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  1. I would use the old Tones on Tail song "Go!" at the start. When the newscast ends, play a song with "Stop!" in the title.
  2. I propose using a version played on the Theremin. That'll wake you up.
  3. TheRob

    Out & About

    Three Kansas City anchors are leaving at the same time. Richard Sharp is going from KSHB to Sacramento. Nicole DiAntonio is traveling from WDAF-TV to Washington, D.C.. Steve Albritton is leaving KMBC-TV for Cincinnati. In St. Louis, KTVI has two pregnant meteorologists simultaneously. https://fox2now.com/2019/09/06/angela-hutti-and-jaime-travers-are-expecting/
  4. TheRob

    Out & About

    I was watching KOSA during the shooting coverage today, and the anchors left the set twice because of armed officers running through the shopping mall where they have a studio. Now the anchors are in the parking lot, losing their mics periodically, with an empty set on screen.
  5. TheRob

    Out & About

    KTVI's Kim Hudson is going on medical leave. https://fox2now.com/2019/08/29/kim-hudson-explains-why-she-will-be-off-air-for-a-few-months/
  6. TheRob

    Out & About

    Nexstar has reached a deal with AT&T/DirecTV/UVerse.
  7. Last week my ND announced she was leaving for the KFMBs to take the same position, or Director of Content as they like to call it.
  8. TheRob

    Out & About

    KCTV sports anchor/reporter Tom Martin is leaving for a video production company.
  9. TheRob

    Out & About

    Sad news from WHNT: https://whnt.com/2019/08/09/remembering-whnt-news-19s-ivy-anderson/
  10. I've never bothered to watch the CBSN N.Y. or L.A. versions, but how much of it is truly live? Do they have a recorded newscast scheduled to air when live events aren't possible?
  11. Hello again from Dish: https://keepmystation.com/wdaf
  12. Some traffic reporters are part-time, paid by the traffic map/drive-time provider. Some are just on-air talent who turn a couple of stories after the morning show ends, do feature segments elsewhere in the morning show, and so on. My youngest brother, who barely watches news, uses Waze. I suspect most prefer that or a similar app.
  13. The latest FAQ email landed in my inbox this morning. Most of the answers are "That decision is up to Nexstar/Scripps/TEGNA." And as usual, open enrollment is in November.
  14. TheRob

    Out & About

    Anyone on this board could afford to buy a half-hour of time on a mid-market local TV station.
  15. TheRob

    Out & About

    KNPN (St. Joseph) anchor Bob Heater died over the weekend at age 63. He had been a part of St. Joseph, Missouri radio and TV for 40 years. https://www.newspressnow.com/news/local_news/voice-of-st-joseph-bob-heater-dies-at/article_b103b42e-b0e0-11e9-bc01-af1413bcf4bc.html
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