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  1. Isn't Nexstar paying for that ad inventory?
  2. Fox News is the most profitable cable network not because of ratings or ad revenue (or lack thereof on the latter) but because it is the most expensive network a cable provider can carry. Those carriage contracts are extremely lucrative and make any advertising boycott levied by MMFA, et. al, completely useless. NewsNation runs with a fraction of the budget of Fox, and is able to get some blue-chip advertising as opposed to none with Fox. And even then, the carriage contracts for NewsNation is still what makes the most money. Do you have actual proof this is the case? Show me facts and figures, or this is nothing more than a "dude, trust me" claim.
  3. Calling it a failure with nothing to back up those claims besides ratings—which anyone would say is an outdated form of measurement and a rather arcane form of guesstimating—is particularly dishonest. Any cable network can turn a profit if they run lean and mean, and in the case of the entire Paramount Global cable portfolio, run reruns of only one show for days on end. Why? Because it's all money that's taken directly from cable bills. We pay for these networks to be in the black and they collectively do nothing to justify it. I don't really care for cable news or whatever NewsNation actually does at this point. At least they're doing SOMETHING, which is something I can't say about much of the vast wasteland of zombie cable channels that SHOULD be dead and are helping to kill off the medium altogether. She was reassigned to host special projects and documentaries.
  4. Ratings don't matter when you're profitable. Look at the entire suite of cable networks owned by Paramount Global; they all still exist because they command profits with no budgets and no effort given into programming. Which is just as well. Nielsen clamped down on the scraping of data that Mediaite used to do to get cable TV ratings, thus you don't hear much about ratings in general nowadays.
  5. Jim will still play the victimhood card, as he seemingly always does. Nothing is ever his fault, it's always other people who want to bring him down for [fill in the blank] reason. Outright narcissism. It is a poisonous attitude to inject into a discord server and is largely why I believe coexistence between his server and TNC can never happen.
  6. WGN America had a near-national reach but was run as a low-rent ION with expensive, lengthy syndicated contracts of mostly copuganda shows and a second-tier Tim Allen sitcom (as their inability to rid themselves of Blue Bloods clearly shows). It was incompatible with the rest of the Nexstar portfolio and needed to be blown up. NewsNation is also turning a pretty good profit.
  7. Except there is zero to be gained by blowing up their lone radio station. Simple as that.
  8. A call sign change (which won't happen to begin with) won't change the fact they're stuck with a standalone AM they can't sell, with demos older than dirt.
  9. Absolutely no sane person, no person with a shred of mental competence, would willingly allow themselves to be made a target like David Smith has. This is worse than your typical delusions of grandeur that the likes of Elon Musk have. This has a good chance of not just killing the Sun outright, but coupled with the $500M in legal fees from Diamond's bankruptcy case, could damn well be the death penalty for hundreds of television newsrooms across the country, if not a financial death penalty for David Smith and Sinclair as a whole. I'm going to say it. Something is very, very wrong with David Smith and his mental state.
  10. I've noticed a few archivists have been saying, either privately or publicly, that they don't want to really upload current content anyone because it's been turned into this competitive sport among the "partner channels" in Jim's server. This silly drive to have eight different YouTube channels upload the same exact thing within minutes of it happening is incredibly unhealthy and, honestly, psychotic. What has me curious is that the YouTuber who claims to run Jim's server doesn't really do that type of thing at all. They DO upload entire recordings of Rachel Ray, Essence of Emeril and The Martha Stewart Show recorded straight off of the TV in a total and flagrant disregard for actual fair use guidelines. I guess that's "better".
  11. I'm saying that Fox News is using a business model that is totally broken and incompatible with a newspaper's business model. If the Sun were to lose a decent amount of subscribers and/or advertising, they'd be fucked. This is entirely out of David Smith's own money and is not a part of Sinclair proper, if he were to drain money from Sinclair to keep the Sun alive... well, aide from being borderline embezzlement, that would basically be dropping a nuclear bomb on the budget for those stations.
  12. Subscriptions in a bundled environment where you have to take all the channels regardless if you want them or not. Which is 100% not what the newspaper industry is. If you don't want to subscribe to a newspaper, you can cancel at ease.
  13. Bad comparison. Fox News is subsidized by retransmission fees. A newspaper is wholly reliant on subscriptions and advertising revenue, and most right-wingers are distrustful of newspapers to begin with.
  14. He's flying too close to the sun and will collapse under his own hubris. Just watch.
  15. Here's the thing: David Smith's inability to understand how a newspaper works will make this a disaster from the start. A newspaper is not insulated by retransmission revenue like his Sinclair stations and cannot withstand any loss of subscribers or advertising. The Sun also has competition from the Banner, which has clearly found footing as a digital enterprise and would benefit if there was an actual "cancel the Sun" campaign. If David Smith wants to literally blow hundreds of millions of dollars with a good chance of no return on investment, that's bad for him, bad for his other commercial enterprises, and ultimately good for the rest of us.
  16. David Smith wasting over nine figures to buy a newspaper easily, easily trumps the Diamond Sports disaster he committed in 2019. The three words that will make this vanity project a personal hell for him: "Cancel my subscription".
  17. I do want to get one thing straight right away, right now. My views and opinions do not reflect those of Weeters, Emma, Sammi, Lexi, Jess or anyone else who is or has been a moderator either at TVNT or TNC. I am not a moderator on either platform and I especially do not engage in editorial interference. I may give them input on stuff and be vocal about decisions made by them, but they all are more than capable of making up their own minds. As it should be. I am extremely pissed off at Jim for his YouTube community post calling me "a meddling raccoon" because it is deeply offensive and patentedly false. I sure as fuck didn't tell the TNC mod team to remove embeds for S31 uploads that shill for Jim's server in the thumbnail. That was a decision by the mod team and @Weeters was the one who acted on it with the WABC upload. What Jim is doing is creating this conspiracy theory that I am pulling all the strings, fully denigrating the hard and thankless work the TNC mod team put in. And in a fandom that weirdly thrives on conspiracies (the CBS Mandate, the Gray Chime Compliance Police) you bet your ass I'd fight in a way that the mod teams can't. Jim thinks it's little more than a flippant joke and enjoys it, which angers me even more. As to whether or not TNC and/or TVNT make any sanctions or bans against S31 or Jim's server is entirely up to the mod teams for either platform. If they want to try to offer some compromise, it's up to them. But as I have repeatedly stated on here (and really on here only because Jim is too coward of a man and refuses to be confronted face-to-face) I will not sit idly by and let MY name get wrapped up in an easily debunked conspiracy theory peddled by an otherwise egomaniacal man.
  18. At the end of the day, one thing is clear: Jim is to blame for his past and present conduct creating any potential division in this community. He chose this path and it's his fault.
  19. It's all intellectual property appropriation and regurgitation. It's not actual content creation.
  20. It's really not your responsibility to apologize for Jim Stanton's actions. I laugh because those posts are deflection from the real problem at hand: that Jim created his own personal server on a lie and owns, runs and markets it as being "better" than TNC. His actions, not mine. It's his own personal playground that has no standards or guidelines. If this "Shaq C" who claims to "own" Jim's server wants to be seen as anything other than a lapdog for Jim, they'd fully disavow his behavior and end this stupid, inane "server partner" shit, full stop. As I said earlier, I have every right to defend myself. I will not let Jim's actions against me and others go uncontested. Honestly, this is a personal beef against me and Jim and Jim's not man enough to confront me directly. So this is the result.
  21. Well good for you that you have that privilege. Apologizing for and tacitly approving of Jim's misconduct against me and others isn't really a "conversation" but you do you.
  22. Stop this gaslighting shit against me right now. Jim's the one who has been immature the whole fucking time. He's the one who has continued this two-year long spat where he has single-handidly blamed Emma for Kent Brockman's misconduct on TNC. He built his kiddie server on a Big Lie about being banned from here that, if you chose to read the actual OP from Weeters, is easily debunked. Jim Stanton is a manipulative fool and you buy into his Big Lie with ease because it's an easy grievance to make. If you got personally attacked by someone on social media, and had no means to rebut on that post, wouldn't you be eternally pissed off?
  23. Jim Stanton is an egomaniac and only focused on how many people are in his kiddie server while gaslighting us. I have no respect for him and how he wants to be the Mr. Beast of pre-recorded newscast intros, all content HE DOESN'T OWN, while shilling for his server. The personal attack against ME in a community post in a YouTube channel HE BLOCKED ME FROM COMMENTING ON IN THE FIRST PLACE is the cherry on this wretched sundae. That you're choosing to apologize for his shitty behavior against me and others, and accepting of cyberbullying, truly says it all.
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