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  1. Despite WBNS being under TEGNA misfortunes- the people in Columbus still watches 10TV and their still #1 in the ratings. Despite Columbus being market #33 it not like Cleveland & Cincinnati where it has (4) newsrooms. 10TV still leads. No it not the family owned station it once was, but the people still watches 10TV. WSYX & WCMH fighting for #2. Again all three newsroom have low bar ownership- Nexstar, Sinclair, TEGNA which sucks! I've always believe Columbus should be a (4) newsroom market, but it sad how Sinclair owns way too much. For years WSYX made alot of money for Sinclai
  2. I truly doubt it has anything to do with Sinclair being the GOP besties. Yes, DC is very blue town. However, after how Sinclair dumped Maureen Bunyan & Leon Harris which were (2) prominent black talent in the market. One could think it has to do with the company politics. Sinclair has gotten lucky over the years by getting Allbritton, Fisher, Freedom and other companies leftovers. Sinclair has always been a mediocre company with lack luster stations. Now the company hit the big time by getting KOMO-TV & WJLA-TV their two biggest markets ever. They've been doing every tv station on
  3. In the good old days you watch a newscast they would announce the anchors at the top of the newscast opening while the music would play as the music is playing. I myself like the opening of a newscast of the anchors at the start of a newscast. I don't mind it after the first commercial break, but definitely miss those anchors turning their face with a smile -with their name at the bottom of the screen. Those were the days!
  4. That the problem because there just too much generic creativity. I agree with you!
  5. Could there be more to this story than what being told?
  6. I wonder that as well too and if WPLG gets under Scripps- WSVN running away #1- NBC 6 & CBS 4 are bottom feeders in the market.
  7. Noooo every tv station doesn't need to be name CBS 2 NEWS that too generic. Eyewitness News is fine and KDKA TV News is ok, however no CBS 2. A Television Station/Network shouldn't be lax on creativity.
  8. KGTV-1995 St. Louis' Channels 2, 4, 5, 11--- 1989 WJW-TV 8-1993 (CBS era)
  9. They got a new host and usually when a new host comes in. They need a boost in the ratings dept so I wouldn't be surprise if it did get the axe. [The Doctors}
  10. KSTP's Dave Dahl's final newscast at the end of 2020.
  11. KDFW-CBS/1993 1994 CBS-KDFW KXAS 1996
  12. WFAA 1970 KXAS 1980 KDFW 1978 WFAA 1987

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