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  1. Sign-offs & Sign-ons still occur. I managed to snag this during a recent trip to Abilene, TX. It is the first video I've uploaded as part of my second YouTube channel - TV Travels Archive. I'm looking to bring back the promos & newscasts from around the country that I had on the old HoustonTVNews channel, seperate from the Houston TV History channel I've got up and running. KTXS 12 / KTXE 38 Sign off & Sign on from June 2019
  2. Finally uploaded the KRIV 1991 9 PM open I had teased a while back. Sadly it's the only part of the newscast that was on said tape, and it wasn't the best quality picture...
  3. A couple of news-related uploads from the archive I'm working on rebuilding... A fairly short-lived news capsule offered by KTXH at the end of their evening movie, circa 1985 A news update and part of a sports update from KHTV from November 1988 - just after the music & graphics Gaylord had launched across it's stations was put in place. Can't say I'd heard the brief sports cut before, but it's definitely from that same package.
  4. As much as I dislike necroposting (although is it really necroposting if it's an active thread and I just found this by happenstance while searching for something? Whatever...), I wanted to add a bit to this. I think KRIV's original "set" as such for news updates was a fairly basic silhouette of the downtown skyline. This was before they started doing full newscasts in the mid 80s. I'm reasonably certain that at about the same time, Metromedia provided both stations similar sets, with some lighting tweaks and a different desk between the pair. There's not a substantial amount of either station's news coverage from that period out there, unfortunately. Was able to find this image circa February 1986 though. Came across a 1991 open on one of my "newer" old tapes, and it seemed to be a fairly wide set and desk - something I didn't really catch before. I will get around to uploading this clip at some point in the near future... The chroma-key set set was an interim fix that occurred in 1993-94, and even then the old desk (and parts of the maroon paneling on the farthest edges, for a time) was retained. The WNYW set went into use when Fox started airing NFL games in August of 1994. It survived until they moved to their current facility in 1997. ***Ahem, you may return to your previously scheduled classic video thread...
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Thank you to everyone else who echoed similar sentiments as well! The copyright concern debacle was an interesting one in that NBCU's person(s) chose a number of clips that ran the gamut of what I had uploaded. They included a few of the complete newscasts from Telemundo O&Os KTMD & KXTX to the sign-off of the low-powered WBGH in Binghamton, NY circa 2006 (Because of the peacock on the static image? I don't know...). The few attempts I made to get reversals on decisions regarding a couple of videos were rebuffed. I also had a lot on my plate at the time on the personal and professional front and just let it go. I still have pretty much everything that I uploaded on the original version anyway, so it's just a matter of time before some of it starts to return. As for a dedicated site - stay tuned for news on that front. Both of the sites you mention are great and an inspiration regarding what I would like to accomplish with the content I have down the line.
  6. Hello all, I have started uploading videos at a new YouTube site - Houston TV History. I only have a few clips up right now, but am looking to bring back some old favorites as well as some "new" classic content in the coming days and weeks. The first three are examples of the latter - stuff I haven't posted before. A rare editorial statement from KTRK's Dave Ward on crime from August 1991. A promo for KRIV's 7 PM newscast from mid-1986, during the transition from Metromedia to Fox And not news... (well, there's a quick spot for it prior to the open) but the intro to KRIV's late night movie showcase, "Nightwatch 26" from the same period.
  7. What happened to your Youtube channel HoustonTVNews?

    1. JacobC


      I just wish it was back on YouTube 

  8. A behind the scenes look at the making of a KTRK promo from the "Houston's Coming Back" campaign, captured by a suburban school's news crew, circa 1988.
  9. KTRK - Live at Five - most (10/20/1994) Though the station couldn't provide a date on their clip, I was able to figure it out based on the live coverage of the same event that I had uploaded almost 2 years ago...
  10. KTRK - A public affairs program called "Issues and Answers" from 5/30/1976 And an edition of The Late Report anchored by Sylvan Rodriguez from 5/11/1982
  11. Down it's going... c/o 'HoustonMidtown' on HAIF
  12. Another from KTRK... Clip is split between a 6 PM Saturday Newscast from 5/24/1986 & half of a 6 PM weekday newscast from 4/25/1986
  13. KTRK - Eyewitness News Tonight (Weekend) 5/24/1987
  14. KTRK continues their uploading spree... 2/21/1986 - Eyewitness News at 6
  15. And more from the above... 5/17/1982 - Eyewitness News Tonight 5/16/1983 - Eyewitness News Tonight 5/20/1983 - Eyewitness News Tonight 5/19/1987 - Eyewitness News Tonight (No commercials, but during the breaks you can see how shots were set up with the virtual set)
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