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  1. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/former-wnbc-meteorologist-to-join-wpix/237651/ it's official!
  2. Who anchored with John muller today?
  3. Chuck used to anchor the news at 7 it was WNBC nightly news with Chuck Scarborough
  4. I wonder who is going to take over for Stefan? Will it be Gus Rosedale or David Ushery or neither? As I assume Chuck won’t want to reassume 11pm duty’s
  5. As per the picture I posted Kala Rama is not joining Craig Treadway on night
  6. Apparently John muller is moving to 4:30-7am with a new anchor Vanessa free starting Monday what happened to Kala Rama and Craig Treadway?
  7. What is the name of the music package that News 12/ News 12 New Jersey uses? Since last year? I’ve been wondering?
  8. I think this incident is a wake up call for the ND new set is due urgently and upgrade in the infrastructure!!! So that the internet doesn’t go out again!
  9. Any updates on who is anchoring the new noon newscast that is supposed to launch Monday? July 23rd? The TV guide says page six tv is still on at noon
  10. I wonder who it will be? And only if they had a new set to go with it? One can only dream
  11. It looks like on my t.v. guide it shows a Orange background pix 11 morning news logo I don't know mabye new look tomorrow?
  12. yes they do but they will keep that set as long as WJZs if they can
  13. Now who will do weekends since David is on at 5pm? With steacy bell ??
  14. i think they should sell WJZ they don't invest in it at all its a waste someone like TENGA or TRIBUNE WOULD INVEST IN it what tv stations Keep The Same Set for almost 20 years (WITH NO MAJOR UPGRADES) or NEW GRAPHICS
  15. Fox 5 is going to loose viewers with fluff people will turn to 7 11 4 or 2 where the focus is news Keep it up and pix 11 might win the demo for the next sweeps they need to get rid of Bryan Harmon and Bring someone in who will finally update that old set
  16. Saw the graphics in full swing this morning I think NBC 4 New York Became CNBC 4 New York they scream CNBC's new look to me
  17. Here is a look at the new graphics as per WNBC and thier new 10 day forecast
  18. Is their a preview of the, yet are they majorly different
  19. So who does the weekday sports now Duke Erica or Tina Cervasio? I personally think Tina deserves the JOB!
  20. Now if they would take that awful set down at fox it's old ugly and the lighting is disgusting
  21. When did Kerri lee show up is their a place I could watch the stream that happened
  22. the old fox 29 set did get a duratran change a few years ago? after they changed the graphics in 2012
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