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  1. Interesting point. Maybe UPN already had the contract with Channel 25 (KCNG-LP, later KTUD-LP, now completely defunct), and didn't want any breach of contract suit filed by them if they were to affiliate with KFBT. I suspect UPN would have wanted to be on KFBT instead of the low-power, which had a hard time getting on cable at first. Vegas was a strange market for Sinclair pre-KSNV. The stronger (at the time) Channel 21 decided to go with MyNetworkTV instead of The CW when all that went down 15 years ago.
  2. The Vegas case was strange. Channel 21(KUPN -> KVWB), which was wholly owned by Sinclair, went from UPN to WB. Channel 33 KFBT, had just been sold to a company affiliated with ACME Communications (headed by then-WB president Jamie Kellner) and LMA'd to Sinclair. I think the ownership issue was the reason why they didn't pick up UPN, which ended up on low-power Channel 25.
  3. Is it CBSN National or CBSN DFW?
  4. Their schedule looks better today than they did under their later Media General days, when they were showing third-rate syndicated programming during network off-hours.
  5. Will "ET" shop for a better timeslot on a different station in Phoenix (in which longtime station KTVK downgraded the show in favor of "People")? CBS can't be too happy with the late night clearance they've had here since September. They'll renew "People" for three years now, but when/if Meredith splits its publishing and TV operations, that may change.
  6. I didn't think ANYONE could make KTWO/KGWC/KFNB WORSE than what they were under Wyomedia/Silverton/Mark III. They were NOTORIOUSLY cheap and three decades behind the times. But, it looks like Coastal/Vision has done so.
  7. I see Scripps is standardizing their ABC stations to have their morning news named "Good Morning (insert city/market here)." Except that they can't do that in Phoenix because KTVK's morning show has been "Good Morning Arizona" for 25 years.
  8. KGUN is in the biggest need of a graphics revamp. They're still using Journal-era L3's
  9. ThisTV will go the way of The Tube, Tuff TV, and The Cool TV soon. It will be a sad day when they shut down because they were the first professional-looking diginet with "retro" content. Right now, the MGM content is pretty much duplicated on other diginets in which MGM has a programming and distribution say (Comet, Charge!, Light), and they're still in 4:3 standard definition.
  10. Bahakel was/is notorious for running things on the cheap at their stations, so no surprise about everything looking cheap in '99. KSWT wasn't exactly Pappas' worst property, but they sure made the station an afterthought during their stewardship (besides, the reason why they bought the station was to flip it to Azteca America, and that didn't exactly pan out).
  11. I know the Phoenix market is hyper-competitive, but isn't KNXV close to the top in some time slots?
  12. This shows a lot of people are stupid. They want the networks/stations yet gripe when they have a huge rate increase at the beginning of the year. Shouldn't they be able to put two and two together? It's not that infrastructure/maintenance costs increased that much. It's mainly programming costs.
  13. A few years ago, Sinclair's WHP-TV Harrisburg was airing "Life Today with James Robison" at noon. It was uncommon, but not necessarily a one-off.
  14. The new WKYC "Circle 3" is reminiscent to KTVK's "Circle 3" circa 1980-82, except for not being italicized.
  15. The best graphics in American TV over the past five years were with the Dispatch stations. Now that they're TEGNA, I can see them screwing it up big time.

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