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  1. The ongoing battle for WJW Cleveland. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/09/wjw-channel-8-appears-to-be-staying-in-the-nexstar-nation-of-stations.html
  2. WJBK TV 2 (CBS era) 4pm news 1991 4pm promo WJBK 1992
  3. Another shity ass logo... Welp! A sad state of affairs!
  4. The Weekends they had (2) females Tram Mai now at KPNX and Keisha Grant now at WVIT. Yolanda Harris & Charlene Brown did the 5pm together 2001-2002. Yolanda & Gabe started in 2002-2009. Yeah, when Bob Hetherington left but they had Pete Scoville first at 5pm with Charlene, and he did Noon with Terri Sullivan. I was told he had a disagreement with management. He was on 10:00 news with Lorene Wagner. Sinclair at the time were paying Bob & Lorene big $$$ for lackluster ratings. Bob left in 2001 after being there close to a decade. Lorene & Bob would go on to sell houses. Pete left in scoff and that when Charlene & Yolanda would do 5pm news together and they were getting rid of Charlene, Bob, Lorene, Pete because Yolanda & Gabe were cheap to pay. WJW still sitting in the catbird's seat. WOIO has their drama too. Megan Pringle was on the weekend when either Tram or Keisha left and then Megan was moved to morning news with Terri Sullivan. Then Megan moved to Baltimore. First WMAR now WBAL.
  5. sooner or later they will- How was Jerry caught up in this mess? Jerry about to retire and with his background he was caught off guard just like everybody else...WTH?
  6. WOW..Saw on NBC4's feed on Facebook https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/10tv-meteorologist-mike-davis-charged-with-child-pornography/ https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/10tv-meteorologist-mike-davis-arrested-on-child-pornography-charges
  7. WSYX/ ABC 6 has a promo & newspaper ad that their 6pm news #1! Congrats!
  8. Former WZZM anchor Lee Van Ameyde has passed away at 66. https://www.wzzm13.com/article/life/people/remembering-lee-van-ameyde/69-b54ccdc9-1d01-48e0-820e-498fca7e241d https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/former-wzzm-anchor-lee-van-ameyde-dies-at-66/ https://wwmt.com/news/local/longtime-west-michigan-journalist-lee-van-ameyde-dies-at-66
  9. TEGNA & Scripps are killing their stations with the current crap. Again, 19 despite it silliness it has more muscle than KYC & EWS... just sayin'-
  10. WGCL is still in 4th place it hasn't overtaken 11 Dead as some of the comments the ppl from AJC say. In one of the last few ratings 11 & 46 both tied in some newscast, but it isn't 3rd place exactly. Maybe 11pm, but not quite there. WGCL makes money but it not making the same as the other three stations. WSB, WAGA & WXIA were all taking in over 100 million and when they listed WGCL it didn't state how much they were raking in. Yes, that was probably over a decade ago. WGCL yes it has a solid newscast, but it can beat 11. WXIA product become too TEGNA and Meredith no better. I'm not saying they should do a daily news, but just start over. CBS 46 has become a laughing stock, and ppl are still laughing. What happened to Channel 3 News... "See the possible" ?
  11. I mean both stations were apple & oranges back when WAGA was CBS. Despite the numerous ownerships WAGA was solid. It slipped to third a few times, but was able to rebound. WGNX was an Indy outlet that just got a news department 30 years ago late 88/89, and WGNX got the CBS affiliate at the 11th hour, and as time went on. Tribune was only interested in being independent. When WGNO & WGNX started to get a network affiliation. They didn't do too much investment, but WGNX was solid. As for Meredith, they bought the station with hopes of making it something big. However, when numerous management styles, name branding etc. It just hasn't done much for WGCL. Meredith should return the WGNX call letters back to them and sell the station, and start all over like WIAT in Birmingham did in late 90s.
  12. WSYX: Kelly Clarkson 9AM, Rachel Ray moves to 10AM, Tamaron Hall at 3pm and Good Evening Columbus 7pm news and E.T moves back at 7:30pm - Access Hollywood moves 1:05 AM & The Doctors moves at 1:35AM WCMH: NBC4 Midday at 11am hour, Daytime Columbus at 12N, Mel Robbins Show at 2pm WWHO: Wendy Williams 1pm
  13. Don't know how she sunk the ship when she was at 19 in Cleveland & KMOV. WGCL has been a titanic ever since Meredith bought them over 20 yrs ago.
  14. His final newscast a few weeks ago
  15. Back in the day and when I say back in the day. Late 70s/early 80s the networks were in talks of doing an hour-long network news. However, affiliates stood strong and networks were hammering to push that. However, back then when it was only (3) networks at that time it could of been the thing to do. However, when you have 24/7 news; if those broadcast networks did that. They would need to pour more resources into doing international news instead of fluff pieces. With NBC having MSNBC & CBS with CBSN and not sure what ABC has a digital platform. I don't see it, because these companies are just about the bottom-line. What going to make them some money?
  16. No, it can't! He worked in Phoenix not sure if it was KPHO or KPNX. Of course WGCL in Atlanta. Scott does weekends, and he definitely should do weekends. Hogan, would be ideal! Also, TEGNA is also moving in.
  17. Ugh stop with the snatch & grabs Kendrick in his early 50s. He probably looking at a few more years before he goes into retirement. I hope and wish they could lure Jeff Hogan back from North Carolina, because Pete eh always been a bore and so is Scott Light. Hogan & Harris would be great.! Rumored for a long time and Harris is apart of the new generation, before she hangs it up. She'll be hitting 50 herself next year. Also add Terri Sullivan, Carol Luper on that BNS-SYX worked at both stations.
  18. One of the last few in the era left. Nov 27, will be his final air date. {getting out while TEGNA moving in] It only a matter of time when others will follow. https://www.dispatch.com/entertainmentlife/20190822/wbns-tv-anchorman-jerry-revish-to-retire
  19. Dispatch towards the end was just like Cox and others. They were desperately getting out of the business. Yes, WBNS has it legacy but from what I was told the children didn't have the interest in television. They didn't care who bought the station. Personally, I told someone that TEGNA would be the one to get the (2) stations. I also think the same thing is going on at Cox. The younger generation in these family dynasty don't see television as a cash cow. Cox, has it hand in healthcare etc.
  20. If the deal was as sour it may seems to be; Hearst which put it bid in would of been great to get Cox Stations. There (3) markets that have conflicts, Orlando, Pittsburgh & Boston, and those could of been iron out. Cox & Hearst both privately held and both have good stations. The new normal broadcasting companies; Sinclair, Nexstar, Gray, TEGNA & Scripps which all are nothing but mediocre broadcasting companies. At least Cox & Hearst standards have always been high. As for Apollo I wonder what their standards will be? [Time will tell]
  21. Apollo approached TEGNA (say what ) https://www.wsj.com/articles/apollo-approached-tegna-about-a-sale-earlier-this-year-11565985568
  22. Definitely by yr end into first of the year.
  23. AJC is reporting that Cynee Simpson will leave FOX 5 on Aug 14 for humanitarian work. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/fox-anchor-cynne-simpson-leaving-after-six-years-humanitarian-work/lfu6mCl9TWpM6kpf0X2EJN/
  24. KOOL-TV/ Channel 10-1980 KTSP/1988 - Channel 10
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