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  1. WGN America has hired longtime journalist Ashleigh Banfield for a new nightly show. The hour-long news and talk show, called Banfield, will air weeknights at 10 p.m. starting on March 1. The show will feature Banfield interviewing newsmakers, politicians and celebrities, and will also include in-depth coverage of the day’s top news stories. Banfield will replace the third hour of WGN America’s three-hour national newscast, News Nation, which premiered last September. “As WGN America begins expanding its programming and distribution in 2021, As
  2. I saw that with Wolf, but Wolf as well Leslie Stahl press Nancy on some tough questions. The people get upset, but isn't that the reporters job to be tough on politicians on both sides? Not to sound like an ageist but Wolf is 72 years of age. One has to wonder if Wolf plans to scale back on his work. Time can only tell.
  3. I always thought that was the coolest thing ever to see the anchors walking while they transition to 6pm news.
  4. The news director is Matt King who worked at rival 11Alive so it not like he doesn't know the market. There some former 11alivers are at GCL, but in 20 years how many news directors and GM has this station had under Meredith? The station has reach some heights of being #2 at 11pm and even beating 11 for 3rd place, but you're right. It's wash, rinse and repeat with management that comes along. Meredith seems to be the problem, because one thing this station lack is consistency.
  5. Who could it be? Why is the place such a revolving door? The GM & ND are solid people or is it Meredith?
  7. No they can't hear- their stupid graphics have made them blind and deaf.
  8. Do you think it just a matter of time before he anchoring the 6 &11pm news? It would behoove WTNH to get him in that role by May Sweeps. Hasn't NBC 30 moved to #2 and WTNH moved to third in recent years?
  9. Daniel Miller returns to Indianapolis this time at FOX59 4pm broadcast next month. https://fox59.com/morning-news/anchor-daniel-miller-joining-fox59-morning-news-first-at-four/
  10. I would like to see WGCL get a bigger footing and it would behoove them to get some better programming. ET is not the same ET it used to be. Access Hollywood would be better, but ET on WSB is a staple . Or even Inside Edition not sure who airing that on ATL tv. Wheel/Jeopardy! does well and did well when it went to KTVT in DFW market.
  11. A test pattern on WSB-TV would still beat Jeopardy! If WGCL/CBS46 were smart they should obtain the rights of WoF/Jeopardy from WXIA to challenge them more for #3 or #2.
  12. How many stints has WBBM/CBS2 had a 4pm news? It seems every decade there a 4pm news and then goes away. Does anybody have the times as well WMAQ & [WLS which 4pm news seems consistent in the last 30 yrs plus]
  13. WSB-TV 1992- Noon News w/ Chris Curle [Justin Farmer's mother] Vic Carter [Now at WJZ]
  14. Back then ABC's TGIF block beat CBS' Block Party despite snagging (2) comedies sitcoms from ABC.
  15. She did a facebook video about it and Karyn in her later 50s and I'm glad she gets to keep anchoring noon news & and doing other things. She started at 46 when it was WGNX as Indy/CBS for 10 years. Jump over to WXIA/11 for another 16 yrs and back at 46. WGCL/CBS46 has either tied with 11ALIVE or beating them. There alot of things 46 can do to overtake 11 in other time slots. Karyn been in the market since 1988 for over 30 years,
  16. WJBK-TV 2 CBS/ final months- era KARE 11- (4/2001)
  17. Lyle Banks as VP and general manager of WISC-TV, in Madison. Most recently VP and GM of Meredith’s WGCL-TV, Atlanta.

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