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  1. Yeah I was wondering if it’s a different cut of LA Groove I’ve not heard before. The show open (when they have one) is definitely using a different open than the LA Groove cut they’ve used for years.
  2. KNBC made the switch today, also using new music.
  3. KLAS' traffic guy just announced on his Facebook page that he and the station's chopper "have been eliminated." Not surprising, but sad to see. That leaves KSNV as the only Vegas station still in the air.
  4. I was told she made the announcement to staff this afternoon. I wonder how long before it becomes official and hits the industry websites/blogs?
  5. I'm hearing from friends at the station that KSNV management just announced they've been sold to Sinclair. If so... That didn't take long.
  6. Jim Rogers, the owner of KSNV in Las Vegas, has passed away. http://www.mynews3.com/content/news/story/Philanthropist-and-former-NSHE-chancellor-Jim/l9Aw-tZjAE6_sNw8V1pyTA.cspx
  7. So many questions about the KMIR/KPSE sale. Is this their first news operation? What happens to the WX segments that were sourced by Journal-owned KTNV?
  8. Word is NPG (News-Press Gazette) just bought KCOY/KION in California's Central Coast markets. https://www.facebook.com/savekcoy/posts/454082528040453
  9. Wow, I know TWC threatened to do this during the CBS fight, but I'm still surprised they actually did it! That could have a lasting impact on these stations. http://www.mydesert.com/article/20130920/LIFESTYLES0103/309200005/KMIR-Time-Warner-Cable-Journal-Broadcast-Co-agreement?sf17456983=1 "(KMIR/KPSE GM Craig) Marrs said the channel change will require no re-branding efforts for the station. He estimated that about half the local audience used Time Warner Cable."
  10. Word is that everything except for Reno and Vegas is up for sale. I figure Jim Rogers will stalk the halls of KSNV even long after he dies. But I could see Sinclair swallow up KLAS. We know that place has to be up for sale.
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