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  1. Someone mentioned on the Facebook comments that they should have started at Rock Center and then pulled out to the world, to show NBC's global reach. I tend to agree, but a very nice look overall.
  2. Trevor

    Out & About

    Jason Miles out at WMC by August, headed to KHOU.
  3. Trevor

    Out & About

    Almost definitely Donna Davis. First thought was Joyce Peterson but this person has dark hair based on the WREG teaser. Can't think of anyone else it could be.
  4. Trevor

    Out & About

    Former WMC meteorologist Tim Van Horn starts at WHBQ on Monday.
  5. Trevor

    Out & About

    Wow, some big shake-up going on. Wonder what's happening.
  6. Trevor

    Out & About

    Interesting that Ian Silver has been added to the website (has a government reporter), but Ben Watson wasn't removed. His removal wasn't confirmed by the station, but former employees Tim Van Horn and Amy Speropolous confirmed it on their personal Facebook pages.
  7. Trevor

    Out & About

    In more Memphis news, Ben Watson is reportedly out at WMC. He was a long running reporter and weekend anchor for nearly 30 years. This happened a few weeks ago and evidently even his colleagues don't know what's going on. He was just suddenly released.
  8. Trevor

    Out & About

    From what I understand, Brittani is scheduled for weekends but has been tossed around a little since the loss of Brian Basham (around time of Cox takeover). I'm guessing Lindsey will fill the team with her in the mornings, Ed Echols at noon, Joey Sulipeck as chief at 5, 9, and 10, and Brittani on the weekends. Not too sure but I think that's how this is supposed to work. Of course they could switch Lindsey and Brittani depending on who they like more in the mornings.
  9. Trevor

    Out & About

    Meteorologist Lindsey Monroe of WTHI in Terre Haute is leaving to join WHBQ in Memphis, presumably as meteorologist for Good Morning Memphis.
  10. And there would be a set redesign in order since the 5 doesn't match the 5 on the set. I don't think it is either, just thought it was interesting. Wow, duh. Did a quick search through other Raycom logos since I figured that's what happened and somehow missed that one.
  11. I don't know what this means (if anything), but upon downloading the NewsOn app that live streams news broadcasts, I noticed that WMC was using a different "5" logo than what they use on air. It's possible that the app just picked the wrong "5" logo, but I don't recognize it from another station (maybe someone else does?).
  12. Strange. WMC isn't using it and no one else in Memphis does.
  13. Trevor

    Out & About

    With the conclusion of the 6 PM news, Chief Meteorologist Dave Brown has officially retired from WMC-TV in Memphis after 50 years in broadcasting, 40 of which were spent at WMC. I've gathered a collection of clips which include farewells from family, friends, coworkers, and even anchors from competing news stations, in addition to Dave's final newscast and weather segment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0n83uMgoTw
  14. Trevor

    Out & About

    Long-time WMC chief meteorologist Dave Brown will retire on August 31st after nearly 4 decades at the station. http://www.wmcactionnews5.com/story/29805386/wmc-action-news-5s-dave-brown-announces-retirement-new-role
  15. WATN/WLMT have the new website
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