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  1. The only place I've seen rows of iMacs in a newsroom was KAET's "Cronkite News" (produced by Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism, which is a training ground on the lines of KOMU). Macs are still well used in educational institutions.
  2. And they plan to show the Kellen Winslow trial starting Monday. It's no O.J., but it's an NFL player. The next "trial of the century" could be just around the corner.
  3. Scripps basically had no choice but to inherit those Azteca affiliations on the McGraw-Hill stations. Entravision took Azteca away from them in San Diego, maybe they're planning on doing the same in Denver?
  4. Telco Productions is the actual distributor. They are a "wholesaler" of low-budget E/I programs from different sources, including self-produced shows like "Animal Rescue" and "Missing." Storrs Media is a separate--but related--company that sells the PI/direct response time in Telco's shows. NewsNet gets their E/I programs from Telco, and so do a few other diginets. Usually, Litton does some planning with whoever they sell their shows to. Telco (and similar company TVS, which is syndicating the upcoming Greta Van Susteren show for Gray) sells E/I shows to any network/station willing to run their PI/DR spots. Speaking of advertisements, Court TV's charter advertisers are underwhelming (PI/DR for trial lawyers, Medicare plans, and resort rehab). And the ad breaks are frequent. How about running more trial and fewer commercials until they can get better sponsors?
  5. Hey, there's a local LPDTV here in the Phoenix market in which one subchannel is an obscure mix of music videos (legally sourced, I don't know) and another is all car classifieds, all the time -- in Spanish (with weird stock video footage in between cars). They are trying to lease out one or two of their channels, but no takers yet. Or they may just have a wealthy funding source, willing to take two or three years of losses.
  6. I can see Scripps replacing "The List" (whose production had been taking over by Katz Networks from KNXV Phoenix not too long ago) with a new version of "Court TV: Inside America's Courts," but not all Scripps markets carry Court TV on Scripps stations.
  7. There's hundreds of LPTV stations and Weigel isn't bothering to put Decades on them. They can sell it as higher quality programming than the Luken networks. I asked one LPTV owner to add Decades, and he came back saying the Weigel people didn't want to affiliate on LPTVs. People liked This TV when Weigel ran it (they did some things creative with the questionable MGM library). But then when Tribune took over, it just became wasted space.
  8. MGM is more interested in their joint ventures with Sinclair (Comet, Charge!) and the EPIX pay network. This TV has been running on borrowed time for a few years now.
  9. I'm guessing November 1 is the target date for the Tribune stations because that's when their contract with MGM is up regarding This TV (which it appears that Court TV will be displacing in the Tribune markets). Since This is a partnership with Tribune, they might be winding down that network. Decades was hit hard last year but didn't shut down. They also lost two TEGNA stations with the Court TV launch. I'm surprised Weigel hasn't just shut it down.
  10. All this time, I thought KPNX was hubbed out of KUSA since the move out of 1101 N. Central.
  11. I'm sure then-KWCH GM Ron Bergamo, a University of Arizona graduate, wasn't happy with the result of this game. Ironically, he would end up in Phoenix two years later running KTSP. -- Here's a couple 1992 promos from then-newsless Fox affiliate KNXV-15 (whose call letter-based image campaign that season was produced by TVbD, IIRC): And some rare pre-Scripps KNXV (I've started at a promo for "The Greatest American Hero," which ended with graphics featuring their slogan at the time "Where The Stars Shine"). Then co-owned WCGV-24 in Milwaukee used the same slogan and similar graphics.
  12. I guess I'm the only one who thinks KSAZ's gone downhill over the past 15 years. They might be the closest thing to a "Fox News Local" of any FOX O&O (see Kari Lake's Twitter posts and their reliance of Fox News national stories).
  13. According to RabbitEars, NewsNet has landed a big-four station: Marquee-owned WSWG in Albany, GA (soon).
  14. I also remember seeing Chiquita Banana advertisements on KTSP (then owned by Carl Lindner's Great American Broadcasting. Lindner also controlled Chiquita) more often than on other stations back in the early-'90s. When SCI became New World and Ron Perelman controlled things, Revlon commercials became more common as well (if I recall correctly).
  15. The thing is in recent years, SFM split from its media buying agency roots and became literally a one-man operation (Stan Moger). And he passed away last year.
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