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  1. WTVG's Lee Conklin & Diane Larson been together for a long time- {btw WTVG beating WTOL} - https://www.toledoblade.com/a-e/tv-radio/2022/12/03/diane-larson-lee-conklin-tenure-nightly-news-anchors-wtvg/stories/20221204018
  2. How old is Alan? He looks very youthful tbh and a popular mainstay at Ch7.
  3. Another one retires! FOX 13 Tampa Bay!
  4. Andrew Humphrey at FOX 13 Memphis.
  5. I was told KREM & KHQ are neck to neck and KXLY in 3rd place. Idk that.
  6. No obit is The Dispatch is not what The Dispatch used to be. No longer under The Wolfe Family control.
  7. Back in January his daughter posted an update about Lou passing at 72 from cancer. The Dispatch hasn't wrote anything, because none of the writers from years ago are there. None of the stations reported either. That why nothing to see, and it was on Ch 6 former employee site on Facebook how I found out.
  8. Funny part is during the 80s when the late Lou Forrest and Bob Orr did the 11pm they were called Nighbeat. Then in the late 90s WSYX during the Deb Countiss/Bob Hetherington/Lorene Wagner era they also did Nightbeat at 11pm. However in the 80s and early 90s WTVN & WSYX called their 11pm Nightcast. Nightbeat return 10TV in the early 2000s.
  9. Here we go again the speculation 5000 on Channel 46 and CBS. Nothing not happening and ANF is going to be just like Clear News here today gone tomorrow. This is so stupid honestly. The brand has been CBS46 and should of stayed CBS46 ANF could of come into play. At this points CBS is moving to Channel 17- here you now go run with that. SMH
  10. Yeah sure! Clearly ABC & WSB have been besties for the last 42 years. WSB & WXIA didn't want CBS in 1994. Regardless the networks still have value to these stations.
  11. The Cox side owns 19% and it uses "Cox Media Name" just in name only, and privately equity is what's is. Wall Street players looking at profits and the younger Cox generation of the family didn't see any interest in media. WSB-TV hasn't ship wreck yet!
  12. The networks aren't going away they're going to reinvent themselves. That what the local management thinks, and most executives are stuck in their own enclave. CBS has added value to WGNX/GCL/ANF- but over the last 20+ years the ownership and management have placed their own stamp on station. This station needs stability and here hoping Gray does the station well. Just insert that CBS eye into the logo and let see if still beats WXIA come after November Sweeps. Competition slips up? Has WSB lost it ratings share? NO! It still #1 and still commands a 50% audience, because "Cox" doesn't officially own the station. WSB going to do what WSB does and that to stay on top!
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