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  1. If you were around back in 1995 or wasn't you get a glimpse of what UPN was like in those days. The guy goes into great detail and his facts and knowledge are very accurate and on point in details. Great video. Must watch!
  2. Ok, I didn't see it and just wanted confirmation. It was on a blog and everything on the internet is not always factual. Thanks, for clarifying
  3. I got what they were trying to do, but there was no need for 6 or 7 panels of people. They only needed 3- but it was to be those emotional type of shows. I thought it would have gotten a season 2 pick-up.
  4. I read on some blog said Face The Truth got the boot... Not sure if that true or not...hmm
  5. ABC33/40- Sept 1, 1997 -1 year after signing on as the new ABC affiliate.
  6. WBRC-1994- Channel 6 News (ABC) 1994
  7. That 2000-11 set seem to look really big! It had all that space and more. Maybe it was the camera angles, and those Young-era projection screens were crap! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Young Broadcasting RIP
  8. Good for WTEN! Remember when WKRN, WTEN had those horrible Young Broadcasting HD sets? Even though Adam Young, bankrupt his own company. Young wasn't a bad company.
  9. He lives in Florida.
  10. CNN: Crime Reporting on Local news 1995
  11. Is Wendy on a tape delayed?
  12. WKYC-TEGNA style WXIA-TEGNA style WKEF-ABC22
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