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  1. NBC dropping 10pm is still considered a 'real possibility' for the 2024-25 season.
  2. Another round of layoffs for the network.
  3. The broadcast schedule is out. One difference this year is all games will air on linear TV, with a majority on broadcast (Fox & NBC) with higher profile lead-ins. Instead of Peacock exclusive games, all NBC and USA Network games will simulcast on Peacock.
  4. Sook said advertising on LIV Golf was selling “very well” and that Nexstar stations were generating three times the revenue from LIV Golf than it was getting from other network programming. Sounds like they're happy with it.
  5. CW Acquisition Has Already Paid For Itself, Nexstar CEO Perry Sook Says Sports beyond LIV are also in the crosshairs of Nexstar, Sook said. Without offering specifics, he said the company is evaluating “sports opportunities that could bleed into primetime.”
  6. Scripps Sports: Phones ‘Already Ringing’ as Regional Sports Nets Implode
  7. LIV On CW: Behind Nexstar’s Drive To Secure TV Stations For Controversial Golf League
  8. It looks like Nexstar has made a deal to add CW affiliates to Hulu's Live TV service.
  9. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/2/7/perry-sook-vs-cbs Sources tell FTVLive that CBS will decline running the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour on the CW stations that CBS owns. CBS is not going to do anything that will cause harm to their relationship with the PGA and they will refuse to air the LIV Golf telecasts on The CW stations that they own. This will put CBS in violation of their CW contract and that will give Perry Sook the option to pull the network affiliation from those CBS owned stations.
  10. More layoffs. Seems like almost every executive involved with scripted originals has been let go. So much for that Babylon 5 reboot.
  11. The LIV Golf deal is official. From the logo on Nexstar’s press release, it looks like ‘The CW Sports’ branding is a thing now.
  12. LIV Golf has found their U.S. TV home with The CW in a multi-year deal. Weekend tournaments will air live on The CW, while Friday rounds will stream on CW’s AVOD app.
  13. They're looking at having fewer than five U.S. scripted originals on the lineup. It'll be interesting to see what else makes the cut.
  14. SBJ's John Ourand predicts that LIV Golf will make a deal with The CW, and says that there's some "smoke" to this prediction (38:55).
  15. A former ION employee predicts that Scripps will rebrand and change the network's programming strategy ahead of sports acquistions.
  16. In my defense, the Variety article called it NASCAR before it was edited.
  17. Nexstar has made their first programming acquistion for the network, a NASCAR docuseries.
  18. Nexstar was essentially paid $54 million to take The CW off of WBD and Paramount's hands. Nexstar has an option to acquire the remaining 25% stake in 2024, or WBD and Paramount can force them to acquire the rest in 2026.
  19. That was quick. Brad Schwartz is named President, CW Entertainment. Here’s an extensive interview with Schwartz on his strategy for the network. Sounds like it’ll resemble Pop TV in the Schitt’s Creek years.
  20. Layoffs have begun. Many longtime CW execs are being replaced by Nexstar staffers. Nexstar is searching for a new programming chief. Former Pop TV head Brad Schwartz is in the running.
  21. THR article on how the network is shaping up under Nexstar. Sook and Miller are said to be fans of Walker, Superman & Lois and Kung Fu. Everything else appears to be on the chopping block. They're looking to reduce the licensing fees that CW is spending on their current lineup. Walker reportedly costs $3 million an episode, which is already on the lower end of broadcast budgets. Miller is keen on delivering multicam sitcoms and more unscripted fare.
  22. In addition to Pedowitz's departure, Nexstar also let go of two longtime CW execs.
  23. This could become a reality as Comcast is looking to make cuts to NBCU's network operations.
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