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  1. KUNS will be the new CW affiliate in Seattle. Univision is being dropped. They declined being moved to a subchannel.
  2. The CW will simulcast the next GOP debate.
  3. In today's earnings call, Nexstar teased that more CW affiliation changes will be announced in the coming weeks.
  4. Kevin Adell has sent a cease and desist letter to WMYD to stop the CW affiliation. Official article (paywalled).
  5. Here's a pro wrestling-worthy swerve. The CW is reportedly close to picking up WWE NXT.
  6. WMYD's CW affiliation is officially announced. That leaves the question of what happens with Mission's pending acquisition of WADL.
  7. The deal is in jeopardy due to cocaine usage on a NWA PPV.
  8. CW Network yanked from Detroit airwaves over business spat
  9. The CW has reportedly picked up an NWA wrestling show and a companion reality series.
  10. Looks like CW may have quietly expanded Sundays to 7/6c. There's network repeats scheduled in that timeslot starting on 10/1.
  11. Saturday's ratings are in. CW's ACC game (0.11/617k) nearly matched NBC's Big Ten game (0.11/665k).
  12. KUSI is airing the ACC game instead of KFMB. I assume the other Tegna affiliates are preempting as well?
  13. An affiliation switch flew under the radar. The CW departed Scripps' MTN group of stations for Nexstar's KSVI.
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