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  1. Both WTVM and WLTZ website now confirm the Shared Service Agreement. Looks like WLTZ will get a new logo, now Local 38. "WTVM News Leader 9 is pleased to be able to provide WLTZ NBC 38 with some of the market’s top-rated local newscasts from WTVM for the WLTZ audience beginning November 23rd. The partnership between WTVM and WLTZ means we will continue to explore ways to enhance our service to the local community. That service is always focused on expanding the ways we can bring timely and essential local news, local sports and wea
  2. Looks like WAVE 3 launched their new VizRT graphics. With an orange and blue version of the Gray graphics. Gone is the great custom look they created.
  3. Seems like Gray is at it again. A reporter for WLTZ in Columbus, Georgia has reported that Gray has agreed to purchase the NBC and CW affiliate from SagamoreHill Broadcasting. To merge it with already owned ABC WVTM 9 and operated WXTX Fox 54. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in a tiny market with only 4 stations. No word if any other SagamoreHill stations are sold.
  4. I will be honest this all sounds no different than what Raycom did back in Hawaii. Raycom owned KHNL NBC 13 and KFVE MYTV 5 while KGMB CBS 9 had a different owner. Raycom took over KGMB (CBS) and moved the whole station to channel 5. Channel 9 became MyTV as K5. If I am not mistaken only KGMB (5) and KHNL (13) were owned by Raycom? So it was legal since they didn't technically own KFVE (9) (Now KIII). Also Nexstar just had this happen in South Texas, KVEO was NBC and KGBT was CBS 4. CBS 4 was given to Nexstar from the Sinclair/Tribune Mishap , affiliation and people and property
  5. Looks like Gray just took the 5 from the current KYES MyNetwork TV logo and slapped a CBS network eye next to i t.
  6. Rather Breaking News in Alaska.... https://www.ktva.com/story/42439484/gci-sells-ktva-to-gray-television GCI sold its CBS programming to Gray and Gray immediately moved the CBS affiliation to their already owned Channel 5 to create CBS 5 Anchorage. Note to point out that Gray already owns NBC station KTUU. https://www.ktuu.com/2020/07/31/ktuu-expands-into-southeast-alaska-and-kyes-launches-cbs5-anchorage/ Gray also bought the CBS Southeast Alaska stations and NBC Southeast Stations from GCI as well. Quote from the Gray
  7. Saw this posted on Facebook. Seems like WOIO has either got a new set or updated the existing one. Practice is ongoing and will debut soon according to Meteorologist Samantha Roberts. Looks like no more green screen.... video wall it is. S
  8. As far as I can tell I don't think the ex-Raycom stations will be changing their looks since they already used Arc. KYOU was an exception since it used revrocket as its web host, same host still being used by KNIN Fox 9. It seems that KYOU, which was produced out of WXIX in Cincy under Raycom had its newscasts (or at least weather segments) moved to new sister station KCRG 9 in Cedar Rapids, IA, which makes sense since they are much closer to each other. I think KYOU swapped to the new Arc look at the same time as KCRG 9 did since they had their operations moved to Iowa from Ohio.
  9. The Legacy Gray stations are switching to Washington Post ARC from Clickibility, which is the same platform the former Raycom stations currently use. While all the former Raycom stations have the same basic design, the Legacy Gray stations are keeping the "look" of their former Clickiblity but the underpinnings are now from ARC. The main thing you notice is the Weather Pages from Legacy Gray and former Raycom are the same basic design. It has yet to be seen if the former Raycom stations will switch their design to fall in line with the Legacy Gray stations or not.
  10. Seems like WREG is having "renovations" done according to Tim Simpson their Chief Meteorologist. Not sure if this means they are getting a new set or not from their new corporate owner Nexstar.
  11. I don't think that really was a Gray corporate thing, the company itself is very hands off of their stations, minus the automation roll outs they have been doing to the Raycom stations. For example, Fox 13 in Memphis is owned by Cox and they fired their whole sports department when they took them over, now reporters and anchors do the sports segment. While Channel 9 in Charlotte still has a two person sports team. Same company, different outcomes. Trying to somewhat keep this on topic, it's interesting to see that Memphis and Charlotte have the same ownership groups in
  12. WZDX Fox in Huntsville made the switch to the new website layout today and kept its, rocketcitynow.com address. This means, as far as I know, WATN in Memphis is the only one of the Nexstar purchase stations that still has not made the switch. I am sure it will be any day now.
  13. Looks like KTVI also switched and KPLR lost its separate web address as it defaults to the page Fox2Now.com. This leaves WGN, as far as I know, as the lone holdout for the old Tribune web look.
  14. Seems basic. Not bad but not amazing. Maybe the wrong forum for this but million dollar question. Does Tegna drop the "Local" branding from WATN and WOI I know that was a Nexstar thing. Guess we will find out in the coming days and weeks.
  15. They are just still on the Nexstar Website host services for now. Other than that, they are full TEGNA station now, running a copyright and TEGNA corporate packages. This makes the 2nd TV market where two stations have the same website. As WHNT and WZDX both have the same website look. Only difference is the TENGA logo is swapped out for the Nexstar logo at the bottom of the page. We might have a third market like Memphis and Hunstville if WHO switches to the Nexstar look and WOI keeps its look for right now. I know TEGNA Is slowly updating their purchase

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