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  1. We used to call that a "cluster buster," and I see it more often in morning shows. A 2:00 break airs, followed by a 30-second traffic report or something similar, then another break, then a really long block.
  2. Zac was one of our best reporters. Getting that top-ten job is well-deserved.
  3. Mid-America region https://emmymid-america.org/awards/2020-winners/
  4. The other victim was the boyfriend of a different Ft. Myers reporter. Both victims were wearing helmets per a newspaper article. Unfortunately, the helmet is just a little piece of plastic between you and a sturdy object at high speed.
  5. I'm proud of myself for not having any coffee after 4:00 p.m. last night, even though we were on the air until 1:00 in the morning.
  6. It is one of my fears every time we test the election ticker, or any graphic really.
  7. Florida drivers, am I right?
  8. The D.A. officially charged Dolloff with second-degree murder today.
  9. Coverage plans include sleeping bags, cots, pizza and coffee.
  10. It appears the company has been in good standing wherever it does business. KUSA-TV hires the company, and I assume it's not the first time, on good faith that the company is following the law. I suppose the reporter could have asked why the security guard wasn't wearing a uniform or any other clothing identifying him readily as security. This strikes me as a Pinkerton problem first and last. Total sidebar, Pinkerton's corporate offices show up as being in the same general area as Sinclair Broadcast Group in Hunt Valley, Md.
  11. She's going to KIRO-TV in Seattle.

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