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  1. Apologies if I go long on this one... I've always been interested in the Victoria market - It was one of my early targets for DX'ing when I was a kid so I am somewhat familiar with the place. I recall going in the mid 2000s and WOAI, KENS, KPRC & KUHT were the out of market affiliates. They only had local ABC/FOX/Telemundo & Univision on cable at that point. I think their NBC affiliate (the "new" KMOL) had been on for a while but hadn't been picked up on cable at that point. I don't recall ever seeing Corpus Christi stations on any of the lineups. I'm still surprised KENS is still a hold-out on cable. KXTS is available through Suddenlink's basic tier. Alternatively, I think KAVU still has a decent presence on the areas surrounding Victoria. IIRC, I think they're still on cable in Wharton or El Campo in Wharton County... maybe Bay City and Palacios, closer to the coast in Matagorda County which are definitely in the Houston market. . The now-previous logo came about after the purchase by Saga and when they switched to This Is Your News in 1999. I recall they simply placed it over the center of the background of the news set but left the rest of the set in place until the following year when they picked up a Gil Jimenez product that lasted until 2012. Design-wise, that logo actually made sense, in a way, since it likely was a play on the area's longtime trade marketing as the "Golden Crescent". That branding is much less promiment in the region as of late and seemingly has been supplanted by references to "The Crossroads". Even the station brands it's online presence as "Crossroads Today". The initial execution of it looked better to me as the number filled most of the shape with nothing else within it, but that changed in 2001 or so when they started putting the call letters/city in the bottom part and it just didn't look great. That and using the "Newscenter 25" branding on things that were not newscasts are things that I've never been fond of. As for the current look - I really do like it. The star connects back not only to the 90s era logo but their initial branding as the "Star Station" when they signed on the 80s. Anyway, I will actually be in Victoria in a few weeks. I'm interested in seeing if they've ironed out some of the kinks in the broadcast as well as how the branding has been implemented on their other stations, including those without newscasts.
  2. They also did the initial look during KPRC's News 2 Houston era. I have a 5-10 minute reel of the opens with a production date of October 1994 on the countdown leader. That specific version lasted a few months until they were switched to a slightly different color palate and moved to emphasize the "Where Local News Comes FIrst" branding. Here's an example of that... I'm not sure they did the work for the opens that were in place for the following two years until the GO look came about. As for the Goldman part of that firm - I do recall a website for Adrienne Goldman that showcased a lot of her on-air work. That group did the look for WGME (a personal favorite of mine which was heavy on darker colors, including greens that "looked" like a station in Maine) that survived until Sinclair introduced it's branding for non NewsCentral stations in 2004. They also created the WCSH/WLBZ look that ran at the same time and was only removed when the Gannett corporate imaging came about in 2007 or 08.
  3. KHOU - 11 News at 10 from February 1986 - Missing all but the final few moments. In Stereo!
  4. Some extremely rare content from KXLN, courtesy of Gabriela Hill - who was the original weather anchor when their newscasts began in 1990. She later was a reporter for the station and, not long after (like a number of the station's former anchors and reporters) moved up to the network level - spefically the sports division. Weather reel - 1990 or 91. Reporting Reel - 1990 Reporting Reel - 1991 (based on several of the stories) A five part series on Houston doctors traveling to Nicaragua (the date says 1994, but based on the set/graphics, I was thinking 1992-93...)
  5. KRIV's 9 PM Newscast and an episode of City Under Siege from September 1993.
  6. After uploading clips from my most recent trips, I figured I'd go back to getting classic content back up. Part of a KHOU 10 PM newscast from late 1988 which was on my old channel And something new - a complete 10 PM newscast from KPRC - from May 10, 1985
  7. So I went back on my old idea of having separate channels for out of town newscasts that I had recorded and started to combine them back into my Houston TV History channel. That said the KORO, KAJA and KDCU clips will move eventually. I've been going back through my old hard drives from the past decade and am uploading some of the smaller-market stuff I have. Some I never uploaded, while others are re-upped from my old Houstontvnews channel. So, let's go back a bit. I'll list by market / date. There are promos uploaded, but these are just the newscasts for the sake of some brevity. June 2019 - Abilene, TX January 2019 - Waco/Bryan-College Station, TX November 2015 - Topeka, KS / Kansas City, MO Joplin, MO / Pittsburg, KS - October 2015
  8. If you hit up ebay and want your very own of these from multiple markets (or in one case multiple CITIES tied to ONE STATION in one market), they've got you. As of now, you can pick up... -Amarillo (KAMR) -San Antonio (KENS) -Cedar Rapids (KGAN) -Lubbock (KAMC) -Portland, OR (KOIN) -Nevada/Reno (KOLO) -Mid-Missouri (KOMU) -The Inland Northwest (KREM) -Wichita (KSNW) -Dayton (WHIO) -Buffalo (WIVB) -Eastern Carolina/Greenville (WITN) -Peoria (WMBD) -The Tri-State (WOWK) -Greenville Spartanburg Asheville Anderson (WSPA for each) -The Coastal Empire / Savannah (WTOC) -West Michigan (WZZM)
  9. I'm not someone who likes to necessarily go deep for no reason - but I was wondering if there was ever an answer or insight given into who did the work for KAKE or if they were all one package. The reason I ask is because I've found a tape with a complete 10 PM newscast from KAKE circa May 1989 that actually uses the '89 theme for the intro, but some of the bumpers sound like the '88 or KWES '02 theme. The close for that show actually IS the one listed as KWES 2002...
  10. Good find! The person who posted the clip is slightly off on the years the music was used. Believe it or not, elements of it actually were still in use until 2000. The last surviving pieces of it were cuts used for reports during the annual Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo as well as the spot that ran each night before the rebroadcast of the 10 PM newscast during the late night hours (with the 1994-era graphics). The first phase-out came in 1996 when they re-branded their morning show to "The Spirit of Texas This Morning" and used a separate package for it - one that the NMSA has lumped in with The Spirit, though I'm not sure if that's actually the case. With regard to the music... listen to the intro of Giff Nielsen's Bulls Eye... Is it just me, or does it sound like a Stephen Arnold piece? It is not part of the American Spirit package at all - I have the 3 discs of it. Wonder if anyone has any insight into that. It also made me realize just how a dedicated weekend sports show (outside of High School sports) has never really worked on the station. I can think of a bunch from 1990-2005 or so that were there and gone in short order - The Sports Page, Warren Moon's Quarterback Corner, The Jack Pardee Show, this one, a show with Giff Nielsen and Dan Pastorini in the early 2000s... The current Sports Extra has had some staying power as it started in the 2010s, though. Fun, somewhat irrelevant fact - Kathie Turner (the weather forecaster in the clip) actually helped me get my meteorology merit badge when I was in the boy scouts. This was also a great excuse to go to poke around the station during the late 90s and see that great MBD set when it was still fairly new!
  11. I've uploaded a few Houston items recently. Just starting to re-introduce content from my old channel as well. KPRC News update with Bob Nicholas and the late Doug Johnson from May 1985. KTRK News Update from December 1985 with Melanie Lawson KPRC Channel Two News Update from October 1989 with Tim Lake, currently of WTEN KHOU midday newscast from November 1993
  12. Promo from KRIV, circa March 1988 featuring longtime anchor Mike Barajas during his time as anchor of the weekend newscasts on the station.
  13. I just uploaded this, but I always find it interesting when station IDs include their owner or ownership group in some fashion. This one is somewhat of a rarity in that the owner mentioned (Gulf Broadcasting) only owned KTXH for about a year, and the sale to Taft Broadcasting was announced at about the time that this particular clip was recorded - February 1985. As I opined in the clip, Taft did a better job of exploiting the "20 Vision" brand that had been established by the initial owner - Grant Broadcasting, and it had been somewhat inconsistently used post sale to Gulf. It doesn't even occur in this clip. Taft launched the version that is arguably most familiar to viewers in the area later that year with a logo that lived on until 1993 when the Paramount branding went into effect.
  14. It looks like KHTV (currently KIAH) was another user of the music the NMSA currently has listed as the "WTVX 1983 News Theme" A minute long clip of it appears at 6:13 in this video as part of a promo for the daytime lineup, circa June 1983. 10 second IDs featuring it appear at 8:43 & 14:27 I'm curious if, though doubt, they used it for their hourly news briefs during this period. They didn't use any music for the news briefs they did during the "39 Gold" era that followed just a few months later, though that branding came with a completely different look and sound.
  15. As I'd "threatened" in the non-news Classic Video thread, I've been in the process of pulling clips from tapes in the past few days and will continue to do so for the near term. Not a ton of news-related content to date, but I do have a couple of things to share from KTRK. The tease and intro to Live at Five, circa November 1989 at the tail end of the Bob Boudreaux-anchored era. He moved to weekends several months after this was recorded. The open had been updated several months prior to include Joe Diaz while Ed Brandon was in rehab, and this was an exceptionally brief period where the closed-captioning logo appeared before the station ID in the open. And just about a year prior (October 1988) there's this... A group of elementary school students, primarily from East and Southeast Houston, form the Challenger Children's Choir and sing the revamped Frank Gari image campaign that aired on the station at the time - "Houston's Coming Back". My previous channel had a :30 version featuring the anchors, and I had seen another 1:00 version uploaded in the past (perhaps by @compubit?) featuring clips from the Space Shuttle Discovery "Return to Flight" launch that occurred in September 1988. I've found the original version on one of my tapes from early that month that tends to fit the lyrics better and will post it when I get a chance.
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