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  1. Once again WSB on top with over 50% of the audience share. In Feb 2023 WANF beat WXIA. Meanwhile in 2022 WGCL & WXIA were neck to neck or GCL was beating them. With WXIA ownership imperil it caused their stations to somewhat flat-line.
  2. When you say ratings are better than expected...how much better? For close 30 years the people of Detroit has been waiting. On another site the set was a topic of discussion. Have they talked about expanding the set. The topics have been how small it's etc. The station has the space because it inside WKBD studios from their time from then FOX/UPN. Just want to know what discussion have been had. Their newscast seems great and slow pacing. Less crime stories, so overall it does seem a well put together newscast. WWJ news certainly & hopefully nothing like WOIO or WGCL/WANF.
  3. Fred Kalil will retire from ATL tv in April after 30 years.
  4. 46 has passed 11 many times in the last 15 years. When CBS' primetime was hot in 2005ish- 2009/10. When CSI was the lead-in into the 11pm news. Then WGCL 11pm was beating WXIA. When WGCL put a morning news back on and called it "Better Mornings" it was neck to neck with WXIA in the mornings. As Gannett became TEGNA and 11 changed so much due to the company mandates. 11 saw it audience shrink. Despite changes in ownership and call letters GCL/ANF.
  5. Sure and you have a bridge in Arizona to sell. WSB still commands 50% of the audience share in last year ratings WSB won every newscast. When it was WGCL it tied with WXIA or beat WXIA. You definitely have to slaughter WXIA and WAGA to take on the 800lb gorilla. They will beat WXIA for sure, but they have their work to touch WAGA.
  6. Jennifer Rigby- WXIA News Director is headed Gray as a consultant. Last year as WGCL- the station either tied with 11 or beat them for 3rd place.
  7. I think Roland's studios is in D.C. and TEGNA owns WUSA- that why he going with them. Idk he was pushing this deal. At the end of the day the TEGNA deal is the worse thing for broadcast. Here's hoping it doesn't go through.
  8. KXAN is 1st but KVUE is right behind them- there one newscast I was told they win. KEYE is beating KTBC in a few newscast. This was discuss on another website. I was shocked KEYE was making movement.
  9. That station always seems they can't keep a news director. Also KCTV in 4th place too.
  10. WSYX #1 at 5, 6pm WCMH 2nd at 5pm/3rd at 6pm WBNS 3rd at 5pm/2nd at 6pm- [there a promo where they're #1 at 11pm] Would like WSYX post the 11pm numbers
  11. The kid from Toledo should of been on the morning news with Angela Ann. Now the best scenario should of been Jeff Hogan and Tracey Townsend at 10TV Yolanda Harris/Kurt Ludlow/Terri Sullivan on 6 On Your side Yeah I know wishful thinking- However, no he doesn't belong on 6. His thing is more for the morning news not primetime. He no Jerry Revish, and with 10TV going from the gold standard to a broke down Winnebago. You get what you pay for under TEGNA. Jeff Hogan/ Yolanda Harris would be perfect with Jerry Martz. I'm ready for them to retire Dom Tiberi. He ones of the last from the past along with Colleen Marshall and Terri Sullivan. Most from back in the day have left local tv news. I have found no evidence of WTVN or WSYX hitting tops back in the day. WTVN was #2 in the mid 70s when ABC was riding high and WCMH was in the gutter. WBNS of course a very starch and conservative news operation was sitting at #1. 80s very competitive with Doug/Mona from Cleveland. Michelle Gailiun with Tom Ryan/ Lou Forrest provided a strong #2 beating BNS by couple points at 6/11pm in the late 80s. 90s ownership woes and talent changes played with WSYX - WCMH and WBNS in the fight of neck to neck at 11pm during NBC's ER/Friends era. I've always hated how Sinclair owned both ABC & FOX because in a top 30 market. I always wish River City and Sinclair never merge. I always saw WSYX being owned by Young Broadcasting. I would have love to see a [4] newsroom competition. Cincinnati and Cleveland has it, and the Columbus market has always been an odd ball. Columbus market bigger than Cincinnati, and it still seems odd. Media General wasn't bad- honestly the did more good than bad. Outlet did alot of investment into WCMH during their heyday. I think with NBC owning the station. It was seen as a network O&O came to Columbus. Which never happened, and a bigger owner than the Wolfe's. Taft was good in it day, but Channel 6 was owned by Private Equity Group. {Anchor Media, Continental Ltd, River City} Sinclair was nothing but some mediocre company from Maryland. Owning a few stations here and there at the time.
  12. They were #2 with her and the ratings keep going up. She got her big pay check over at 10TV. I was told people told her not to go over there, but she saw the legacy of the station. Not only that, but she was popular with the public. When you have a big Q score they don't snatch you away from the competition. Angela Pace she wanted more $$$ at WCMH back in the day. 10TV under the Wolfe's snatch her up and 10TV over took News4 in 1992. Andrea Cambern as well got a paycheck too. in 1981, when Channel 6 was owned by Taft and was WTVN. Michelle Gailiun got a nice big paycheck as well too. Sinclair is known for not paying. WJLA is in a top 10 market, and Leon Harris and Maureen Bunyan who brought lots to the table didn't get renewed because they made too much under Sinclair's eyes. Let be honest. If she had stayed and at least was making 150K. She would of been at #1 on WSYX instead of making double the amount now sitting at #2 at BNS,.
  13. Give the people what they want. I remember when WSYX numbers in the morning were trash. Now, now the folks at Ten TV is in the shock of it life. They still have a promo saying they're #1 at 11pm However, it great to be #1. Let hope WSYX is paying staff like they're #1. WBNS paid Yolanda Harris more $$$. WSYX should of pony up those dollars for her to stay. Very interesting how the tide has turned.
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