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  1. Ransomware has Russian links. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/20/media/sinclair-broadcast-evil-corp-ransomware/index.html
  2. Rumor is SBG stations were hit with another cyber attack this weekend. I don't know if it will affect newscasts.
  3. Albert Ramon is joining WBBM-TV as chief meteorologist.
  4. TV has a long history of second (third, fourth) chances. But, anyone leaving Gray for vaccination reasons would be wise to stay quiet. I already know of a few managers who won't hire a Gray castoff if they know that person refused a COVID-19 vaccine. Jumping to that local school district/hospital/animal shelter for P.R. won't be as easy either.
  5. It had been talked about for a while, but Mark Alford really is leaving WDAF-TV after 23 years. His last day is October 12.
  6. TheRob

    In Memoriam

  7. TheRob

    In Memoriam

  8. Linda Simmons decided to talk on radio station KSGF about her decision. https://post.futurimedia.com/ksgf/playlist/6/listen-1320.html?cb=1633356586.767696
  9. Bring back in-studio wrestling. By the way, Saturday night is typically the least-watched news of the week for most any station. If WKYC is going to do something different, that's probably the spot to try it.
  10. I watched this morning in the 11:00 hour. It needs work. I saw multiple words misspelled. The "arrow" animation in the monitor behind the anchor is distracting. But, at least they're doing news.
  11. It looks like a few disgruntled people at MSNBC are leaking stories to the New York Post. https://nypost.com/2021/09/26/staff-at-msnbc-are-panicking-over-networks-direction-under-rashida-jones/
  12. I don't see any evidence of this happening company-wide. KATU is re-running some locally-produced specials from earlier in the year.
  13. It looks like he was a good sport about it, and his teammates loved it too. I've seen that happen a few times. In one instance that never aired, but got into the Tribune system anyway, KSWB interviewed Drew Brees as "MOS" about something that happened in La Jolla, California, where he lives.
  14. NewsNation is also starting a franchise called "Missing in America."
  15. Return to the '70s doesn't go over well at KATV. https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2021/09/19/return-to-the-70s-gag-on-katv-gets-a-frosty-reception-from-viewer-and-an-apology
  16. TheRob

    In Memoriam

    Here's one of Willard Scott we recorded in 1989 (great-grandma didn't make the cut, sorry)
  17. I don't think much work relief is coming. Tegna, Nexstar, Gray, all three have cut so many jobs over the years, that no other station can spare people to help. Hearst is probably in the best position to do so. I wouldn't even attempt traditional newscasts at traditional times right now. Be mobile, shoot what you can, live stream what you can, put everything on the website and Facebook. Make sure the staff has plenty of time to return to Baton Rouge or Jackson or wherever to charge the batteries and live units for the next day.
  18. They're estimating no water for at least five days, and no electricity for 21 days or longer.

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