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  1. If they're using the same VOIP system we had under Tribune (which we replaced), then I am not surprised.
  2. I caught this promo today for special coverage beginning at 4:00.
  3. Unfortunately, more layoffs are happening today. I saw a KCTV reporter post she was looking for work.
  4. Heh. When the CNN news came down, my boss said "Good. More local. More local."
  5. I saw that coming a mile away. Earlier this summer the company surveyed all the stations for how much feed video they were using. A station like KTLA doesn't use as much as people realize, in proportion to the amount of news they do. It's the mid-large stations that do gobs of news, like my station or WJW-TV or KDVR, that are much more reliant on feeds to fill the time. I figured the survey was the first step toward cutting CNN altogether.
  6. The ratings represented a 50% drop year to year in the same time period on WGN America. But it's also possible some of those viewers have cut the cord, and others watched via the app.
  7. Hey, they used our skyline camera at the end of the first hour. How about that.
  8. I suppose "Boston Public Media" was already taken, because that seems like the logical rebrand instead of dropping a "W" from the call letters. Here in Kansas City, KCPT underwent a similar transformation, de-emphasizing call letters and branding itself as "Kansas City PBS." The organization is a TV station, a radio station and a digital magazine.
  9. In the practice sessions, they have a six-panel headline shot that runs before the show open it appears. I counted four or five breaks in each hour. They're leaving some time for viewer feedback, if you want to get your social media name on the air. I wonder how patient they're going to be when it comes to affiliate live shots. Reporters are going to be juggling hits from their own stations and NN, although in the practice I saw, they only had two affiliate live shots plus the national reporters.
  10. I take it back about the radio stations. Cumulus' building in Lake Charles suffered damage. But the radio stations can operate from alternate locations more easily.
  11. Even if it is not the main transmitter, you still have a risk of falling and flying debris in a major hurricane situation. As mentioned, some of the falling metal pierced the building. I am not aware of any problems with KVHP. Given its tower site, it probably didn't have near the kind of wind Lake Charles experienced. Likewise I didn't hear of any problems with radio stations that didn't take themselves off the air intentionally. Many of the radio towers appear to be in Sulphur or west of there.
  12. I'm glad the people at KPLC abandoned ship and continued their work elsewhere. The radar stopped working while I was watching around midnight. This checks out.
  13. I would not stampede into a national morning show right now. Work on the three hours you've committed to at night. Let it mature, knowing you'll be slaughtered in the ratings out of the gate. If anything, with people working from home or not working at all, the next logical step, years from now, would be a midday/early afternoon national newscast for your local stations.
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