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  1. WOIO, WDJT and even WGCL were able to compete with their rivals. All (3) have achieve something and they were able to win certain newscast. Not all, but were able to have a fighting chance. If CBS is serious they will invest and try something new and you never know, they might do well. Anything is possible in this era of tv.
  2. Wow! I was hoping Nexstar would snag this station. Allen on the move and is TEGNA his next stop?
  3. I say either get Fanchon Stinger who once worked at FOX 2 and yeah her situation was over a decade ago, or Rhonda Walker from Local 4. I also say Jeff Vaughn and yeah he in Sunny California, but he been on Ch 4&7 . Jeff Vaughn with either Rhonda or Fanchon could be the evening face. Or bring in Lucy Noland those just some names in the market.
  4. It airs at 1PM EST. You think Charles David Todd MTP Daily going to get the axe? Garrett Hake is a good reporter. Kate Snow that a good choice. There a lot of good people on the bench waiting to get a chance.
  5. Didn't she retired? I didn't know she went after a KARE personality. I thought Strib made cuts with her department. KARE 11's story from being an Indy outlet to NBC affiliate. Going from last to first is a story like no other for a TV station. Gannett buying the station in 1983 and changes the fortunes. Knocking down the two old guards of KSTP & WCCO. With both having a long legacy of tradition. KSTP has always had a good product, but it revolving door of talent hurt them. Paul Magers was the best thing for KARE 11 and WCCO didn't skip a beat. The investment of KMSP from being ABC-to Indy-FOX a couple of years back to Indy-UPN-FOX. Over the years it product has strength and Randy Meier doing his best work at FOX9. KARE 11 from WTCN-WUSA-to KARE has a great success story and with the many top personalities, but when Gannett turn into TEGNA. The once top rated station played #2, but once TEGNA get a hold of you. You sink to the bottom of the pact. It was a matter of time for 10TV. I feel bad for Yolanda, because she was told NOT to go over 10TV. Yeah they threw alot of money her way, but people inside BNS & their other properties saw the writing on the wall. It was a matter of time, before they sold to TEGNA. I'm no fan of Sinclair, but will give them their due on the achievement of becoming tops in the market. Also don't forget Outlet had some success with WCMH4 when Doug,Mona, Angela, Gail, Cabot during the 80s when WCMH had the domination and giving WBNS a run for the ratings points. Now TEGNA looking for buyers and here hoping Bryon Allen makes good.
  6. I’m sure it wins it Noon Broadcast it lead- is Y&R and it really has no strong competition. KARE 11 had midday news at 11a and now has syndication show. KSTP air midday news at11am for an hour and double back on KSTC 45 and I’m sure 45’s noon news isn’t beating WCCO. Over the last few years sweeps reports haven’t been published in local newspapers- unless it on the the station website. I do miss how newspapers would published the latest numbers and etc..
  7. So happy to hear, and it about time. Believe it or not WWJ does well in prime time viewing & some day parts. Here hoping they can snag someone with a big name in the market. Also as for branding name why not WWJ News? WBZ & WJZ goes by that name? Hmmm.
  8. WSYX has finally after so many years tops BNS & CMH for #1 at 5 &6pm! Who would of thought? So happy for the Sixers (that's their nickname around each newsrooms)
  9. Richard Blecher and Mark Winnie still the best at investigation stories. Glenn Burns on the weather, and they still have solid reporters i.e Richard Eillot, Tom Reagan, Ross Cavit and few others. The days of John and Monica are gone, but Cox should of known better to sell it to a private equity firm. I have hope WSB-TV stays solid, and hope Cox make better decisions.
  10. WSB not cutting that hour-long 6pm that bread and butter.
  11. I'm shocked that CBS46 was able to snag Monica, because at 74 I would think she would have enjoyed her retirement, but reading Rodney Ho article. WSB-TV wouldn't do any specials-which I'm scratching my head. Cox has to get their act together, because Apollo-is really hurting once a top broadcasting company. I truly hope Hearst would snag those Cox stations. You have to give Gray credit for everything, because Gray is making moves, and everything that Gray is investing in. Cox should have done that along time ago. I just don't understand why Cox desperately wanted to get out of the media business. WSB, WFTV, and (when they did owned KTVU) were the 3 biggest revenue stations in the company chain.
  12. From 1984 when it WTVN-TV before switching to WSYX- Channel 6 during it Action News era. a great newscast with two icons. Michelle Gailiun was at (WCMH) and Tom Ryan (WBNS) in the 70s before jumping over to 6!
  13. where you’ve been? It been #1 under Diane & Muir WNT, but it not the same WNT when Peter Jennings was on. I wouldn’t be shocked if BW went over to CBS for EN, but how many from NBC go to CBS just to get kicked in the face? Katie Couric & Bryant Gumbel both didn’t move the needle. I see Tom Llamas moving in at 11pm on MSNBC.
  14. Back in 2007 all (4) Atlanta anchors from the major affiliate stations- Monica Pearson (WSB), Russ Spencer (WAGA) , Karyn Greer (WXIA) & Stephany Fisher (WGCL) talking about the role of tv news and technology back then. How even things have changed from 07 to 2021
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