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  1. "Apparently, the woman complained to CNBC executives that Matthews made inappropriate jokes and comments about her in front of others, that the matter was looked into and it was determined that the comments were inappropriate and in made in poor taste, but were never meant as propositions." http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/nbc-news-settled-sexual-harassment-complaint-against-chris-matthews-in-1999/352300 “In 1999 this matter was thoroughly reviewed and dealt with. At that time Matthews received a formal reprimand,” an MSNBC spokesperson told the parent company in an email on Saturday.
  2. I almost feel for Rose. Unless I missed something, all of the allegations are from 10+ years ago, and even just 10 years ago, society had a much different culture and it's only recently that this stuff is coming to light. Not to say what he did was okay, but when you get away with this behavior for so long (a lifetime) you begin to think this behavior is normal. And every generation before ours grew up that way. I bet when Rose had to report story after story of another star going down for sexual harassment, he learned his lesson and realized what he had done was wrong. Maybe not, I don't know the man. Fortunately or unfortunately, he'll likely learn another lesson when he is fired from CBS any day now.
  3. This is a huge blow to CBS and quite a shame, I really enjoyed the Trio on CTM. I think there is little doubt that Charlie Rose will be fired, though at what point have we gone from "hate the sin, not the sinner," to "hate both the sin and the sinner." As terrible as it genuinely sounds, it really is a generational thing and it's only in this generation that this conduct is being shut down in such a manner that we basically know already Rose will be fired. What next? I wouldn't be surprised to see a trio of women, maybe Alex Wagner or Bianna Golodryga. Anthony Mason would be another obvious candidate. Maybe Oprah? But seriously, CBS has a big decision to make if they do fire Rose. I would love to see George Stephanopoulos take over, I think he would be a great fit on the program.
  4. When Bill Ritter retires (a few years from now), I see Joe Torres getting the job. Similar to Bill, Joe has built a strong reputation in New York, even on weekends. You're missing Diana Williams and I guarantee you they will not get rid of Diana. They're also not gonna separate Diana & Sade or Bill & Liz. Both teams are extremely successful. WABC is better off not making any changes, and I don't think major changes are coming. And keep in mind, any change in anchors at WABC is a major change. They don't do it often and that's why they're number one. They know that and will not mess with it. When Bill eventually retires, I see something along these lines: Noon: Diana/Liz & David 4pm: Liz & David 5pm: Diana & Sade 6pm: Liz & David 11pm: Sade & Joe On Diana, when she eventually retires (which is still far off but I also don't see her working until she's 70), I think we'll see something along the lines of: Noon: Liz & David 4pm: Liz & David 5pm: Sade & Joe 6pm: Liz & David 11pm: Sade & Joe ...just my two cents
  5. I don't want to get into too much speculation but that's something I didn't think of. I think Lori would do great at CBS This Morning replacing Norah. And even before this idea, I always thought Norah was the best insider to take over the Evening News. We shall see..
  6. I think you're all reading a little too much into this tweet. It is common for reporters to end a tweet or at least include in tweets their company page, in this case @NBCNewYork. i.e. "On the scene of yada yada yada @NBCNewYork" Also, where is the tweet? Doesn't exactly look real to me, could have easily been fabricated by the user who literally joined yesterday. What reporter would use "My-Ex" in a tweet? If Brian did actually tweet this, I doubt he would say that. I could be wrong but I just don't believe that this tweet is real, and if it is, I still don't see where it says she's joining WNBC.
  7. I don't know what anyone here sees in Toni to be quite honest. I think she'd be a good weekend morning anchor but at least at the moment, she does not have what it takes to anchor the most watched local morning newscast in America, she just doesn't have the gravitas. At the end of the day, unless someone's coming from outside, it is Michele or Shirleen's spot to lose. If Shirleen moves to mornings, I would expect Michele replaces her at Noon, she has a great working relationship with David Novarro (and Ken frankly). As a lifelong New Yorker, I honestly think the morning spot will go to Michele. She works great with Ken & Bill, and she and Heather are girlfriends. While Shirleen has filled in on the morning show, she seems to be more of a fill-in for the afternoon and evening teams, and I think that's where she'll stay until one of them leaves. Mess with the success of the weekend morning team???? They just lost their STAR morning anchor, you think they mind messing with their weekend team to help out the weekday team? Completely agree, I was going through all the NY stations. MSNBC seems like a good option, I can certainly see her going national. And hey, I hear they need someone for the CBS Evening News. Who knows what Les Moonves is up to .
  8. Archived Twitter Feed...
  9. Haven't been around in a while but I must say, this is actually disappointing. Lori was New York's sweet heart, just like Katie Couric was America's sweet heart. You could tell Bill was just heartbroken on the air this morning during her sign-off. And Michelle just looked completely disappointed like the circumstances were just ridiculous. I wonder how long Bill will stay, now that Lori is gone, I wonder how much he really wants to stay, he easily has enough money to retire any day he chooses. I also wonder if WABC wants to expand the morning news to 4am like WNBC and Lori just didn't want to do it. Everything that's been said makes it sound like she has a plan already and that we'll just have to wait and see where she goes, news or otherwise. I sure hope she stays in NY, while she won't receive the giant audience that WABC gets, the community loves her and she will be a strong addition to any news team. WNBC: Could she be replacing Stacey Bell who originally left WNBC because her husband is in Buffalo (and still is as far as I can tell)? WCBS: Replacing Dana Tyler perhaps? Starting a 4pm show? WNYW: Who the hell knows. Joining GDNY? WPIX: Replacing literally anyone or everyone there?
  10. Haven't seen the promo you are referring to but WABC has used that tagline for years. And stations in New York have used similar promos...
  11. I won't say I haven't thought of this before but this user simply does not have a good track record. You're right, he's said this before to the same exact user because nynewsguy posts random things every other month as if he's an insider and none of them come true.
  12. http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/17/media/billy-bush-leaves-nbc/index.html?sr=twCNN101716billy-bush-leaves-nbc1120PMVODtopLink&linkId=30048203 Well GMA gets the last laugh because while everyone was saying Michael would fail, Billy's the one without a job and the Today Show is the one missing a 3rd hour host now. I'm interested to see who, if anyone, replaces Billy.
  13. A bit disappointed Laura didn't get the gig but seems like a good add for WABC.
  14. I gotta give credit where credit is due... The View this season is a really great program. I now is a good time if Whoopi is ready to go, Joy should be able to hold the fort down with Candace, Sara, Sunny and Jedediah. Paula is frankly a hot mess, not mean for a show like The View and she's gotta go, Raven is good as it seems she's on once a week (Fridays). It may be the election coverage but the program is really entertaining and thought provoking again.
  15. Can you please stop posting your distaste for Michael every few days. You said the same thing on Monday, it gets old to read.
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