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  1. As far as I remember, before the Olympics, it was just "Today, live from Studio 1A..." and the graphics faded to the plaza/control room early. When did they start naming the weekend crew?
  2. Today's open had Sheinelle Jones, Craig Melvin AND Dylan Dreyer named on screen and in the VO...I guess that's official now then. Not taken them long at all to silently announce that...
  3. Maybe, she was a network weekday morning anchor and a cable primetime news anchor. I don't see why any of the regular subs would be ranked above her (bar Tamron Hall, maybe). She'd make an excellent addition to the Nightly team. Whilst talking about Weekend Nightly, it does seem that the weekend edition is less produced than the weekday one, maybe that is just because it uses the news nook? I don't know, but it certainly doesn't have the flare that Lester has emphasised in the last few months on the main show.
  4. ITV seem to use Ten reporters a lot. I think Ten are part of a news group that ITV is in, but NBC and Seven isn't.
  5. Well, maybe in the US. Here in the UK, we have Lorraine Kelly who has been presenting for just over 30 years now. She started as a reporter in 1984, and became a presenter in 1989. In 1993, when a new company took of production of the network morning show, Lorraine presented her own show at breakfast time a sort of 'KLG and Hoda' half hour, and later in '93 added anchoring the main show to her duties. In 1994, her show was extended to an hour, and she continued that show for 18 years. In 2012, she joined the main show (rebranded) as the host of the 7 - 8:30 portion (there was a newshour from 6-7), and continued her own show form 8:30 onwards. In 2014, the main show got rebranded again and Lorraine left to dedicate time to her own show. In addition to that, she's presented the mid-day show This Morning, similar to Today's Take I guess. Matt trailing a close second then...
  6. Peter Alexander in for Lester on this Sunday night. Hopefully not his first time in the chair, as he is brilliant.
  7. What was Bryant doing there today?
  8. Guest hosts next week: http://www.today.com/allday/meredith-vieira-brian-williams-tom-brokaw-guest-host-today-1D80129378 Interesting...but will Maria, Tom and Brian force that they get announced before Matt at the 7am? Maybe...I'm guessing KLG will obviously want to get announced full stop, seems like something she'd demand.
  9. The open didn't have the 'with...' part of the announce, is that new today or what? Lara was sitting in her normal seat too.
  10. What are the splashes of what I presume is water all about on the GMA open and on various other ABC News stuff?
  11. Ahh right, TelevisionGFX uploaded a video and the bed went straight through to the announcer and the ABC News signature sounded different.
  12. Has GMA debuted new opening music?
  13. What is the cut of music News 4 NY are using instead of the normal LA Groove open for TINY and N4NY at 11am?
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