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  1. WLUC is by far the dominant station in the UP. But I don't think Nexstar is done with WJMN. As I said on the Speculatron, I think it would be wise for Nexstar to try and pluck ABC away from WBUP (and something that I think could reasonably happen, given the difference between their owners). As dominant as WLUC is, I would think WJMN is faring better in the ratings than WBUP is, and probably will do better than WZMQ.
  2. What's really funny is that, shortly after WSVI lost ABC, Lilly provided a feed of WENY and placed it on a subchannel of WCVI, which Lilly ended up buying three years later (and subsequently put CBS on the main channel).
  3. KVIA (ABC-7 El Paso) finally debuted a new set. The studio is by FX Design.
  4. WUTV's new 10:00 show debuts tonight (it'll be here to watch most likely). To save you all the click, here's the anchor lineup: WTVH news anchor Michael Benny, WHAM chief meteorologist Scott Hetsko, and WHAM sports director Mike Catalana. It's kinda interesting considering WHAM produces a 10:00 show for WUHF at the same time of WUTV's new show, so I wonder if Hetsko's and Catalana's segments will be pre-taped. That is a pretty good anchor lineup though.
  5. It was Soo Kim and Standard General.
  6. A legend of Dayton TV news is retiring: longtime WHIO sports director Mike Hartsock. He's calling it a career after nearly 40 years at channel 7.
  7. I really hope Comcast at least partially reverses some of these drops, or else they're probably going to lose some subscribers in Bristol County and NH's Upper Valley. In Bristol County's case, even though it is part of the Providence metro area for Census purposes, the majority of the county (save for the I-195 corridor in the south) is Boston through and through. And none of the Burlington stations cover NH very much, if at all. It is also worth noting that in significant parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, they're dropping WGAL and WBAL so that viewers will be forced to watch NBC on O&Os WCAU and WRC. You can't tell me that wasn't a factor.
  8. Here's more from the Anchorage Daily News. On a related note, I wonder what impacts this will have on Southeast Alaska. Did Gray also acquire the CBS affiliation for Southeast Alaska as well, or does GCI still own it? I have a feeling we will know more once Gray's acquisition of KATH/KSCT closes, which I have a feeling will be followed by an acquisition of the CBS Southeast cluster (KTNL Sitka / KUBD Ketchikan / KXLJ Juneau). KTUU has dominated Alaska news for as long as it's been around.
  9. Welp... can't say I didn't see this coming... https://www.newsbreak.com/oklahoma/oklahoma-city/news/0PW5GhWH/oklahoma-station-tweets-misleading-headline-about-wearing-masks
  10. The worst part about this is that Scripps did a nice job with new logos for WCPO and KIVI (and, before the new graphics, WMAR), but then come out with this. Hopefully this isn't the real logo, because this really sucks.
  11. Definitely possible. It's also worth noting that Gray is by far the largest company to ever own a Juneau television station, so for the first time, there's a company that at least appears to have the resources needed to start a news operation in the market. We shall see...
  12. As far as I know, there are no local inserts on any of the SE Alaska stations of any kind; all of the news comes from each of the stations' corresponding network affiliates in Anchorage (KATH/KSCT from KTUU, CBS Southeast from KTVA, and KJUD from KYUR/KTBY). There is one other significant factor that probably prevents a local news operation in SE Alaska: the region's geography. Getting between Juneau and anywhere else requires boat or plane. On top of that, there are no cities and towns in the region that are accessible from the rest of Alaska or Canada by road, except for Haines, Skagway and Hyder.
  13. I really hope so, but I think that KATH/KSCT will probably just continue with the KTUU simulcasts that they currently have, at least in the near term. But this does make a lot of sense; now Gray has an NBC monopoly in Alaska. One thing I know that Gray will do: fix the stations' websites! EDIT: Paperwork is up. Purchase price: $1.5 million.
  14. No new graphics on WXYZ yet, but I found this: Can't be long now.
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