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  1. A lot of talent from Cleveland has come to Columbus, and a lot of talent from Columbus have gone to Cleveland. Too many to list!
  2. Not just the middle finger incident. At Kaylor retirement, she threw some lightweight shade at Kaylor. Again, these two were never friendly vs. his relationship with Andrea Cambern which were more happy & friendly. When she jumped over to 10TV she became a terror. Not just her but some other talent who've jumped from the competition that goes over there the attitude does change. I won't speak badly of Chris Bradley, because he died. However, he was a nice man, but I did hear the conversation himself about Mike Davis. I'm just leaving it at that. I do think the folks at BNS ego got big because of the #1 status and big paychecks. I was always a fan of Colleen Marshall her doing weekends and moving up to Angela spot on the weekdays. She went back to school and got her law degree while doing the news. She looks really great, and she continues to be some of the last talent there. Plus she has been there 30+ years too.
  3. Doug/Mona/Angela/Jimmy & Jym made NewsWatch4 the best ever. However, I had a crush on Michelle Gailiun on Channel 6. Dave Kaylor, he just beat to his own drum, and I've heard the same from ppl who didn't like him. When Angela, jump from Channel 4 to 10 her ego and that big paycheck got the best of her because she wanted more $$$ from Channel 4 and they weren't going to pay her. She became an egomaniac and her and Kaylor has disdained for each other. Cabot Rea, he was another egomaniac too. I like good presentation skills, but don't just read the news. You definitely need to have a personality and show some emotions when doing many different stories. Having anchor/reporter skills are good because there some reporters who are bad at anchoring.
  4. Not just presentation skills, but you do have to have a personality too. Lou Forrest was good at doing the news, but the man never cracked a smile. Then I found out he was friends with my former boss. Jim Finnerty, he seems to have good skills when watching a YouTube clip from his time at Channel 8 in Cleveland, but he was horrible in Columbus with bad hair. Andrea Cambern she was a fan favorite from Arizona. Dave Kaylor who went to Ohio State and worked at WTVF in Nashville. Always thought he was the goofiest on-air talent, but had good presentation skills. Angela Pace (behind the scenes people have bad things to say about her) but definitely had good on-air skills.
  5. Darlene Hill (Chicago) Tom Lawrence left he wanted to go back to California back in 1994. Jim Finnerty eh ( wasn't a fan, but he worked in Cleveland ) Bob Hetherington came from Cleveland he worked at WUAB 43. Tyler Bacome this is his hometown and Mike Bowersock started during WTVN's days. Ted Hart worked at all (3) stations. You do have the hometown folks that are from here. Michelle Gailun, Deborah Countiss both grew up and went to Ohio State. Angela Pace who went to Capital Univesity and from the city, Cabot Rea who went to Otterbein University and from here. Jym Ganahl from Iowa he worked at KWWL. Lou Forrest came from Kansas before working at both WBNS & WSYX. Dana Tyler she local gal from Columbus, before going to WCBS-TV. Bill Martin before anchoring at FOX 8 in Cleveland worked at WSYX. Mike Jackson & Gail Hogan both worked at WTVN-TV before going over to WCMH.
  6. Colleen got her start in West Virginia, before coming to Columbus. Yes, there have been some who come from bigger markets. Tracey (Chicago) she from Cincinnati. Kristyn Hartman (Chicago now in Cincinnati) Bob Kendrick (Denver) who from Canada. Doug & Mona (worked in Cleveland) Mike Bettes (at the Weather Channel) worked at WSYX as well Liz Claman who now at FOX Business News, Carol Costello worked at both WSYX & WBNS before going to Baltimore, DC, CNN/HLN. You have some stay and some leave, but it not rejection city here.
  7. Maybe in this climate, but over the years many other names in the market came from smaller markets and made a name for themselves.
  8. I see Jerry moving into retirement. He 70 yrs old, and I see Dom & Angela Pace (who upstairs) all moving into retirement once things settle down. I would see Tracy & Mike being the more established ones still there. As well Yolanda, and I was told BNS paid some big bucks to bring her from down the street. Now I don't know, but under Sinclair, she was barely hitting $100,000. I assume they pony up at least $200,000. Andrea Cambern was making 250+ but when Angela Pace was doing the news she was making close to $500,000 and even got more when she moved upstairs. That why I think she will retire because of her paycheck.
  9. I kept wondering why Karina Nova, didn't want the job. She had been traffic anchor and definitely a rising star, and thought she would be good in that role. I hope she does sticks around. TEGNA likes young people.
  10. I knew Maureen was going to the State but didn't know Shelby got a State job too. WOW! Another thing is WBNS doesn't have a main weekend evening anchor. They've been having Jerry, Shelby, Scott and a series of rotation anchors do weekend evenings.
  11. Yeah, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell. They didn't know.? They knew because it was a couple of BNS employees that told me that it was a matter of time. The Dispatch, ONN and it was only a matter of time before they would sell. The old man died and his children didn't see any interest in owning a television operation. The problem has been the folks at BNS has rode the wave for a long time, and being a family owned station they had it all. Now, they have to compete in this new era being held by a company that owns more than (2) stations. Yes, The Wolfe family has had its hand in a lot of things, but they knew it was a matter of time. The hiring of Ms. Harris from down the street was a band-aid to keep the popularity of the station brand going. Gannett did own WLWT back in the 90s, so you want them back under TEGNA control. Hearst has made gains with WLWT moving #2 in early evening moving WCPO (3rd). I see Hearst as stable and steady. They have their hands in other areas besides media. If Cox (Terrier) don't work out. I definitely want Hearst getting Cox stations. It wasn't as quiet. Yolanda gave her a shout out and it was put out there. Now another one has left that was very quiet. Was Shelby Kroft who came from WISN. Well, guess what? They knew it was a matter of time. I had spoken to a couple of BNS employees who told me that they knew the writing was on the wall. What are they upset about? Are they upset that the children didn't want to keep the station? That 535 million looks good and the family will keep their real estate holdings. Gimme a break! Yes, it an end of an era I will say that, but the folks at TEN TV have been spoiled. Now they know what the folks at WSYX & WCMH have gone through over the years. They will be ok.
  12. It going to take by the end of the year before the deal is approved. I do see many of the older established talent moving into retirement. Jerry is 70 yrs old. Any changes will be 2020 going into 2021. I do see Jerry, Dom and probably Angela Pace (who upstairs) who are high price talent. Despite somethings, I don't like about TEGNA, it not as bad as Sinclair or Nexstar. Dispatch did on their website as well too. https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190611/wolfe-family-sells-broadcast-group-including-wbns-tv-for-535-million Nothing on 5pm news.
  13. I knew TEGNA would get those two stations. Hearst is very picky and uppity so to speak. Meredith and Graham IMO should be making some backroom deals, for Graham to continue. Sinclair & Nexstar have their footing in the market. WBNS will stay the same for NOW, later in 2020 into 2021 it will not be the same Wolfe Banks News and Shoes. I think it great to shake up the market, and BNS yes it a legacy station, but the tide as turn. Time for a new era in market 34.
  14. I'd told you all that the Wolfe Family was going to sell. Getting Yolanda Harris from WSYX was just a band-aid. The Old man died and his children were itching to sell. The Dispatch, ONN all have been gutted. It was bound to happen. As for WBNS yes, it an end of an era, but now WSYX & WCMH can battle for top spot. WBNS may stay #1, but TEGNA a hot mess at times. WOW. Definitely, want to know what going on at Twin Rivers Dr. I always thought TEGNA would be apart of BNS fabric.
  15. 60 Minutes 1974 Local News War in San Francisco
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