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  1. What is the name of the music package that news 12 New Jersey uses? Since last year? I’ve been wondering?
  2. New set premiers tonight at 10PM as per nick Gregory’s Facebook page excited to see
  3. Samantha replies to my message she thinks the set will be ready/debut by months end!
  4. Samantha augeri tonight on Instagram teased the new anchor desk and some more of the set
  5. Did anyone catch the new weather graphics that debuted at 6
  6. is it going to look nice or cheaply done? you think based on the render? and it could custom design for new york? maybe?
  7. Fox 5 newsroom is moved and now in temp newsroom next door not sure if this means new set but who knows? audrey also stated weather center moving
  8. I think this incident is a wake up call for the ND new set is due urgently and upgrade in the infrastructure!!! So that the internet doesn’t go out again!
  9. I apologize if this question was already answered about what happened to the Fox stations that fox was going to buy from tribune? And Sinclair? Are tribune and Sinclair going to keep those stations are they required to sell them as they made agreement with fox?
  10. This set looked great yet WNYW still has old dated set! Shame!
  11. Any updates on this new set or is WJZ going to use this temp set for 20 years like the last one? It’s been at least 3 months! Or is it normal for new sets to take over 3 months?
  12. Any updates on who is anchoring the new noon newscast that is supposed to launch Monday? July 23rd? The TV guide says page six tv is still on at noon
  13. I wonder who it will be? And only if they had a new set to go with it? One can only dream
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