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  1. What happened to Rob Desir at WTTG?
  2. Kind of been that way for many decades nothing new here at 3415 University Ave. A revolving door no doubt at the legacy station. Hema Mullur out at CBS Austin. Next Stop- Law School. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/19/sinclair-anchor-gone-in-austin
  3. I knew WOOD was always running away with #1 and thought ZZM was #2 and WWMT was in third. Somewhere I read that, but then found out WWMT does well in Battle Creek side while ZZM does well in Grand Rapids. It seems when it was last few years under Gannett the money stop flowing. If you weren't KSDK, KARE, KUSA, WUSA those were the money maker stations. Then when it became TEGNA- well it became another mediocre media company.
  4. I would love for Hearst to pick several stations as well...
  5. Was WWMT beating WZZM under the current ownership?
  6. Say what you will about Byron Allen. He's very much interested in buying Gannett TEGNA. https://www.npr.org/2023/06/04/1180059821/byron-allen-on-the-future-of-black-owned-media https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/5/bryon-allen-wants-tegna
  7. She was always known as Shawn Ireland from her radio days and when she was on FOX28's Good Day.
  8. Scott from ftvlive.com had a write up about it. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/3/sinclair-broadcast-group-is-no-more During the Yolanda /Gabe era on NewsCenter on ABC6. Suzi came on and did some health reports for a couple of years. It was 2002-04/05 and left. Some on said she was sister or sister in law to Shawn Ireland. I remember Suzi on FOX 28 Kids' Club.
  9. Why would you assume that once Ed passed they would sell? Ed never had no reason to sell, and he said it himself. i'm sure he told his kids not to give in to corporate pressure. Yes, the family has other business properties. The small family own stations are trying to hold on to their business holdings, and they come from an old school generation.
  10. I thought so too, but What you think of WADL selling to Nexstar and becoming the new home to CW?
  11. You bring up some good points and when Nexstar owned CW outlet in Phoenix. Come to think of it and I don't know why they didn't. Nexstar should of gotten a hold of KTVK/3TV and CW61. That would of made better sense than 3TV/CBS5.
  12. I do wonder if CBS would sell WTOG once they end their CW affiliation. Also would Scripps, TEGNA or Hearst want to do combo station with their current stations in the market?
  13. FOX5/KUSI soon-to-be combo will be like Denver & St.Louis' Nexstar operation. Your right because both stations air newscast at the same time. Both airing morning news, 4,5,6 & 10/11pm news. FOX5 does 1pm and 7pm. Some of those newscast are going to have to change. It's very interesting on how this will play out.
  14. I was going to ask, whose building was going to be kept and whose building was going to get left behind. I assume FOX5 would move into KUSI's studios. KUSI also have a talent pool as well too. I wonder what talent would be apart of the transition and what talent would leave.
  15. I see CW going to WATL because when WATL was WB they were one of WB's top rated affiliates. Granted WB had better programming than CW. CW has that niche young audience. WXIA produced news for WATL so they will do an hour at 7pm and come back at 10pm. Between 8-10pm those CW shows might be get better ratings. However WANF/WPCH might do what XIA/ATL did with the news. In Detroit-Channel 20[formerly WXON I know the calls have changed WMYD] will be CW. If WADL had waited they probably would be CW.
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