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  1. You might have seen the FTV Live story about someone spamming the Nexstar breaking news email list with their side business. It came from a WXIN employee. Cheers to the weight loss, though.
  2. TheRob

    Out & About

    I haven't seen anything more, but this tweet appeared today.
  3. Bios: https://wgnamerica.com/news-nation-bios/
  4. Two of my competitors lost news cars to vandals Sunday night.
  5. TheRob

    Out & About

    Law enforcement arrested CNN's Omar Jimenez, and his producer and his photojournalist, during the riot coverage. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/29/us/minneapolis-cnn-crew-arrested/index.html
  6. It sounds like Knoller's last day is not immediate, he is working today.
  7. Mark Knoller and Cami McCormack at the national level were also let go.
  8. CBS O&O layoffs underway https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/05/27/mass-layoffs-cbs-2-hit-pam-zekman-valued-members-team/ https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/5/27/breaking-anchors-away-in-pittsburgh
  9. TheRob

    Out & About

    I knew about the Amazon situation because the copy had been circulating on Twitter last weekend. Funny, though, my station never received the news release or the video. It looks like the stations that ran the story verbatim are mostly in the smallest of markets. A full VNR package is rare today, especially from the corporate communications world (retailers, banks, tech companies, etc.). When I was a young producer, ABC would send health VNR packages from some company in Florida (Ivanhoe?), from the J.A.M.A., and from the Cleveland Clinic. We still fight those battles with hospitals who want us to use their own video, as opposed to shooting our own video.
  10. TheRob

    Out & About

    Star-Tribune article on changes KSTP-TV made to its late news: https://www.startribune.com/with-new-nightcast-kstp-tv-takes-a-deeper-approach-to-10-p-m-news/570702872/
  11. TheRob

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    CBS Evening News had some problems tonight. https://twitter.com/CBSEveningNews/status/1262876580231229441
  12. Everyone's raises came through, so the company still has money.
  13. I guess if my quarantine hair can look like something out of 1979, WTSP can use a 1979-inspired logo on its website
  14. TheRob

    Out & About

    Andy Lack has resigned from NBC.
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