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  1. I've looked at the TV schedules for KTVK and KPHO for the next couple weeks, and it appears that they are slowly adding home-grown Gray programming ("Investigate TV" and "The Song") to the weekend lineups. No sign of the "Power Nation" automotive block yet. The Meredith mistakes of the past couple years ("People" and the like) have still yet to be downgraded or removed from the schedule. "Full Court Press" is still airing on TEGNA's KPNX overnights on Sunday morning, due to a previous syndication contract.
  2. I highly doubt it. They're still owned by the same Pentecostal family that thinks CBS is "immoral" and "too liberal."
  3. But they do have a point. TV stations are losing viewers fast, but want to be compensated even more every year. The NAB is ruthlessly telling their member stations to pursue that retransmission dough, even while extolling free TV options like ATSC 3.0. There's got to be a point where MSO's say "enough is enough, we're losing money."
  4. The Casper stations were pretty much run as bottom-barrel operations prior to Coastal's purchase.
  5. Kind of like Casper, Wyoming. Gray was basically running a news monopoly there because KTWO was a laughingstock, even before KYUR's owners bought it.
  6. Scripps Howard was doing that with all their Fox-turned-Big 3 stations (note that KNXV launched news with the so-called "Fox attitude" when they knew they were becoming ABC). They didn't have time to change their game plan. It must have been a Pacific Northwest small market thing. I remember seeing KTVZ Bend in 1994 and thinking how low budget they were.
  7. I'm thinking a lot of low-budget sub-major-network-quality programming. They get a lot already from Associated Television International (Masters of Illusion, Hollywood Christmas Parade, and others. they used to produce a lot of stuff for the old PAX TV and pre-syndicated-service MyNetworkTV).
  8. KPNX was #1 from the realignment until the late 2000's, as I recall them spitting out press releases up until then. Then Lin Sue Cooney left and they haven't been the same since. KPHO might be the #1 station sign-on to sign-off thanks to CBS, but KSAZ, love them or hate them, is the local news ratings leader. I've got a feeling that the market is still very hyper-competitive, with no station standing out as dominant during evenings and 10pm, while 10 has chipped away from 3's morning dominance over the past 15 years.
  9. It's hard to tell, since KPNX doesn't brag about being number one anymore (they could be #4 now, given how TEGNA has treated all their properties, as well as their VHF OTA signal, seen as a disadvantage in the digital age. They're working to move to UHF, though). KPHO's strength is its CBS affiliation, not its news department (which benefitted by merging with KTVK, but Meredith's woes as of late might have not helped).
  10. There are too many established entertainment news magazines out there. I imagine that the national syndication of "People TV" will be on the chopping block, and the older magazines rightfully going back to their old time slots.
  11. Interesting point. Maybe UPN already had the contract with Channel 25 (KCNG-LP, later KTUD-LP, now completely defunct), and didn't want any breach of contract suit filed by them if they were to affiliate with KFBT. I suspect UPN would have wanted to be on KFBT instead of the low-power, which had a hard time getting on cable at first. Vegas was a strange market for Sinclair pre-KSNV. The stronger (at the time) Channel 21 decided to go with MyNetworkTV instead of The CW when all that went down 15 years ago.
  12. The Vegas case was strange. Channel 21(KUPN -> KVWB), which was wholly owned by Sinclair, went from UPN to WB. Channel 33 KFBT, had just been sold to a company affiliated with ACME Communications (headed by then-WB president Jamie Kellner) and LMA'd to Sinclair. I think the ownership issue was the reason why they didn't pick up UPN, which ended up on low-power Channel 25.
  13. Is it CBSN National or CBSN DFW?
  14. Their schedule looks better today than they did under their later Media General days, when they were showing third-rate syndicated programming during network off-hours.
  15. Will "ET" shop for a better timeslot on a different station in Phoenix (in which longtime station KTVK downgraded the show in favor of "People")? CBS can't be too happy with the late night clearance they've had here since September. They'll renew "People" for three years now, but when/if Meredith splits its publishing and TV operations, that may change.
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