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  1. Ever since TEGNA moved in on Twin Rivers Dr it been a mad rush of people to leave the former Wolfe facilities. I heard the GM is a piece of work!
  2. I was giving you my assessment on the matter. We all have our own opinions about CBS. Do i watch CBS everyday? NO! Have I actually watched CTM & CBS Evening News, yes, but not everyday. I rarely watch GMA or Today as well, and when I do it every blue moon. If anything I do watch is cable news and NBC & ABC evening shows. Now, I don't know what you watch or have watched. Nor am I disrespecting your take on anything. I was just conversing with you on the topic alone. I hope there isn't a problem, if there's let it be known or whatever it's.
  3. KNXV ABC 15 2000 Morning report
  4. They probably mean that ABC & NBC shows both their morning and evening news are more fast pace stories both morning & evening shows. CBS does seem to have more longer stories. CTM is somewhat a good morning show where it more newsies while the other two are more fluff. It only news during the first 20 minutes of the broadcast. CBS News hasn't evolved but you have to admit that CTM is about news. I just can't watch any CBS news period. I hate what GMA has become and the same with Today. ABC has the title World News Tonight and there nothing about World News unless I watch a clip from the 90s on YouTube. If you watch NBC & ABC both stories seem to air at the same time and the pacing is fast. CBS takes it time in stories but it just seems like CBS is stuck as if Edward Murrow doing the news. CBS is like a bland cup of coffee while NBC & ABC are a cup of espresso & cappuccino. Then you have these cable outlets that are iced lattes.
  5. Scott worked at KPNX & WGCL...Seems like a nice guy but was a bore on tv. It be a game changer if BNS go and bring Jeff Hogan back. He wanted that main anchor gig. That would be a game changer. BNS has sunken to the abyss..
  6. Today Sherry Margolis at FOX2 in Detroit retires after 35 years. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/saying-goodbye-to-sherry-margolis-after-35-years-at-fox-2
  7. Is anybody open to the possibility of Rob Johnson back this time on WGN's evening news?
  8. What exactly is their deal? Wasn't he married to Maria Stephanos?
  9. Ernie Anastos has left FOX 5 for Harvard Business School. Ernie last time on the 6pm was back in March. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/250133/back-to-school-for-ny-anchor-ernie-anastos/ https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/ernie-anastos-harvard-business-school-1.45759222
  10. I see them keeping it, because ABC desperately want the cache that NBC has with the Today franchise and remember is cheaper for Talk Show or Game Show in that time slot than a soap opera. I see them once again retooling it to make it a more of a carbon copy of GMA.
  11. Monica Matthews at WSB Radio tweets got her in trouble over WSB-TV anchor Jovita Moore. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/wsb-radio-lets-weekend-host-monica-matthews-citing-her-twitter-feud-with-jovita-moore/VgQxaJ3FiFQmg05p3CjTwJ/ Leaving WTNH 8 Jocelyn Maminta signed off NEWS8 after 20 plus years.
  12. From that last few days KSTP coverage has always been top notch, but their anchor team not going to move their ratings. WCCO still tops despite CBS' woes. WCCO never been big and heavy of being a mandated CBS clone like BBM, KCBS/WCBS.. KARE coverage was good, but TEGNA's disaster camouflages the goodness of their product. KMSP from what I saw did a good job. Randy Meier definitely has the anchorman type as in delivery .
  13. She was interviewed by Jorge and it posted on the station website.
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