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  1. Don't send one-man-band reporters out to do live shots at night on the side of the road-- ever. I don't care if the director was slow in cutting the shot or if the anchor can't see the on-air monitor or if the reporter didn't have a vest. You can't send reporters alone for nighttime live shots, especially on the side of the road.

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  2. I haven't seen final numbers, but I think this is how it adds up in KC.


    WDAF wins 4a/5a/6a/7a/8a/9a/12pm/6pm/9pm/10pm


    KMBC wins 4p (I think)/5p


    Those are overall numbers, not demos. Viewership is up for most everyone year-to-year.

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  3. This will vary state to state, but if refusing a vaccine mandate means being fired, as opposed to leaving on your own free will, a non-compete can be discarded. A few states have also made non-competes illegal anyway. 

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