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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=mCNCm-m9Dbo;t=10 I've been trying to identify this guy for years.
  2. I was going to say that maybe Rick just forgot the actual number of stations, just like he forgot which agencies he was going to cut. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZCyTQEANlmM
  3. They've used these for a while in teases. They're BEAUTIFUL.
  4. They're both Look F. Both from Artworks, but WBBH's just looks really bad.
  5. 30+ year WJAC anchor Bill Brown announced this evening that he will retiring at the end of February. The market will miss him. What a great talent and incredible anchor. Here's to a happy retirement!
  6. WTAJ just started doing Forecast Firsts on every newscast this evening, not just the 11PM (where they initially did it since launching their HD newscasts in 2013). Are there any other Nexstar stations that just started implementing this change?
  7. My guess is no. She just announced she is pregnant and she already has a few kids. Her husband "was presented with an opportunity he couldn’t pass up" in the Phoenix area.
  8. WTAJ morning anchor Angie Koehle had her last morning at the station this morning. She's moving to Phoenix with her family. She will be missed by the station and by all of the viewers.
  9. ... but there some nice old clips of WTAJ and WJAC, both of which using themes I'm not familiar with. Anyone ever heard either of these? You can't hear much of the WJAC package.
  10. I tried to get some more information about , but my source told me that it was too long ago to have any solid info on it.
  11. I was supporting his fact, but I was just saying how vague it sounded. Regarding the whole Turn To... there are a lot of updates to that: the Australian one, the KYW one, the WMC one, the WVEC one, maybe even some more that I can't think of. I wish more was known about them.
  12. If the only argument is that the signature matches, then you could say that the package is "360" from 360 Music.
  13. Apparently this just happened not long ago...
  14. Those KVRR graphics almost look like a knock-off of Sinclair's Daily News graphics.
  15. Gannett obviously has something big in mind with TXCN with the purchase of the London stations.
  16. It is possible that it's not a custom signature but rather just a musical idea. I've heard pretty crappy edit jobs of This is Home that splice about 3 different cuts together. The KING stations and the Texas stations could be going for uniformity, especially with NWCN and TXCN.
  17. She was always one of my favorites on The Weather Channel.
  18. I can't tell if are a bad knockoff or just a bad usage of the old WBBH graphics.
  19. Eric Fisher is great. I was sad when I saw he left the Weather Channel. I am happy he does does things for CBS This Morning occasionally.
  20. Brian Williams said on tonight's Nightly News that he is coanchoring Today tomorrow. Expect another one of these...
  21. NewsCentral was a joke. The stations still had a newscast, but I think it needs to go further than just having a newscast run by something like INN or whatever. The newscast being from the station helps, because that creates a sense of community. If it's a story that "hits home," then how is someone at INN going to cope with the news and feel the same way as someone in the specific DMA?
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