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  1. The 11ALIVE logo needs some work done. The current one is trash! Someone had to say it!
  2. Javier Soto left Arizona Family and is now heading to KNXV ABC 15 in the evenings with Katie Raml.
  3. r I remember that logo and watched WRIC TV8 News in the mid90s while visiting Richmond. However down the road Young seem to do some investing. It got to a point WRIC & WTVR were tied in some newscast and WRIC beat WTVR for #2. That logo made it for two decades and I don't know how it survived without changes, but Young Broadcasting, wasn't like many groups.
  4. KFOR (KTVY) Channel 4 OKC WPTV 1979
  5. Kristyn Hartman is leaving WCPO & the business at the end of the month. https://www.wcpo.com/about-us/anchor-kristyn-hartman-leaving-wcpo-9
  6. SkyCam goes back to their days in the late 70s and made the changes in the mid 90s. Channel 6 called theirs SKY 6 from the late 80s/90s and again 2009-10. There no chopper now.
  7. Why exactly do they need another 4pm news? At what point does someone in management say this is overkill?
  8. Does Milwaukee need another 4pm news?
  9. Vanessa Echols at WFTV set to retire next month after 40 years. https://www.wftv.com/news/local/ive-been-blessed-vanessa-echols-announces-her-retirement-after-40-years-news/4QBZE5QO3FC3LKQSJH4MBN4YWQ/
  10. Fanchon Stinger will leave FOX59 in May.
  11. That a nice time line you have here. By chance would you do one for the 70s or 80s-2000s. Job well done!
  12. Would you say MaryAnn Childers & Linda MacLennan were successful?
  13. Actually it was better than some small market stations who budget much cheaper.
  14. Are people not paying for Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, AppleTV, Disney+ and many other streaming platforms? Believe it or not streaming is the future and that someone told me at AT&T that why they created their own. You can get cable from Hulu and Youtube. I know very few people who still have cable.
  15. Despite WSB Cox/Apollo deal- WSB believes in getting talent from the competition and it has. John Pruitt had more than one stint at WSB and when he went to WXIA in 1978. He returned to WSB in 1994. Richard Belcher & Sally Sears both husband/wife worked at WAGA and landed at WSB and same with Pam Martin too. WSB plays for keeps. The one time WSB did get outplayed was both WSB & WXIA were courting Brenda Wood after she left WAGA. Brenda, thought she would end up at WSB and was rumor to succeed Monica a few years later. WXIA got Brenda while WSB was still making their deal. Karyn was weeknight anchor at 46 and weekend anchor -then morning anchor/reporter at WXIA, and returned to 46. I guess despite Karyn almost 60, WSB does see her as an asset to the community, but WSB is also playing a chess game too. Monica going to WGCL, but will get Karyn at WSB for all the gold. I agree with you and Brenda Wood, that Karyn is the most veteran anchor in Atlanta. Richard Belecher and Mark Winnie still on investigation beat at WSB. Russ Spencer at WAGA, and Hullinger at WXIA and news or sports. Hullinger been in the Atlanta market since 1984.
  16. Not necessarily Shannon Walshe & Tiffany Diaz once worked at 46 during the WGNX days and were reporters at WSB-TV. Tiffany was a freelancer. Also Lori Wilson works at WSB-TV, but was at WGCL before going to Indianapolis and coming back to Atlanta. Linda Stouffer as well too was filling in.
  17. Say what you will about WSB-TV & WGCL-TV and it looks like another Atlanta icon changing stations. Karyn Greer who been at both WGCL & WXIA. She heading over to WSB-TV. https://www.ajc.com/life/radiotvtalk-blog/veteran-cbs46-anchor-karyn-greer-replacing-jovita-moore-as-wsb-tv-evening-anchor/4FEG6I4FJ5CU3F6BPHSXTXOCBE/
  18. Did WLOS get an updated Sinclair set?
  19. I agree he should be on Today not MSNBC. Ali Velshi fill-ins and does weekends, but he should have his own weekday show.
  20. Huel Perkins & Monica Gayle both calling it quits at FOX2 at the end of March. https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/29968/going_out_together_fox_2_detroit_s_huel_perkins_and_monica_gayle_announce_retirement
  21. Say what you will about Scott Jones at FTVLive.com; he lays it all out about TEGNA/SG/Cox and it a good read. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/2/23/the-tegna-deal As well as this too- https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2022/2/23/the-inbox This may answer some of your questions and where things are headed down the road.
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