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  1. Jessica Boyington was doing traffic this morning on Action News.
  2. 6ABC coverage of the tornadoes and flash flooding on September 1, 2021
  3. FOX29 tornado and flood coverage from September 1, 2021
  4. NBC10 Tornado and Flood Coverage from September 1, 2021 NBC10 coverage of the tornado es and flooding on September 1, 2021
  5. Funny you mentioned it because I've been noticing that. None of the meteorologists have used that radar during severe weather coverage or during normal newscasts. It's been the NWS one. I'm guessing they either couldn't pay for it anymore or it got damaged.
  6. Here’s a shot of the updated studio
  7. I'm surprised they didn't do something similar to the MSNBC package.
  8. Eyewitness News 11pm Broadcast and Summer 2010 Weather Outlook
  9. 6abc coverage of Tropical Storm Isaias and the multiple tornado warnings. PART ONE // PART TWO // PART THREE
  10. Action News / AccuWeather coverage of Tropical Storm Fay https://youtu.be/mlGdJ0t99GM
  11. Steve Sosna and "Hurricane Schwartz" covering the tornado warning in Philly/South Jersey on June 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxySw_-Fxjo
  12. 6ABC tornado coverage with Cecily Tynan from June 3.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eBVw-36zDM
  13. Saturday Night was Denise Nakano's last newscast on NBC10. She has been with the station for 17 years.
  14. I put together this chart that shows the number of hours per day a local newscast is shown on each of the main stations in Philly. This includes the 11 p.m. newscast replays overnight. The 10:30 broadcast on The CW is a replay of the 10 p.m. broadcast. This does NOT include national news broadcasts.

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