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  1. I had this sample 2009 newscast leftover from a job interview at KOAT years ago. This is at least two, maybe three versions ago in Hearst world. It's not HD, but my software just ignores my attempt to save it 4:3 and stretches the picture anyway.
  2. But speaking of Milwaukee problems.... http://ftvlive.com/todays-news/2014/11/12/reporter-wins-emmyis-then-booed-off-the-stage
  3. I don't think it will hurt them. Dog owners, and especially pit bull owners, are unusually loyal and defensive. I'll bet some of those posters aren't regular WDJT viewers anyway. Anytime we air a dog-mauling story, we get calls/emails from people who say "I don't normally watch your station, but...".
  4. Longtime KAKE (Wichita) anchor Larry Hatteberg is retiring at the end of sweeps. He started at KAKE in 1963. http://www.kansas.com/news/local/article3687962.html
  5. Meanwhile, here's KSHB's new set.
  6. KSHB anchor swap - weekend morning anchor Lindsay Shively moves to weekday mornings and weekday morning anchor JiaoJiao Shen moves to weekends.
  7. FTV reports KCTV ND Larry Perret is heading to WGCL. He has been in KC for eleven months.
  8. I don't know if other Hearst stations do this, but at KMBC, every time the talent is on camera -- every time -- they'll run the "name" lower third, even if the talent is on cam for a few seconds. I find it distracting.
  9. I would expect Scripps, by adding more stations to the group, will be able to share feature stories from their stations more easily on these platforms. But I haven't seen evidence of it yet. List, RTM and to a lesser extent Now are just repackaged versions of Inside Edition and similar shows, without the syndication cost. Take videos from CNN and YouTube, some fluff stories from Gawker or HuffPost, call it a show.
  10. An anchor from KJRH is moving to KSHB to join "The Now." http://escrippsnews.scrippsnet.com/node/3115
  11. KFOR in Oklahoma City will break ground next year on a new building. http://kfor.com/2014/08/05/kfor-newschannel4-announces-major-plans-to-build-new-digital-multimedia-forecasting-information-center/
  12. I found this at the end of a tape containing the 1991 NBA Finals. This is Inside Edition, back when Bill O'Reilly hosted. It aired on KMBC/Kansas City at the time.
  13. I found this interesting: the ND for Madison's WKOW left to be the EP at Madison's WISC. I have no idea about the quality of either station. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/joe-radske-joins-wisc-as-executive-producer_b125264
  14. You could pretty much do live shots at a 5K or a marathon every weekend morning if you wanted. There's a huge gulf in weekend news among Tribune stations. Some like WXMI and WJW have three or four hours of weekend morning news, and some like KTXL or KSWB have no news until 10:00 at night on weekends. Personally I prefer less since most weekend morning news is what we call "copy-flow" -- repeats of last night's stories and often one hour looks just like the next.
  15. Speaking of New Hampshire, I noticed a flurry of job posts for something called NH1. This is a Binnie Media outlet apparently based in Concord. NECN competitor?
  16. And I thought we had it rough doing 59.5 hours of local news a week. Of course if we ever add a 4pm newscast, we'll be right up there.
  17. Technically, KSHB has three on-air meteorologists, one weather producer (Penner) and one "weather anchor" (Michelle Apon), who is not a real meteorologist. Nichols isn't a real meteorologist either.
  18. Our weekend meteorologist gave us video of himself during his television weather debut -- 30 years ago this month.
  19. I noticed KRCR in Redding is hiring an "assistant news director" to launch a stand-alone newsroom at KAEF in Eureka, California. http://www.bontenmedia.com/employment/assistant-news-director-eureka-kaefkbvu-eureka-ca/25195682
  20. Former KMBC/Kansas City meteorologist Lisa Teachman is joining rival KCTV. This means KCTV will have a five-person on-air weather staff. Teachman will also do morning traffic. http://www.kansascity.com/2014/04/15/4962053/meteorologist-lisa-teachman-joins.html
  21. I had heard KMBC/Kansas City would replace its departing meteorologists with a guy from KMIZ who is barely out of school. It looks like they will bring on two weathercasters after all, presumably the younger guy for weekend morning and the KWTV guy for weekend evenings, which is what he does now. (edit to add: if this is true.) http://t.co/zMmdEfJKsW
  22. I think they've learned by now there are some sacrifices to be made for the sake of upward mobility. Rhiannon anchored in nearby Topeka years ago. Mike was a reporter there under his real last name, but he was also reporting in Kansas City simultaneously. Then Rhiannon started doing traffic in Kansas City. They were both working two jobs 60 miles apart. Then both moved to New York where one worked overnights and the other worked in syndication, and then on to Miami on a different timetable. They are a goal-oriented couple, and they have a terrific agent.
  23. The director should have returned to the studio. At high altitude, there is less oxygen, but being in Salt Lake City, that woman should be used to the mountains, I would think. She may have forgotten to bend her knees. When I was in marching band, the drum majors always told us not to lock our knees for long periods of time, or we would pass out.
  24. Scripps is adding Newsy Videos to its portfolio. I don't think like an entrepreneur, so I never fully understood how Newsy made money. I guess the key is to start it and hope someone buys it. http://techcrunch.com/2013/12/09/scripps-buys-newsy-for-35m-to-expand-from-tv-and-newspapers-to-digital-video/
  25. KEVN was in the news recently when a few of its employees got stuck at the station during a snowstorm. Rapid City is one of the smallest markets out there. For a few years after KEVN switched to FOX, viewers needed cable to get NBC (from KUSA in Denver).
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