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  1. Nexstar was essentially paid $54 million to take The CW off of WBD and Paramount's hands. Nexstar has an option to acquire the remaining 25% stake in 2024, or WBD and Paramount can force them to acquire the rest in 2026.
  2. That was quick. Brad Schwartz is named President, CW Entertainment. Here’s an extensive interview with Schwartz on his strategy for the network. Sounds like it’ll resemble Pop TV in the Schitt’s Creek years.
  3. Layoffs have begun. Many longtime CW execs are being replaced by Nexstar staffers. Nexstar is searching for a new programming chief. Former Pop TV head Brad Schwartz is in the running.
  4. THR article on how the network is shaping up under Nexstar. Sook and Miller are said to be fans of Walker, Superman & Lois and Kung Fu. Everything else appears to be on the chopping block. They're looking to reduce the licensing fees that CW is spending on their current lineup. Walker reportedly costs $3 million an episode, which is already on the lower end of broadcast budgets. Miller is keen on delivering multicam sitcoms and more unscripted fare.
  5. In addition to Pedowitz's departure, Nexstar also let go of two longtime CW execs.
  6. This could become a reality as Comcast is looking to make cuts to NBCU's network operations.
  7. I wonder how much of CW's reportedly extravagant programming spend went towards licensing the syndicated content that runs on there. I suppose there's nothing stopping Nexstar from blowing up those deals and simulcasting Antenna TV or Rewind TV in place of that content.
  8. Nexstar's programming direction for The CW includes procedurals and sitcoms.
  9. Studios license shows to their sibling networks, yes.
  10. WWE's ratings have remained relatively stable while the rest of linear TV collapses, so they've suddenly become a hot commodity in the sports rights fee arms race. Will they stick to linear or go to streaming? The next round of negotiations will be interesting to keep an eye on.
  11. Here he is dropping a tease about potentially pursuing sports rights (0:49):
  12. This tidbit stood out to me: How the hell?
  13. While the acquisition isn't formally closed yet, Nexstar is immediately assuming corporate oversight of The CW. Nexstar plans to spend $2 billion a year on programming for the network, and will target an older demographic.
  14. Speaking of which, I haven't heard a peep out of them regarding their fall schedule yet.
  15. SN1 is now OTA in DFW. Spectrum News 1 to broadcast over-the-air on KAZD-TV
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