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  1. I don't believe they would even care about Tegna's acquisition of WNEP unless Tegna decides to destroy their outdoor weather set/landscape/hardscape and move indoors. That definitely would make their Talkback 16 segment a one-hour broadcast......if Tegna decides to keep that. Lol. I second that!!!
  2. Not only WNEP, but WPMT as well.
  3. After analyzing both photos that @susquvalleywgal provided above (actually it was me sharing these with him first. Lol) it is actually NOT a ticker behind desk which WISH does have it. A bit disappointed by that. Oh well.
  4. The cause of the broken AC must had come from their general manager's office during that night.
  5. And this will be his 40th anniversary with abc27/WHTM later this month. Looking forward to see what's in for him during this special occasion. CC: @susquvalleywgal
  6. In case you do not know this, WPMT FOX43 will become the first HLLY/Susquehanna Valley TV news station to debut their 4pm news broadcast this August 5th. Not strong as WGAL is, but winning for WPMT as they are the only HLLY/Susquehanna Valley TV news station for their 4am and 4pm news broadcast. http://fox43.com/2013/05/14/wpmt-fox43-to-start-two-new-hours-of-news-this-august/#axzz2aB1T4t3W I wonder if WGAL will follow this since they plan to continue keeping Dr. Oz at 4pm on weekdays unless I'm wrong.
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