 4:00 pm. When Shirleen arrived, she started on the noon show and because she had no seniority (i.e., leverage), she kept the noon show when she was given Lori's morning chair.
  10. Derick Waller is leaving WABC. He attributes it to the difficulties of working the early shift.
  11. I meant to convey that they didn't hire an entire cohort of new employees just for this show. They gave some promotions and are paying others to work longer to cover the show. You're right that 1 hour of TV =/= 1 hour of work, though in this case several of the stories that air are recycled. My overall point is that it is not a gargantuan undertaking in either time or money for WABC to produce this show.
  12. I would agree if there were resources being poured into the show, but... they bought an extra table. They're paying producers and anchors more for working an extra hour, but they'd have to do that regardless of format. I agree that it's a nice, fresh attempt. So far, at least. I'll be interested in how the production evolves over the next few months, if at all.
  13. What makes you say that? It's been on the air for one day.
  14. Here's the open: https://www.facebook.com/ABC7NY/posts/pfbid0J8V6wWZ3ntt6WUQPnEqgqhudncciAqZfzZv9zWKvT2pyRNMY1HRs39kW655tiHVMl? Interview with Eric Adams: https://abc7ny.com/eric-adams-new-york-city-mayor-eyewitness-news-mornings-at-10-migrants/13772316/?
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