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  1. Such an overkill with News on KSTP- They have the Twin Cities Live from 3-4PM-ish? Maybe they're moving it to KSTC 45?
  2. Behind the Scenes of WJZ Channel 13 in 1992 during ABC era
  3. Chief Meteorologist at WDIV/Detroit Ben Bailey out! https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/8/8/out-in-motown https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/articles/28554/popular_detroit_weatherman_ben_bailey_quits_wdiv
  4. Scripps building in WPB https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/8/3/we-are-selling-the-building
  5. WKRG-ID 1994 WALA-ID/promo 1991 WEAR-ID 1991 WALA-ID 1997
  6. WGNX ID [now WGCL] in 1989 WGCL ID 20/21 KOCO- ID 1994 WTVR ID 1995
  7. KSAT 12 Isis Romero is out!
  8. I mean those VHF stations from 2-13 have been popular in so many markets. I just can't imagine 12WKRC in Cincinnati or WSFA Channel 12 in Montgomery. As well WTHR & WVEC being on Channel 13. People growing up in these markets before the current state of television always knew the Channel number & call letters. I guess I'm so used to a station being called by the number. Even when a station ie. WKLY doesn't even use the "32" in their branding. It annoys me, but one thing for sure is every market is different. Huntsville, Alabama as well on the UHF island as well to
  9. I hope they don't become ABC 28 News so boring and generic. They should insert "28" next Action News.
  10. Cox stations aren't doing 7pm news and E.T is very stable on WSOC, WHIO, WSB so that not happening.
  11. Jeopardy! Was moved to 4:30pm then Brenda Wood at the time would do a run down of the stories that was coming up at 6pm- then they would go into Dr. Phil at 5pm. But the 7pm news did return this time on WATL. Columbus, OH has (2) 7pm news on NBC & ABC going up against WoF & Jeopardy! Cleveland, OH also has (2) 7pm news on NBC & FOX up the game show on now CBS. Cincinnati, OH 7pm news on ABC and FOX has the two game shows. Even some FOX affiliates are cashing in big with the two popular game shows. WBFF & WXIX seem to have snagged a big p

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