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  1. Navarro is not expected to appear on the show every day: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/view-names-alyssa-farah-griffin-ana-navarro-hosts/story?id=87888593
  2. The most interesting nugget from this article is not that AFG is joining The View, but that Ana Navarro wanted the full-time spot and didn't get it. It'd been widely thought that she was only interested in the part time hosting gig. The show's staff has previously said they were looking for someone who would refute the election lies but who was not a "Never Trumper." Griffin checks both boxes, whereas Navarro has been widely critical of both Trump and the GOP since Trump's candidacy and lacks favorability among conservative viewers. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/the-view-alyssa-farah-new-host-1235319329/
  3. Sam's already working only 4 days a week, and it would not surprise me if he intended to renegotiate for either more vacation time, fewer workdays, or more favorable hours (i.e., coming on later in the morning or leaving before the noon show). More generally, he's a flight risk given that he really doesn't need the job. Similarly, though Lee will be around for a while, one can reason he'll at some point negotiate for fewer shows or more vacation time. So, even if there is no impending talent departure, whether it's for bench-building or just vacation coverage, an extra hire is a good thing to do given the status of the rest of the team.
  4. Just noticed a posting for a weather anchor on WABC's jobs page. Not sure if it's a stale listing or an active one.
  5. This was my thought as well. I'd expect her to show up as an anchor or anchor/reporter in a slightly downmarket DMA.
  6. He's done this on and off during the pandemic. It's a nice touch, especially on Fridays, and he has a beautiful backyard from which to do it. I do wonder what the contingency plan is if there are signal or connectivity issues. Not sure if there is another meteorologist in the newsroom on those days, or if they would have Lee call in via phone and talk over the maps, or if they'd just put up the 7 day forecast and have the anchors read it.
  7. Wolf Blitzer was noticeably absent during CNN's coverage, which was led by Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper.
  8. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/good-morning-america-tv-ratings-news-today-1235283664/ GMA winning in the 25-54 demo, attributed in part to getting anchors out of the studio and to locations of major stories.
  9. One of whom is Kim Dillon, longtime producer at the station who was recently promoted to AND.
  10. Was a new WABC President/GM ever named after Chad Matthews was promoted to lead ABC O&Os earlier this year? Haven't seen any announcements.
  11. Kristin Thorne is moving over to the investigations unit.
  12. He's a strong reporter, in the mold of Burkett and Dolan.
  13. She was always a strong fill-in for WABC and knows the city well. Seems like a no-brainer for the station.
  14. He left at the end of 2013 https://deadline.com/2013/12/sam-champion-leaves-good-morning-america-for-weather-channel-ginger-zee-to-replace-him-645620/
  15. Sure, that sounds better, but those are two different asks. If people DVR the broadcast it contributes to the program's ratings.
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