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  1. Just watched News 4 @ 5 and was kind of confused. I turned on the tv and saw Shiba doing a stand up about ISIS. Then at the end of the piece she tossed it back to Sibila and Chuck. Why wouldn't they have Shiba host the News @ 5 if she's there?
  2. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/nbc-nightly-news-gets-a-studio-refresh_b237582
  3. Update that debuted 9/2/14. Includes new rear projection background used for topical graphics, and update newsroom shots (looks to me like LA newsroom). There are more photos on my flickr page. (sorry but couldn't upload them all for some reason). https://www.flickr.com/photos/126675500@N05/?details=1 I personal love it and hate it. I like the fact that they got rid of the monitor wall as the home base background like it because i hate the line. I hate it because it just looks awkward with the orange accent to the set and looks like a combo of the old set from 2012 and the set from studio 3C years ago. It looks like they've made the set smaller.
  4. I also saw another video (http://vimeo.com/102969337) for a Facebook news update that they shot. I wonder if their gonna increase their daily social media presence. It could be great way to promote the show. I think they have Amy do a preview of the day's GMA on Facebook before the show goes on air.
  5. BREAKING: Just found the new open and voice over for when David starts via the ABC Broadcast Graphics vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/104624794 I also found one that just says, "World News Tonight" which will probably be used tonight and for the weekends till a replacement is announced.: http://vimeo.com/104624795 Heres the old one with Diane for comparison: http://vimeo.com/51151557 I guess its now confirmed that they are changing the name but are keeping the graphics for now.
  6. It looks like this(https://twitter.com/abcWNT) is a dummy account. Theres no tweets and they have very little followers. Not sure if ABC has the account as the profile claims but I'm sure ABC could get the handle. If i recall correctly, CNN did the same thing when they start "@ This Hour"
  7. Well Diane isn't the anchor anymore so why keep her name in the tittle. It would personally confuse me if she signs off but they still promote the show with her name. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow's open is gonna be. Will it say "World News with Diane Sawyer (doubtful) , "World News Tonight", "World News with David Muir" (and just have Amy say she's subbing. Or just say "World News".
  8. They just aired a promo for tomorrow's show following the sign off and called it "World News Tonight". Is this a name changed or a temp title till David starts?
  9. I know it's April Fools but this seem legit... http://bigstory.ap.org/article/strahan-join-good-morning-america-part-time
  10. WPIX did solo @ 5 when Jodi Applegate worked there
  11. I like the 'social square' more than the 'orange room' mainly because it matches the set better. It uses the same white brick like elements and matching floors and other elements. What i don't like about the Orange Room is that when they are giving and interview from the interview area of the Today set, you see Carson or producers sitting down and just talking. Its good that GMA doesn't have that view from the set of the new room. I think the basketball hoop and foosball table are gimmicky and serve no purpose. Who's playing football at 8:00 in the morning? I get why they did it but it seems pointless and just takes up space. The technology in the 'Social Square' is much better and more interactive than the Orange Room. They've combined the best parts of the CBS This Morning green room and the Orange Room.
  12. Thats competition. Like it was previously said, all shows copy certain elements from each other. I think the people who lose out when shows copy each other are us, the viewers.
  13. She did replace Natalie last night at the golden globes. This could be because they wanted Natalie to host with Matt in NY which Tamron could have done.
  14. when do you think they will "de-holiday" the set and go back to normal?
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