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  1. Running away #1 12,4,5,6,11pm news. WTAE #1 in the morning. WTAE & WPXI fight for #2 and sometimes one out do the other in different parts of the day. ABC seems to have a weak lead-in into11pm so 11 usually beats 4 at 11pm. Both those branding names are trash! CBS11 was good for KTVT. CBS4 was standard, but seem to have a better branding during their NBC days.
  2. It sad how KCBS got dumped on. The 2nd largest market and the CBS affiliate seems to be non existing.
  3. There were times where WAGA did beat WSB in the 70s, 80s and 90s before the switch. There were times WXIA beat both WSB & WAGA at 11pm due to NBC primetime lead in the late 80s and early 90s. When the 80s came around in the bigger markets NBC & ABC just changed with the times. CBS hasn't fared well in the bigger markets, but NBC & ABC does really well. CBS does well in mid size, smaller and rural markets. Prior to the switch in the 90s. Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Dallas, Phoenix & Tampa Bay those CBS affiliates did really well.
  4. I wonder where John Cardenas is going?
  5. Exactly! It always been on the other side going back to the 90s. It a shocked to see it on the left side. WSB moves slowly on change.
  6. WNCN NBC 17 in 1996 KSTP & WCCO in 1994 KXTV News 10 2004
  7. Your're right the appetite is there for serialized drama, and the reality shows have become the new serialized drama. You have a house or different events as the set. You have the drama. Maybe FOX would have a type of reality show as the new daytime drama. Plus game shows was once a hot commodity as well too. The audience is going to hate to see news on daily. Give em something different than news. When your local news comes on at 3pm/4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11pm. The audience is going to feel burned out and will turn you off. There some strong points you made here and there. With the last (2) Proctor Gamble shows they were looking at changing the model from 5 days a week. There was some buzz about that . PG wanted out the soap business and they did in 2009/10. Yes, it cost $50 million dollars a year to produce a serialized drama, because in 2008 YR licensing fees were up and many elder cast had to take paycuts. There were some actors who were cut too, because of CBS slashing the licensing fees. Being #1 comes with alot of baggage too. You say that the sets are cheap maybe in the 70s, but the shows creator was very instrumental in the show being lush. In the 80s they would have real champagne, fresh flowers and they have a huge production values. Many crew members talks about how they use certain lighting and they have been lauded over the shows production values. All My Children, ABC thought moving the show to Los Angeles the show would come under budget, but it was over budget. While One Life was the read-headed step-child that was always come under budget. (Depending on who you asked many would say One Life should of been the one to move to LA) General Hospital is and always been ABC's crown jewel. Guiding Light was moved out of their NYC CBS studio to New Jersey, to try a new model with outdoor filming. The executive producer at the time was trying to save the show. Soap producers live in a bubble, and when budgets have been cut they make do with what they have. Soaps at one time was a cash cow for networks and the money was so big during the 70s up to the 90s. The money the soaps made for the network help fund many primetime pilots/shows. Nobody had a crystal ball to see how television/ technology+the internet would change the way people watched their shows, news, sports etc. Yes, at the end of the day it does come down to economics. NBC/Corday Productions/Sony had a deal on their last cycle that Days would transition from NBC broadcast to NBC streaming Peacock. Days has become very popular on Peacock and has been renewed til 2025 which would make it to the shows 60th year. Seeing YR/Bold probably having a (2 year pick-up and that my opinion) The last cycle was a 4 year pick-up, and probably Sony & (The Bells- the children own Bold outright.) would probably move the show to Paramount Plus. Again, I'm speculating, because YR has a bigger budget than Days and the model that Sony has now with YR. Where the current head-writer is also/ the breakdown writer /and EP. Sony wanted that same model for Days, and the folks at Days pushed back on that. Sometime next year YR /Bold going to have to make some cuts for CBS to pay for those licensing fees. ABC owns General Hospital outright and with Bob Iger trying to find out what he wants Disney to do with ABC. I can see General Hospital moving over to hulu full-time. (as Jamey Giddens once said on daytimeconfidental.com podcast a decade and half ago that YR & General Hospital would be the last two standing.) If they both can make it 2025-2026. What a feat that would be..
  8. I will tell you there are alot of fans out here who don't want to see their Serials go. It may not have the big numbers it once had. YR is still #1 and is CBS star line-up. YR contract is up next Sept 2024. When Sony negotiate with CBS for maybe another year or two. CBS News isn't going to pull in 3.5 million that YR is pulling. Bold/YR depending on The Bell Children (The Bells own Bold outright) probably by 2026 would move into CBS/Paramount streaming platform. Here the thing YR/Bold make $$$ overseas. ABC owns General Hospital outright, and many fans out here aren't into news 24/7. People like to be entertained, and if they want news they will find it. I'm a news junkie too, but I also like a balance with entertainment shows. The networks have to look at their audience and there's an audience who still like escapism. CBS/NBC/ABC it just can't be news 24/7. People aren't going to watch The 8th hour of Today or the 5th hour of GMA. CBS News doesn't have the cache like the other two networks. CBS has been able to find other niche than news and has an older audience, but there has to be a balance. 24/7 News runs on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and many other cable news outlets. There are many executives who want to keep the daytime audience mean and lean and find some shows that going to get eyeballs.
  9. Pat Warren of WJZ has passed away.
  10. WOI 1993 WKRN Promos 1988 ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings--1995
  11. WTMJ Carole Meekins to retire end of the month.
  12. CBS Evening News with Dan Rather & Connie Chung 1993
  13. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/indianapolis/2023/10/04/debbie-knox-leaving-cbs4-indy-in-november/71055747007/
  14. What happened to Rob Desir at WTTG?
  15. Kind of been that way for many decades nothing new here at 3415 University Ave. A revolving door no doubt at the legacy station. Hema Mullur out at CBS Austin. Next Stop- Law School. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/19/sinclair-anchor-gone-in-austin
  16. I knew WOOD was always running away with #1 and thought ZZM was #2 and WWMT was in third. Somewhere I read that, but then found out WWMT does well in Battle Creek side while ZZM does well in Grand Rapids. It seems when it was last few years under Gannett the money stop flowing. If you weren't KSDK, KARE, KUSA, WUSA those were the money maker stations. Then when it became TEGNA- well it became another mediocre media company.
  17. I would love for Hearst to pick several stations as well...
  18. Was WWMT beating WZZM under the current ownership?
  19. Say what you will about Byron Allen. He's very much interested in buying Gannett TEGNA. https://www.npr.org/2023/06/04/1180059821/byron-allen-on-the-future-of-black-owned-media https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/5/bryon-allen-wants-tegna
  20. She was always known as Shawn Ireland from her radio days and when she was on FOX28's Good Day.
  21. Scott from ftvlive.com had a write up about it. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/3/sinclair-broadcast-group-is-no-more During the Yolanda /Gabe era on NewsCenter on ABC6. Suzi came on and did some health reports for a couple of years. It was 2002-04/05 and left. Some on said she was sister or sister in law to Shawn Ireland. I remember Suzi on FOX 28 Kids' Club.
  22. Why would you assume that once Ed passed they would sell? Ed never had no reason to sell, and he said it himself. i'm sure he told his kids not to give in to corporate pressure. Yes, the family has other business properties. The small family own stations are trying to hold on to their business holdings, and they come from an old school generation.
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