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  1. WCSC has been “Gray-ed”. With a new logo.
  2. Can someone please tell me that WCIV in Charleston is sometime soon!!
  3. WCBD and WSAV have implemented the new NBC package.
  4. Any word on WCBD or WSAV updates? They’ve had those same MG circle graphics for years!
  5. Tvnewscast titles is calling WMMP 4.1 a simulcast of WCIV DT2.
  6. I'm confused. If Sinclair placed switched call letters from WMMP to WCIV on channel 36, why do they still have promotionals running the WMMP call letters? I called the station and someone on their staff stated that they are both WMMP and WCIV on the same channel...in their meaning, MyTV Charleston is both WCIV and WMMP. I believe the receptionist routed me to the newsroom.
  7. When will the former Allbritton stations get the new look? Also, Sinclair would do good by updating some of the sets these stations have. I noticed that on the employment website that WCIV is starting to hire more on-air positions? Could this be in preparation for more news?
  8. I imagine they will soon move the production of this show to one of their more progressive stations. WPDE is really in his back yard near Marion County. That's why it is produced there. WPDE has a reputation of low-quality productions, as opposed to, WBTW and WMBF. The only time I remember that WPDE really made an attempt to step-it-up was back in the mid-90s when they first switched from 15 News to NewsChannel 15 with Dave Gilbert at the helm. Since then, their production value has waned; however, they do have some very decent talent.
  9. montydavis


    Possible ABC in Charleston

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