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  1. Wow this has been a long time coming. I thought something was up when Lori added the 6pm. Now what happens? Does Lori move to nights, and Rosanna get a new co-anchor or does Steve get a new co-anchor at 5 and 10?
  2. Have there been any rumblings of Lori Stokes either leaving GDNY or moving to the 6 PM news cast. To my knowledge, there has been no one put in the 6PM slot, Teresa Priolo and Chris Welch seem to fill in the most. But, I do find it weird that Lori has filled in two or three times.
  3. Fox 5 has officially joined the “weather from home” bandwagon. Nick was home last night and Mike is home this morning. I like what they have been doing with only having one anchor, I think it has been working out well. I do have an observation. Ernie hasn’t been on since the beginning of the pandemic. I can assume this is for personal protection due to age. But I need to mention this because it seems like she never works. Where is Dari? She hasn’t been on at all either. Ro and Lori/Bianca and Kerry have been taking turns. It seems like she never works
  4. Greg Kelly is back on TV https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/949614?section=newsfront&keywords=kelly-newsmax&year=2020&month=01&date=13&id=949614&oref=www.google.com
  5. Any new rumblings on what may happen with Good Day Wake Up? Any chance of Teresa/Antwan reuniting? Kerry Drew/Robert Moses??? Just wondering if any "insiders" have any scoop! It's been a couple weeks, so I fee like conversations may start happening.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Liz Dahlem has been off for a while? She's been on mornings for about 3 years now. Briefly over the summer she moved to evenings. Went back to mornings, now she hasn't been on the air since August. I hope she's OK. Anyone know what's going on?
  7. Does anyone know why the first half hour of last nights news at 10 wasn’t on? I watched until about 10:20 and they were playing the special - The Big Ideas from last year, 2017. I flipped back to 5 at 10:45 and Steve and Dari were on. Why the delay?
  8. Having made it past 2 sweeps periods, or in general... I am curious does anyone know how Good Day’s ratings are doing? I really did not think that Lori and Rosanna would work... but I have actually grown to love them. On the other hand, I cannot stand Good Day Wake Up anymore. Teresa and Antwan brought some class to the show. I feel like Jenn, Suki, and Baruch make it like the mean girls clique in high school. Just not a fan. I’m really curious in the ratings!
  9. Interesting note - Steve Lacy filled in at 6:00 for Ernie.... usually this is Teresa, Alison, Kerry or Christina. I actually don’t remember Steve filling in since he and Ernie swapped. When they do these bizarre subs, it always makes me think that changes are coming.... I wonder if they are seeing how Steve does with Ernie’s style, and maybe one of the others will take his spot at 5.
  10. Teresa Priolo is pregnant! One great bit on news for her.... Really miss her on Good Day Wake Up!
  11. Just out of curiosity, where do you see the ratings for the show? I know during Sweeps, ABC always comes out with the press release that they are number 1, but is there a place you can view ratings regularly?
  12. Wrong, just wrong.... They make a big deal about promoting from within, when they hired Antwan and Teresa full time. Then not a year later dump them with no notice and no chance for them to say anything. Would be nice to have some mention of Teresa and Antwan, Fox 5. I loved them together and separately. Would love to know how Jen became such a prodigal daughter over there (she really has been from the minute she started) Team Antwan and Teresa here..... Really hope the best for them, they were great replacing the big shoes of Juliet and Ben. Wayyyy too many changes.
  13. I dont this this was ever commented on... But Stacey Delicate had a baby back in August. And, from the looks of her report tonight, Lidia Curanaj will be out on maternity leave pretty soon as well!
  14. Oh no! I missed it.... Does anyone have the video by any chance, I want to see it!

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