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  1. Your experience at any station, whether it's WLS-TV or somewhere in Montana or Maine, is partly what you make of it too. Attitude always travels.
  2. Also, I think we can blame the next brush fire on Jenny.
  3. I've known a couple of anchors to go barefoot in the studio because the news director didn't want them to be taller than the male anchor, and the male anchor refuses to stand on a box. We also use a steadicam in the morning, but mostly for guest segments.
  4. I'm not a member, but I assume this might be the revival of some earlier speculation (WJW? California stations?) to get Nexstar closer to the ability to exercise its WPIX option. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/11/7/sources-fox-and-nexstar-are-not-done-yet Also, could the news and technology center in Denver be a big hub? https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/11/7/denver-station-to-become-nexstar-hub
  5. I think that's accurate. Tribune had a build it/break it attitude. Nexstar strikes me so far as much more like a corporation, conservative but strategic, placing value in documentation and accounting for every penny. I also suspect Nexstar and Los Angeles will clash more often in the future.
  6. I can tell you they're very happy in Seattle and Milwaukee... I don't know about Charlotte.
  7. No one should be surprised by this, but we will be getting ENPS next year.
  8. TheRob

    Out & About

    KDVR needed some help out of the snow. https://twitter.com/EmilyAReports/status/1187397550862524416
  9. TheRob

    Out & About

    We discussed that scenario today. Normally we don't have tornadoes in football season. But if it happened with our local team, we would double-box the game (weather big box, game in the little box).
  10. TheRob

    Out & About

    Not only did the Yankees lose, but someone swiped a WCBS-TV van. https://nypost.com/2019/10/20/cbs-news-van-stolen-near-yankees-stadium-cops/
  11. TheRob

    Out & About

    Our big art museum has giant birdies on the front lawn.
  12. TheRob

    Out & About

    We had a whimsical marble cake to celebrate.
  13. TheRob

    Out & About

    Coming to Kansas City... https://twitter.com/alexcabc57/status/1183779822335680512 Leaving her Kansas City station... https://twitter.com/JadeDeGood/status/1184078630705606657
  14. My weekend meteorologist makes an appearance (at his previous station) in this clip.
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