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  1. No new graphics on WXYZ yet, but I found this: Can't be long now.
  2. I wasn't planning on bumping this thread for this news, but since someone else did I guess I'll do it after all: There's another new Spectrum News 1 channel, and it's based in Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition to Worcester and central Mass, the channel also covers the Berkshires (finally giving that region Mass-based news) as well as towns of the Pioneer Valley where Spectrum is the cable provider (such as Chicopee). For the Worcester area, this replaces Charter TV3, which formerly carried Worcester News Tonight. WNT's anchors and reporters carried over to the new Spectrum News 1. I for one am really excited about this. Since the TWC merger, Charter has invested a lot of money to expand their presence in Massachusetts, including expanding broadband service to several rural towns throughout the Commonwealth
  3. As far as I know only the land that WTVQ's stick and studios sit on is owned by Nexstar; they probably lease them to Morris. Nexstar has no operational control over WTVQ whatsoever.
  4. Little off-beat, but since we're talking about the ABC O&O's, I'll put this out: most of the ABC O&O's meterologists met for a summit in NYC: https://twitter.com/abc7dallas/status/1220061479715721216?s=20
  5. WPLG has an agreement with Graham so that they are able to continue using Graham's graphics and website.
  6. Scripps is beginning to integrate KASW into KNXV; there is now a KASW section of abc15.com. Looks like they will change from "The CW Phoenix" to "CW61 Arizona". However: Nexstar's KASW website is still active, KASW's public files and children's programming files are not on KNXV's website yet, and KASW has not moved into KNXV's studio yet, although I bet that will come soon. Also, none of Scripps' other new stations have switched to their website styles yet.
  7. When I first heard that Scripps was getting WSFL I thought it was because they would try and get WPLG or WSVN, but obviously that doesn't appear to be the case (at least for now). I think there still may be a possibility that WSFL gets Fox or ABC in the future.
  8. What is Gray up to in New Hampshire? They are buying WYCU-LD in Charlestown, NH (currently owned by Greg Uhrin) for $75,000. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/240353/station-trading-roundup-6-deals-2175000/ My only guess is that they'll use WYCU as a translator for WCAX, but Charlestown is at the very southeastern tip of the market. It could also be an attempt to get WCAX coverage in southeast Vermont without irking WBZ. Stay tuned...
  9. TV3 New Zealand is in serious trouble. Its parent, MediaWorks, is selling its TV business, but there's a big possibility that it will not find a buyer, possibly causing TV3 to shut down. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/240199/tv-business-struggling-in-new-zealand/
  10. Because this is really a top 3 duopoly. If Gray had tried to buy KTTW instead of KDLT this would have gone a lot smoother. We have seen top 4 duopolies before, but not really top 3 duops. Going back on @CircleSeven's earlier comment, I really don't understand why KQTV hasn't gone through yet. This is a full-power station merging with LP's, which has always been legal. Plus, that market can't support two news departments IMHO. Heck, it shouldn't even be a market!
  11. Cincinnati is probably the biggest problem; DirecTV customers won't be able to watch most Bengals games.
  12. Add John H. McConnell there (the man who brought the Blue Jackets to Columbus)
  13. Univision is exploring strategic options that could result in a sale. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/univision-board-set-to-explore-sale-of-company
  14. Stations owned by 7 companies have gone dark on DirecTV over retrans. What do these owners have in common? They're all Sinclair shell companies.
  15. I don't think that is going to happen. Remember that the Sarasota area is part of the Tampa market and it already has WWSB; it really can't support two news operations especially since it already has the four five in Tampa (don't forget Bay News 9). It's like what we had here in NH when WBIN had NH1 News: it was there but nobody really cared about it. WMUR is good enough for us, and I'm sure WWSB is good enough for them. WSNN will more likely be shut down than sold.
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