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  1. Teresa really has earned it. I don’t think I have seen an anchor/reporter ever deserve a spot as much as she does. She’s such a strong anchor and makes Steve better as well
  2. Lori Stokes will be leaving Fox 5 and the news industry according to her post as of September 30. Let the speculation begin, who takes over? Teresa Priolo or an outsider?
  3. I don’t know if it’s fair to make that assessment of all of the teams. I agree about Steve. I think being paired with Lori and falling flat shows that he only attributed to Dari’s issues. I personally enjoy Rosanna and Bianca. Dan and Tashanea have only been together for a couple of weeks. Weather and Traffic wise on Good Day with Mike and Ines - they have been with the team for at least 15 years each. Nick has been on for years. Audrey as well. I think it’s a strong team. Reporter wise, they are younger - but even some young talent like Teresa Priolo, Robert Moses have over 10 years with the station.
  4. Looks like Bianca is NOT staying on Good Day Wake Up according to her Instagram. I wonder who is going to get put on with Dan.
  5. Lori Stokes will be out for an extended period of time as she spends her last days with her mother. Thoughts go out to Lori and her family. Mike Woods also announced this morning he will be out for 3 weeks due to back surgery. We’re down to three anchors - one for each regular show, Bianca, Rosanna and Steve. Lots of OT going.
  6. Any bets on when there might be replacement anchors for Lori and Kerry? Any guesses on who? Lori has been night side for about 3 months and Kerry has been gone for a month. Just seems like a lot on Bianca to be doing every day from 4:30-10. And obviously just being short staffed for all in general.
  7. They brought Steve Lacy in. Interesting. Also, seems like Nick and Mike (in Italy) are off. Audrey (and Reagan) have been holding it down. seems like they have a staff shortage and it’s showing.
  8. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Looks like Bianca will be holding things down this week since Rosanna’s father passed away. I still miss the days of Antwan and Teresa. They are two people still with the station that could have avoided this rotating anchor chair. If they keep it female/female, I almost wouldn’t be surprised to see Teresa back when she returns from maternity leave
  9. Today is also Kerry Drew’s last day at the station. Teresa Priolo Posted a farewell message on her Instagram story.
  10. Wow this has been a long time coming. I thought something was up when Lori added the 6pm. Now what happens? Does Lori move to nights, and Rosanna get a new co-anchor or does Steve get a new co-anchor at 5 and 10?
  11. Have there been any rumblings of Lori Stokes either leaving GDNY or moving to the 6 PM news cast. To my knowledge, there has been no one put in the 6PM slot, Teresa Priolo and Chris Welch seem to fill in the most. But, I do find it weird that Lori has filled in two or three times.
  12. Fox 5 has officially joined the “weather from home” bandwagon. Nick was home last night and Mike is home this morning. I like what they have been doing with only having one anchor, I think it has been working out well. I do have an observation. Ernie hasn’t been on since the beginning of the pandemic. I can assume this is for personal protection due to age. But I need to mention this because it seems like she never works. Where is Dari? She hasn’t been on at all either. Ro and Lori/Bianca and Kerry have been taking turns. It seems like she never works
  13. Greg Kelly is back on TV https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/949614?section=newsfront&keywords=kelly-newsmax&year=2020&month=01&date=13&id=949614&oref=www.google.com
  14. Any new rumblings on what may happen with Good Day Wake Up? Any chance of Teresa/Antwan reuniting? Kerry Drew/Robert Moses??? Just wondering if any "insiders" have any scoop! It's been a couple weeks, so I fee like conversations may start happening.
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