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  1. I know the Phoenix market is hyper-competitive, but isn't KNXV close to the top in some time slots?
  2. This shows a lot of people are stupid. They want the networks/stations yet gripe when they have a huge rate increase at the beginning of the year. Shouldn't they be able to put two and two together? It's not that infrastructure/maintenance costs increased that much. It's mainly programming costs.
  3. A few years ago, Sinclair's WHP-TV Harrisburg was airing "Life Today with James Robison" at noon. It was uncommon, but not necessarily a one-off.
  4. The new WKYC "Circle 3" is reminiscent to KTVK's "Circle 3" circa 1980-82, except for not being italicized.
  5. The best graphics in American TV over the past five years were with the Dispatch stations. Now that they're TEGNA, I can see them screwing it up big time.
  6. They've already posted their reason on http://tvpromise.att.com
  7. KPNX is getting back in the midday news business...sort of. They’re introducing a 12-minute program at noon which appears it will be nothing but light stuff for stay-at-home moms. The sales department-produced “Arizona Midday” will air from 12:15 to 1pm. https://www.12news.com/article/life/announcements/12-minutes-of-news-commercial-free-12-at-12-launches-on-sept-9-tram-mai-arizona-midday-daily-blast-live/75-38647175-c94f-4aa1-a171-8bf859026b46
  8. It would be, but WCIU are heritage calls for Weigel and Norman Shapiro.
  9. Despite that, WCUU would make a good choice of call letters for a CW station. ("W-C-Double-U")
  10. Since Entertainment Studios is a content partner, you'll probably see episodes of The American Athlete and Cars.TV repeated ad nauseum instead of World Poker Tour and Destination Polaris.
  11. I saw that KFMB-TV 8.2 (CW) in San Diego has also picked up Full Court Press, so KPNX isn't the lone Tegna station airing it. No Meredith stations I've found on their list, but Scripps is airing it on KMCI-38 in Kansas City, and it's also listed for WKBW in Buffalo (even though it doesn't show it on their schedule for 9/8).
  12. KPNX in Phoenix is airing Full Court Press at 4am Sunday morning. A somewhat better time than what they give Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien (which airs 1:30-2am Sunday and Monday mornings).
  13. Lawyer commercials, and (ironically enough) "resort rehab." Can the average Maury/Springer viewer afford $100,000 a stay in Malibu?
  14. Tamron Hall will be a one-and-done (maybe two, since that's how many Disney/ABC gave Katie Couric). I just find that it's risky to launch syndicated talk franchises in this day in age.
  15. A number of promos for KNXV from 1984, pre-Scripps. One year in to being a full time independent (notice the video glitches when they switch from commercial to commercial/program, possibly using 3/4" U-Matic players).
  16. CBSTVD only sells barter advertising for D-M.
  17. Just like Gray, TEGNA is going to handle national sales for their stations on their own, shunning a Cox division (which may also lose the Tribune-to-be-Nexstar stations in the near future too). https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/237403/bad-news-for-cox-reps-tegna-goes-in-house/
  18. Hasn't "25 Words" been sold to FOX O&Os?
  19. Now that Kidvid has been "overhauled," maybe the FCC can get to retransmission reform.
  20. It was bound to happen when they lost their full-power signal and was sold to Stryker (CNZ). I have a feeling they'll go back to their '70s low-budget roots (the "C" in "CNZ" is for Terry Crosby, the son of former owner Leon Crosby).
  21. All the creative work of Richard Holland. Mainly 1986-87 to 1996-97. I liked the short at the end featuring Del and Jewell Lewis, Bill Miller, and the rest of MAC America's management, explaining their growth potential (which didn't come to be after the sold KTVK in 1999).
  22. KRLR was the established #2 independent by 1989, but still far behind KVVU in the ratings (which I would have still considered an independent at the time). Las Vegas was a smaller market than Tucson in 1989 (which had three independents but lost one that year), surely LV couldn't support four of them. If I recall correctly, The Count's father, who was a gospel singer, founded KFBT (and also helped start WFBT-29 in Minneapolis as a religious/family-themed independent eight years earlier, eventually selling the station and it became KITN then WFTC). I believe KFBT focused on religious programming its first few years too. KBLR's story reminds me of KPOL (now KHRR) in Tucson - KPOL went dark for a couple of years before becoming a Telemundo station, and I think KBLR did the same too.
  23. Interesting. KBLR was the third independent. KFBT had signed on a few months before, but I think they were a mostly religious station at the time. KBLR was sold and became Telemundo while KFBT ended up becoming the WB affiliate for a couple years.
  24. Yet she's gained a lot of new fans among the MAGA crowd (just look at the comments on the YouTube video).
  25. Yet she won't get fired, given who her employer is and also that it's Phoenix. She's untouchable at KSAZ because her actions aren't enough to hurt her or the station's brand.
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