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  1. TheRob

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    Brooke Baldwin is also COVID-19-positive.
  2. TheRob

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    Add Chris Cuomo to the list.
  3. TheRob

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    We tacked on a half-hour to the already hour-long 5:00 Saturday news, so it's 90 minutes now. I think you'll see a lot of stretching of the news with syndication drying up and sports on hiatus and companies looking for every possible point to insert political ads. We went through furloughs in 2009, and I wouldn't be surprised if the TV companies issued furloughs later this year too. --------------------------------------- Ginger Zee seems to indicate she has mild symptoms consistent with COVID-19, but can't get a test. https://twitter.com/Ginger_Zee/status/1244945406599053317 ---------------------------------------
  4. Our two-shots are six-feet apart, but it doesn't look that way on TV. In the morning anyway, we've taken to putting on anchor in studio-A, the other in studio-B (the brick wall, so it looks like evening at the improv). We can put a third person in the kitchen. With the weather turning nice, the meteorologists can do more segments outside. I've been doing more single-anchor shots at the various monitors in studio-A, as opposed to establishing anchors with a 2-shot.
  5. TheRob

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    Good luck starting April 1, unless you're doing it remotely. -------------------- KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Meredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP; www.meredith.com ) announced today that it has named Charlie Henrich Jr. Vice President and General Manager of KCTV and KSMO, Meredith's CBS and MyNetwork TV stations in Kansas City, MO, effective April 1, 2020. Henrich replaces Chuck Poduska whose retirement is effective on March 31, 2020. Henrich currently serves as VP/General Manager at WHNS-TV, Meredith's FOX affiliate in Greenville, SC. "Charlie has more than 20 years of experience in local television management and operations and has done a tremendous job managing WHNS/FOX Carolina," said Meredith Local Media Group President Patrick McCreery. "Under his leadership, FOX Carolina now has the top-rated newscasts at 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., he also launched a new one-hour news and lifestyle program. We are excited to bring his energy and employee-first leadership to KCTV and KSMO." Prior to serving as VP/General Manager of WHNS-TV, Henrich spent five years in Kansas City as Vice President of Operations for Newport Television, overseeing multiple stations in Top 60 markets such as Jacksonville, FL, Memphis, TN and Mobile, AL. He also served as General Manager of KMEG-TV and KPTH-TV in Sioux City, IA; and VP and General Manager of WFTX-TV in Fort Myers, FL. "I am excited to be returning to Kansas City and to be joining the team at KCTV and KSMO," said Henrich. "I look forward to building on the station's legacy of trustworthy journalism and continuing to serve our community and our clients in new and innovative ways." Henrich earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communications from the University of Minnesota.
  6. TheRob

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    NEW YORK (AP) — CBS News shut down its New York City headquarters for cleaning and disinfecting on Wednesday after two of its employees tested positive for coronavirus. Employees will be asked to work remotely for the next two days and broadcasts moved to accommodate the cleaning, the network said. For instance, "CBS This Morning" will originate out of Washington on Thursday and Friday while the New York offices are cleaned. People who came in contact with the sick employees will be asked to self-quarantine for the next two weeks, CBS News President Susan Zirinsky said in a memo to staff. CBS has two separate offices located across 57th Street on the West Side of Manhattan, one primarily housing the staff of "60 Minutes." Complicating the issue for the network is that the two infected workers were stationed in different buildings. The network released no details on how the staff members were infected. Meanwhile, The Associated Press and NBC News on Wednesday announced work-at-home plans as concerns about the global pandemic grew.
  7. Don't get me started on Nexstar asking stations to use the Nexstar election package, no matter how much it clashes with the regular graphics.
  8. TheRob

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    Retired FOX News reporter Wendell Goler has died. https://www.foxnews.com/media/wendell-goler-longtime-fox-news-white-house-correspondent-dead-at-70.amp
  9. TheRob

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    WLS-TV perhaps covered the virus a little too closely. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/03/03/four-abc-7-employees-sidelined-coronavirus-concerns/
  10. TheRob

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    I'm not seeing any indication WTVF itself has damage, despite the panic on the air. Undoubtedly based on the path the tornado came really close, or perhaps lifted over them.
  11. That's too bad about WAAF, but it was always kind of a rimshot station. KQRC (also Entercom) here in Kansas CIty has fallen way behind in recent years. On my way home from work, they played "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin in between a couple of hard-edged currents/recurrents, a jarring transition of songs 50 years apart.
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