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  1. They may be getting new graphics sometime this fall https://www.newscaststudio.com/2022/07/12/cbs-miami-next-weather/
  2. The new set is debuting TODAY (7/18) at NOON, according to Jim Donovan.
  3. 3 could really use a new meteorologist or two. Andrew Baglini has been filling in since the weekend and he seems like a good fit. I wouldn’t mind if he stayed.
  4. Lauren Casey is now leaving. Her last newscast was last night
  5. Brandon Goldner is joing CBS3 from WCNC in North Carolina. https://twitter.com/BrandonWCNC/status/1509999585342722055
  6. Jim Donovan announced on Facebook this morning that the studio is being revamped. They’ll be anchoring from the newsroom for months.
  7. Sounds like Brian Taff will not be Jim's replacement. There is someone waiting in the wings though. I guess they will announce it tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Another new reporter coming to NBC10 in 2022 https://twitter.com/k_hua/status/1470425979457871879?s=20
  9. Chandler Lutz is coming back to CBS3 on Monday https://twitter.com/chandlerlutztv/status/1469293207615946766?s=21
  10. CBS Philly has the video on their YouTube
  11. This is reminding me more of a radio broadcast than a TV broadcast. It sounds like something you would hear on KYW News Radio. I know people have short attention spans, but this seems really rushed and unnecessary.
  12. Jessica Boyington was doing traffic this morning on Action News.
  13. 6ABC coverage of the tornadoes and flash flooding on September 1, 2021
  14. FOX29 tornado and flood coverage from September 1, 2021
  15. NBC10 Tornado and Flood Coverage from September 1, 2021 NBC10 coverage of the tornado es and flooding on September 1, 2021
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