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  1. Sinclair charted the same course with Fresno and Omaha, more than a thousand miles apart. The Fresno anchor team would sit down at 7:00 to present a newscast that aired at 9:00 in Omaha.
  2. Most of our vehicles are unmarked, though we can add magnets as necessary. We used the blank silver SUVs (as opposed to our usual red) during the summer protests and told reporters to leave the branded shirts and jackets at home.
  3. I would not be surprised if the buyer (too scared to put your name on the billboard?) turned out to be the disgruntled subject of a story all three stations covered. However, the use of call letters also make me wonder if the buyer is really out-of-market. We're used to receiving hate mail, hateful phone calls, and this is just a different version of an old tactic.
  4. I think it's wishful thinking on Nexstar's part. If the company really wants an Atlanta news presence beyond a token capital bureau, then just do it. Commit the money and launch a newsroom dedicated to digital platforms. Hire a few people to chase news dayside and nightside. Shoot, edit, publish without regard to timeline, without worry about interrupting network programming or making slot at 5:02. Use the News Nation branding if you like. Hire some account executives to sell it. If sufficient following is achieved, maybe you can work up to a traditional newscast, maybe lease time on an existi
  5. Sam pivots from KDVR traffic to mortgages.
  6. This week was Amy Anderson's last week at KCTV. She had been with the station for 18 years.
  7. WPIX is already providing New Year's Eve live shots to Nexstar stations tonight.
  8. ATSC 3.0 News https://radioinsight.com/headlines/203317/sinclair-launches-first-atsc-3-0-radio-service-in-seattle/
  9. This guy is a local radio host. I don't think he has ever worked in television.
  10. Numerous Hearst and Tegna stations are named in a lawsuit, filed December 10, for using video and photos from wildlife photographers without permission. The video is from 2017. This blog post has a link to the document. https://thedesk.matthewkeys.net/2020/12/kcra-sued-copyright-infringement-federal-court-instagram-polar-bear/
  11. We were told to drop the Nexstar ticker tonight, but I don't know if that means a breakthrough or a total collapse.
  12. I guess I have to be that guy and complain about KMBC being listed for Kansas, when it is licensed and physically located in Missouri.
  13. Yep, you can hit the big-time right away at your first job in Fargo or Danville or wherever, watching your package air verbatim on News Nation.
  14. Nexstar was supposed to have a big "digital first" push among all its stations until the pandemic hit. You'll see a renewal of it for 2021, and, yes, they'll try to squeeze as much money from it as possible. Look for some of the bigger stations to be doing talk radio for TV online in between newscasts. I think WFLA already does a version of it.
  15. We used to call that a "cluster buster," and I see it more often in morning shows. A 2:00 break airs, followed by a 30-second traffic report or something similar, then another break, then a really long block.
  16. Zac was one of our best reporters. Getting that top-ten job is well-deserved.
  17. Mid-America region https://emmymid-america.org/awards/2020-winners/
  18. The other victim was the boyfriend of a different Ft. Myers reporter. Both victims were wearing helmets per a newspaper article. Unfortunately, the helmet is just a little piece of plastic between you and a sturdy object at high speed.
  19. I'm proud of myself for not having any coffee after 4:00 p.m. last night, even though we were on the air until 1:00 in the morning.
  20. It is one of my fears every time we test the election ticker, or any graphic really.
  21. Florida drivers, am I right?

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